Silent Service is a simulation game originally developed by MicroProse and designed by Sid Meier. The player controls a Gato-class submarine that patrols and engages in skirmishes with other submarines. Its is more like a submarine sim than a traditional arcade game.

The game was originally launched on various home computer systems in 1985, before eventually being ported to 16-bit platforms like the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST in 1987 and to the NES video game console in 1989. Rare and Konami were the developers and publishers of the NES version, respectively.


Silent Service is set in the Pacific Ocean during World War Two. The player assumes control of a U.S. Submarine, the U.S.S. Raven, which is assigned missions to carry out. This side of the war is rarely told in games. There are two types of game modes to play: Convoy Actions and War Patrol. Convoy Actions are specific scenarios in which the player is given a specific objective to complete. In War Patrol mode players are given the ability to roam anywhere in the Pacific for 30 days looking for Japanese ships to attack.


This game is basically a submarine simulation game. It uses realistic tactics such as the End Around, as well as having the ability to adjust visibility and dud torpedoes. The game also offers control of the rudders, periscope, and ballast, as well as displaying the speed, depth, and heading of the sub. The player is placed in the waters of Japan and is required to ping ships with the sonar in order to detect enemies. This game has a relatively steep learning curve to it.