Sing!! Sega Game Music Presented by B.B. Queens

An audio CD of Sega music performed by J-Pop band B.B. Queens that included a special Mega CD-exclusive version of Teddy Boy Blues.


SING!! Sega Game Music Presented by B.B. Queens is a music CD with added functionality for the Mega CD. It was released by BMG Victor (later BMG Japan) exclusively in Japan, featuring Sega music arrangements performed by B. B. Queens.

The first track is a data track intended for Sega CD owners that plays a special version of Teddy Boy Blues, which Sega first released in arcades in 1985. This version of the game uses CD audio and the option to play any of the tracks on the album as BGM. However, given most stages in Teddy Boy Blues are completed in less than a minute or two, it's uncommon to hear the full track (most of which are around four minutes long).

Game BGM Featured

*Though attributed to Teddy Boy Blues in the liner notes, the BGM track that the song Funky Brothers was based on originally belonged to the unreleased arcade puzzle game SegaSonic Bros..