Dusk Tactics

Dusk Tactics is a turn based tactical role playing game.

Dusk Tactics is a turn based tactical role playing game with deep strategic gameplay. It is filled with high quality pixel art and battles that take place on beautiful, dynamic, isometric tile maps.

Nothing Ever Ends

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A great war has just ended between two major world powers. The land, bristled in a nervous tension and overwhelming malaise stands unguarded as darker powers make their move.

This is a world without a past, as the oldest records date back merely a few hundred years. Constant warfare between powerful nobility keep this topic at the back of people's minds as they struggle for basic survival.

Join Alton Alstair and Emma Slate, two loyal subjects of the Kingdom of Acedia tasked with post-war reconstruction. Their seemingly innocuous quest will reveal more than they ever wanted, forcing them to make choices that could shatter the current status quo.

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Allies will be gathered from various lands using the powerful guilds known as Orders, which give access to a vast and diverse Job System. Manage a refreshing mix of familiar and unique Jobs each with their own specific style, abilities, and restrictions.

Whether they are main characters or generic units, everyone will be outfitted according to their current Job and equipment. Choosing how to outfit units and strategically deploying them is just the beginning as weather systems and dynamic map environments will constantly change the playing field.