Hmmsim 2

A sequel to the Korean mobile train driving simulator Hmmsim, adding new graphical and gameplay options along with the metro line Seoul Subway Line 7.


Hmmsim 2 is an indie train driving simulation game developed and released by Jeminie for iOS and Android devices on June 11, 2015.

A payware sequel to the freeware game Hmmsim, Hmmsim 2 builds on the graphical and gameplay engines while including two unofficial recreations of Seoul Metro rail lines in Seoul: Seoul Subway Line 2 (from the original Hmmsim) and Seoul Subway Line 7 (from Jangam Station to Cheongdam Station). Similar to the original, players can import add-ons from some versions of BVE Trainsim.

It later received a reworked PC sequel in 2021, titled Hmmsim Metro.