Action Taimanin

A hack-and-slash action RPG based on the Taimanin series


A free-to-play 3D action RPG with in-game purchases and gacha elements. Action Taimanin is a game based on the Taimanin Asagi franchise of hentai (adult-themed) Visual Novels, but this title has been sanitized for wider distribution.


Action Taimanin is set in an alternate-future version of Tokyo, Japan. An uneasy truce maintained between the human and demon realms has broken apart, as humankind has descended further into darkness and depravity, demons have crossed over and begun waging war on the humans, starting with the people of Tokyo. To combat this threat, the Japanese government has commissioned the "Taimanin," or Anti-Demon Ninjas, to destroy the demons before they can overrun Tokyo and establish a foothold in the human realm.

Main Characters

Asagi Igawa

The main heroine, the "Almighty Taimanin" with speed and physical abilities who serves as the current leader of the Taimanin and as the headmistress of the Taimanin training academy. Her weapon of choice is a katana.

Sakura Igawa

Asagi's sister who became a Taimanin against her wishes. This Sakura comes from a parallel world where she is still a trainee. Her weapon of choice is a pair of daggers.

Yukikaze Mizuki

A young Taimanin student studying under her senior, Rinko Akiyama. Her weapon of choice is a pair of pistols that fire lightning bullets.