Fēng Shén Bǎng

Fighting game based on a Chinese novel, also known as Myth Struggle.


Fēng Shén Bǎng (封神榜) is a 1996 one-on-one fighting game released for the Famicom throughout Asia. It was also released with a localized label as Myth Struggle, although the in-game content is unchanged. The game is based on the 16th century Chinese epic novel of the same name, also called Fēngshén Yǎnyì (封神演義) and often translated to Investiture of the Gods or The Creation of the Gods.

The game is essentially a hacked version of Hummer Team's earlier bootleg version of DragonBall Z: Super Butōden 2, which was originally released on the SNES. The change by Waixing was made to legitimize the content as to not run into copyright laws, as this version was also released (although still unlicensed by Nintendo) in Japan and with likely intent to distribute outside of Asia.


Players can choose from eight characters, which all appear in the original novel. Some were created for the novel, while others come from actual Chinese myth or history.