AnotherOne is an Indie roguelite game.

AnotherOne is an indie roguelite game, developed by one person.

The game starts with a Trait selection: Dash, Stop Time, Intangible, Reflecting Shield, Teleport, or Call Back. After selecting a Trait (the player's main active skill), the game begins.

The gameplay consists of a simple roguelite loop - slay enemies, become stronger by buying unique Items and Relics.

The game's main currency is Soul, which is acquired from slaying enemies. With this, the player can purchase upgrades from the Dark Magister.

AnotherOne consists of 3 main levels, each with its own unique boss.

After finishing a successful run through the game, Corruption Levels unlock. These allow the player to play the game on a harder difficulty. Every successful run will result in a new Corruption Level (up to 10 possible levels).