Werewolf Hunter X

In the distant future mankind finds an inhabitable planet after more than two millennia wandering anguished and homeless through space. Unfortunately they are not the only species claiming stake to this planet and the last hope for human existence is at risk.

Game Overview

Werewolf Hunter X is a 2D retro-style sandbox survival game currently available on Steam Early Access and being developed by SeaCreatureSandwich.

Werewolf Hunter X features crafting systems in the same vein as Stardew Valley and Minecraft, where players use resources gathered from the game environment to craft from Item Recipes. The game also includes procedural generation and resource scarcity resembling a rogue-like game.

Werewolf Hunter X uniquely features a Recipe Maker mechanic which allows the player to create custom items using whatever resources are be available.


Core Gameplay:

At its core Werewolf Hunter X is a survival crafting game and utilizes standards set in many other survival crafting games, such as multiple biomes each presenting unique threats and demands, persistent time, a day/night cycle, and cyclical weather changes by season. Survival gameplay in Werewolf Hunter X entails fighting to maintain health, managing vital Player Character stats, gathering and utilizing resources, crafting and managing inventories, as well as dealing with uncertain NPC relationships.

Gameplay inside the City Walls:

Inside the city walls, the gameplay is relatively slow, spawning no enemies, and is not procedurally generated. This is intended to establish a haven for the player to mend, have a rest, and buy and sell acquired resources and items.

Gameplay outside the City:

The gameplay outside of the safety of the city is procedurally generated, and contains enemy AI in the form of different types of monsters with which the player will encounter depending upon the biome they are in.