Megatouch XL

The second main line of Megatouch multi-game touchscreen arcade machines, now including PC hardware for better graphics and sound, as well as CD-ROM for quicker upgrades.


Megatouch XL is a multi-game arcade machine developed and released by Merit Industries for arcades (using PC-based hardware) in 1997.

The sequel to the original Megatouch line of machines, Megatouch XL features new hardware based on PC computers (with higher-quality graphics, higher-fidelity sound, and improved game speed). Along with a new line-up of games (including optional adult-oriented games), it includes a variety of new options for operators (including customizable ad screens).

The system was originally sold with a CD-ROM drive, allowing operators to change and update their game listing through different CDs (each with their own physical security key). This was later changed to use dedicated hard drives for a higher capacity, similar to its successor.

It received yearly updates through to 2002 with Megatouch XL 5000, Megatouch XL 6000, Megatouch XL Gold, Megatouch XL Platinum, and Megatouch XL Titanium. Its successor was the Megatouch MAXX series, and both received nearly-identical updates and game selection through to 2002 (with the XL being the lower-end "legacy" version).