Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment continues the story of Takayuki Yagami.


A sequel to the Yakuza spinoff Judgment, made by RGG Studio and with Japanese actor Takuya Kimura once again providing his voice and likeness to the main character, Takayuki Yagami.


Set in December 2021, after the events of the last game (and Yakuza: Like A Dragon), Takayuki Yagami continues his work as a private detective and outside investigator for the Genda Law Office where he used to work. While assisting his friends Makoto Tsukumo and Fumiya Sugiura in opening up their own branch of the private detective agency in Yokohama, Yagami uses his skills to help the private Seiryu High School deal with a bullying crisis.

However, the case takes a strange turn when Genda's latest client, a policeman on trial for sexual battery, mentions that a teacher was killed in revenge for bullying his son into suicide. Now Yagami must get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding Seiryu, the murder of a student-teacher for bullying, and how the policeman is involved.


Lost Judgment retains most of the action of the previous game, with some differences.

  • Bosses no longer can deal critical hits that break Yagami's max health.
  • Some boss special attacks can be dodged and countered with good timing.
  • Yagami introduces a third fighting style (Snake) that is useful for parrying foes and disarming those with weapons.
  • Wall jumps and other aerial attacks must be learned with Skill Points.
  • Grab attack properties are slightly different.
  • In addition to Kamurocho, Yagami can now visit Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama (the main setting of Like A Dragon) and a fully detailed Seiryu High School.
  • Yagami can complete minigames at the school as an advisor for the Mystery Research Club, including a dance contest.
  • Yagami can travel quickly along roads by riding a skateboard, and collect special medals that can only be collected while riding the board.
  • The Dice & Cube minigame returns, but now there is a AI rival character who tries to beat Yagami to the goal.
  • Sonic the Fighters is now playable at SEGA arcade locations.