Pac-Man Battle Royale Chompionship

A sequel to the 2011 arcade game Pac-Man Battle Royale, re-working the round-based system while adding eight-player support and more chaotic power-ups.


Pac-Man Battle Royale Chompionship (sometimes stylized as Pac-Man Battle Royale CHOMPionship) is a versus maze game developed and released by Bandai Namco for arcades in June 2022.

A sequel to the 2011 game Pac-Man Battle Royale, Chompionship revamps the round-based last-Pac-standing game by doubling the player number to eight, adding systems for lives and scoring, and including a variety of new power-ups. It also adds a new button used to track where the player's Pac-Man is in accordance to their position.

The game is sold in three styles: a standard dual-cabinet setup (with two PMBR-style cocktail cabinets side-to-side with the same screen on both and each cabinet supporting four players), a larger one-cabinet setup (with one screen and all eight players playing on the same cabinet), and a deluxe stand-up cabinet (which, unlike the original, uses smartphone controls rather than control pedestals).


  • White Dot - Adds 10 pts. Resets the board when empty of dots.
  • Gold Power Pellet - Makes the ghosts edible to all Pac-Man. Also adds 100 pts.
  • Green Power Pellet - Makes the Pac-Man big, allowing them to eat ghosts and normal Pac-Man. Also adds 1000 pts.
  • Fruit - Adds bonus points. There are five fruits: Cherries (100 pts.), Bananas (200 pts.), Apple (400 pts.), Strawberry (500 pts.), and Chili Pepper (750 pts.). Picking up bananas drops a banana peel that causes Pac-Man to skid forward uncontrollably. Picking up chili peppers releases a fiery blast that toasts nearby ghosts and enemy Pac-Man.


  • Lightning - Encases the Pac-Man in lighting, periodically firing forward-facing lightning blasts that zaps ghosts and enemy Pac-Man.
  • Ghost Cloak - Covers the Pac-Man in a sheet, allowing them to pass through ghosts unharmed.
  • Ghost Magnet - Allows the Pac-Man to pick up and carry ghosts around as a weapon.
  • Caffeine - Gives the Pac-Man a burst of faster movement.
  • Earthquake - Causes an quake that slows down all ghosts and enemy Pac-Man.