Rogue Souls

An action RPG roguelike. Coming soon to PC.

Rogue Souls is an action RPG roguelike developed by Tiny Titan Studios for PC. It's scheduled to enter Early Access in April 2021.

The main character must complete the God of Fate's trials. These challenges will have the player crawling through various dungeons to collect different weapons, relics and spells to enhance their fighting abilities. When the player reaches the last trial, they will face the God himself. When the player dies, they will return from the dead with only the progress they've made on their Soul Map to try again.

The game takes place in the Void, a dark and beautifully constructed pixel world.


  • 4 player co-op. Players will be able to compete individually or in teams up to 4. The game will dynamically adjust to the number of players. Fallen teammates will assume their ghost form and still play a vital role for the duration of the run.
  • Intense hack and slash action. Top-tier combat requires responsive and fluid controls. Unique enemy patterns ensure that only the most skilled players survive.
  • Procedurally-generated experience. Random levels, items, enemies and bosses on every run. You’ll never play the same game twice providing endless hours of adventure.
  • Exploration. The Void is full of traps, secrets and hidden passageways. Player choice matters as nonlinear progression provides multiple paths to the bosses.
  • Inevitable death. There are no safety nets here. This is a roguelike - death is guaranteed but so is getting better.