Doodle Derby

Doodle Derby

Doodle Derby is a 2D physics action platformer racing game. In Doodle Derby you complete race tracks alone or cooperative and try to reach the finish first.

The game is primarily intended as a multiplayer game with a strange tension between working together and against each other. The game has two multiplayer game modes. A tank battle, where you can first modify the arena together and the race mode where you constantly need to alter the track. The game can be played local as a party game or online with up to four players.

On the other hand Doodle Derby features numerous single player puzzle-like challenges where you must complete tracks with a wide range of track elements. The game also has a leveleditor and uses for sharing these creations between the community.

The game first released on Steam in early access in november 2019. Initially the game was called Fromto, Toy cars in Hell.
Doodle Derby is the first game of indie game studio Studio Erikson and is published by Headup.

The game could be described in relation to other titles as Ultimate Chicken Horse on wheels or as a mix between Trackmania and Worms.