Chase H.Q. II

A sequel to Taito's arcade car chase sim exclusive to the Sega Genesis. More a remaster than a true sequel, one new feature is being able to select between multiple vehicles to drive.


Chase H.Q. II (JP: Super H.Q.) is a Chase H.Q. sequel exclusive to the Sega Genesis and Japanese Mega Drive. Like other arcade conversion "sequels" for Genesis, like Space Harrier II, this game is more of a enhanced remaster of the original Chase H.Q. with a few added features.

The most prominent of these new features is letting the player choose between the default sports car, a four-wheel drive sedan, or a semi truck. Each vehicle has distinct stats for top speed (for closing the distance to the criminal), attack strength (for damaging the criminal vehicle), and weight (to stop the player getting knocked around).

This game is not to be confused with S.C.I.: Special Criminal Investigation, the second game in the Chase H.Q. franchise, or Chase H.Q. II which was an arcade sequel released in 2007.