Megatouch Force

The fourth main line of Megatouch multi-game touchscreen arcade machines with a more advanced touchscreen, allowing games with more than one finger press at a time (such as simultaneous two-player games).


Megatouch Force is a multi-game arcade machine developed and released by Merit Industries for arcades (using PC-based hardware) in 2002.

The sequel to the Megatouch MAXX line of machines, Megatouch Force features more powerful PC hardware and a new "force" touchscreen controller that allows more than one press at a time, allowing for new types of games (mainly two-player simultaneous "Head To Head" games).

Many games in the MAXX's lineup appear nearly identical in the Force, with both systems receiving similar updates through to the end of the MAXX's lifespan in 2006, with the Force being the latest higher-end version.

It received yearly updates through to 2011. Unlike previous installments, each version of Force is based on the year (from Megatouch Force 2002 to Megatouch Force 2011). Its successor was the Megatouch ION, and both received similar updates through to 2011 (with the Force being the lower-end "legacy" version).