Raindancer is a 2D action, one-hit-death, boss rush game.

Raindancer is a boss-rush action game that places the player in control of Bramble. Bramble is charged with purifying the blight that the leaders of the three rival tribes have brought upon nature.

Set in an artfully designed world with a unique art style and great soundtrack Raindancer plays similarly to a dual joystick shooter when using a controller (although it can also be played with mouse and keyboard). Players will have to fight their way through challenging enemies each whom will drop a "blessing" for them to equip when defeated. These blessings affect combat in different ways and change the play-style of Bramble. Players can select from Story or Tempest difficulties with Tempest offering a different challenge for each encounter.

Speedrunning tools are built in to the game for those who wish to attempt to do so. The game is also translated in to English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Portuguese (BR) with more possibly coming in the future.