Pit Boss: Megatouch

A multi-game arcade machine with touchscreen controls, including several card, trivia, casino, and action games. Along with several sequels, it received multiple updates up to the year 2000.


Pit Boss: Megatouch is a multi-game arcade machine developed and released by Merit Industries for arcades in 1994.

Part of the Pit Boss series of machines, Megatouch uses a dedicated touchscreen monitor for touch controls, rather than the series' standard "video poker" controls. It includes a selection of card/casino games, trivia/word games, and action/puzzle games.

It received numerous updates all the way to the year 2000, with most installments abandoning the "Pit Boss" brand for its own "Megatouch" brand. Each installment includes an updated set of questions for the trivia games (mainly Trivia Whiz and Phraze Craze), with most also including new games. It also received multiple sequels with new hardware, starting with Megatouch XL.

The machine was mainly sold in three different configurations: counter-top (with a 13" screen), upright (with a 19" screen), and cabaret (also with a 19" screen). Some versions of the game also received separate "Tournament" releases, allowing operators to set up customizable tournaments where players can compete for cash prizes (which are dispensed by the machine using a PIN system). Some versions of the game also supports linked multiplayer.

Game List

The base game included 11 games, with several games released in updates (for a total of 25).

Arcade operators can customize the game menu as they wish, allowing them to remove games from the lineup. Regional versions of the machine often exclude specific games based on either their state's regulation (such as the version for Minnesota excluding all casino games) or regional language (with the international version removing all word games), with some versions instead changing certain parts (such as the California version excluding the double-up feature in Draw Poker).

  • Solitaire
  • Run 21
  • Trivia Whiz
  • Draw Poker
  • Super 7 Stud
  • Horses
  • Royal Flash
  • Trivia Twister
  • Mem-O-Ree
  • Breakin' Bricks
  • Roll the Dice

Added in Megatouch III

  • Phraze Craze
  • Match'Em Up
  • Fourplay

Added in Megatouch IV

  • Conquest
  • 11-Up
  • Tri-Towers

Added in Super Megatouch IV

  • Power Solitaire
  • Quik Match

Added in Megatouch 5

  • Quint-Zee
  • Pile-On
  • Mega Mind

Added in Megatouch 6

  • Take 2
  • Trip Flip
  • Sum Fun


  • Pit Boss: Megatouch (1995) - "Megatouch II" version released on CRT-260 hardware (essentially a CRT-250 with the add-on boards integrated).
  • Megatouch III (1995) - Also known as Megatouch Video. Also sold in a "Tournament" version.
  • Megatouch IV (1996) - Also sold in a "Tournament" version.
  • Super Megatouch IV (1996) - Also sold in a "Tournament" version.
  • Megatouch 5 (1997) - Also sold in a "Tournament" version.
  • Megatouch 6 (1998)
  • Megatouch 7: Encore Edition (2000) - Does not include any new games.