Battle Hunters

Battle Hunters is a fantasy RPG with a unique real-time tactical battle system coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch.


BATTLE HUNTERS is an RPG adventure in the spirit of classic console RPGs from the 90s and early 2000s. Memorable titles like Zelda: a link to the past, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia and Wild Arms are some of the games that directly inspired the development of BATTLE HUNTERS. Taking elements of these classics and adding a unique take on combat and character management, BATTLE HUNTERS creates an experience that has a familiarity about it while also providing a new twist on an established genre.


The Kingdom is in danger and the Old One is calling for help. The oldest and most wise wizard in the land - long a protector of the good people of the kingdom - is holding back some villainous enemy, but his strength is fading and he needs the help of mighty heroes. Sending out a desperate message, he contacts Devon Highcastle - former captain of the guard for the royal house - and asks that he gather his old allies and come to his aid. Both Galador Stormwarden, wizard and master of lightning, and Martin Swiftbow, the sharpshooting archer, answer the call. Three heroes set out find the Old One before his strength runs out, and the villain is set loose on the kingdom.

Meanwhile, great beasts have risen in the service of this nameless villain, and stand ready to oppose the heroes on their quest. Powerful and ancient monsters with dominion over the lesser creatures of the land. Fortunately, many other mighty allies will join the struggle, lending their powers and skills to turn the tide of battle and ensure victory for the heroic band.


BATTLE HUNTERS is made up of two essential modes: exploration and combat.

While exploring the various zones of the Kingdom, the heroes will meet characters needing tasks performed or items to be found; gates, bridges or portals requiring a way through, and dungeons needing to be purged of monsters. Treasure, food and magical items can be collected along the way and are all crucial to a successful quest. Helpful traders, specialising in food, potions or spells are never far away, and will be happy to provide useful goods at a reasonable price. At any time during exploration, the current heroes in the party can be swapped out with any other heroes that have been recruited, allowing for any combination of heroes to take into battle.

Battles begin when the adventure party crosses into a 'battle ring'. These are large red circles that contain enemy creatures. Battles are a mix of real-time action and turn-based strategic decisions. The player has access to a range of commands such as: move, defend, attack and use item, as well as the hero's special abilities. These special abilities charge up over time and are all unique to each hero. Some are powerful attack moves, others are support spells that restrain enemies or heal fellow heroes. Some abilities even summon extra creatures to fight alongside the heroes in battle.

At the end of each battle, the heroes still standing are awarded experience to be used in levelling up and unlocking or enhancing abilities further. Heroes that are 'knocked out' during battle don't benefit from experience, but are not permanently destroyed.

BATTLE HUNTERS is a roughly 15 hour single-player campaign. The quest takes the player across various zones of the kingdom, each with their own dungeons and sub-levels, along with a huge array of enemy creatures to meet in combat.

AVAILABLE ( 20 October 2020 ) ON

- Nintendo Switch

- PC via Steam