Space Mouse 2

A sequel to an obscure 1981 NEC PC-8801 "type-in game" known as "Space Mouse", Space Mouse 2 is a vertically-scrolling maze game that tasks players with guiding Alice underground to find treasure.


Space Mouse 2 is a deliberately-retro vertical-scrolling maze game developed and published digitally by Mindware for the PC on July 23, 2020.

An official sequel to the NEC PC-8001 game Space Mouse (which was originally created by Geimu Kyoujin as a "type-in game" for the September 1981 issue of the Japanese microcomputer magazine I/O) and its 2016 remake, Space Mouse 2 tasks players with guiding protagonist Alice downwards underground (in similar vein to the Mr. Driller series) to find treasure and rescue little creatures (known as "piyos"). The game features music by veteran Namco composer Junko Ozawa and voice acting by professional wrestler Risa Sera.