The Sims 2

The Sims 2 on console was vastly different from the PC version it was derived from. The Sims 2 console allowed direct control over Sims, as well as a story mode.

The Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Gamecube versions of The Sims 2 include a "Free Play" mode which retains much of the same basic gameplay of the PC version, albeit without the prominent new ageing mechanics or the ability to procreate. Due to memory and engine restrictions, there are also much tighter limitations on how sophisticated homes can become.

In exchange, the console games include a "Story Mode" in which the player creates a single sim and takes singular responsibility for his or her life. There is actually no definable plot involved: the character's goals are defined entirely by their chosen Aspiration, much as they would be for any resident in the regular game. This mode has the option to take direct control of the character with the analogue stick, but the only real difference in gameplay structure is that satisfying Wants will earn Aspiration Points to unlock new properties to visit and more objects to buy.

These versions of the game also include a unique cooking system wherein players can actually select each ingredient in the dish. Rare ingredients collected from sources throughout the game can be blended together to unlock recipes for food that imparts some special bonuses to the one who eats it.