Wanderlust Travel Stories

Four people share travel stories, confronting their views with the reality of the world beyond their comfort zone.

Wanderlust Travel Stories is a text-based adventure game about travel, set in the real world and inspired by real-life journeys.

Wanderlust Travel Stories is developed by Different Tales and published by Walkabout Games.

The game consists of 4 long and 5 short stories. The player makes choices that not only affect the protagonists' actions, but also their mood or money reserve, which in turn changes the way they perceive the surrounding world.

The stories span across more than 20 countries, including Spain, Poland, Thailand, Congo, Rwanda, and even the Antarctic, and deal with such themes as hope, love, curiosity or grief.

The game was created by the project lead and the lead narrative designer for The Witcher PC game. The designers have stated that they intended it to represent the newly forming trend of "slow gaming," which values relaxation and reflection over action and excitement.