Train Drive ATS 2

A sequel to the indie iOS Japanese train driving simulation game Train Drive ATS, allowing players to drive numerous licensed Keio Electric Railway trains on a fictionalized version of the Keio Line.


Train Drive ATS 2 is an indie train driving simulation game developed and published by Takahiro Ito for iOS devices on November 5, 2014. A free-to-play version, known as "Train Drive ATS 2 Lite", was released at some point and was later discontinued.

A sequel to the 2012 game Train Drive ATS, Train Drive ATS 2 has players driving one of numerous officially-licensed Keio Electric Railway trains through a fictionalized version of the Keiƍ Line, known as the "Inagi Line". Similar to the original, it features a dedicated timetable with multiple trains running at once, with full use of switch rails and signals.

It later received a sequel, titled Train Drive ATS 3.