A freeware, exploration-based 2D platformer.

Seiklus's hand-drawn environments are very explorable
Seiklus's hand-drawn environments are very explorable
Seiklus is a freeware game made entirely in Gamemaker and independently developed by Cly5m. It focuses on exploration in lieu of action and sprawls over a large, stylistically drawn world. It has since inspired the development of other games, notably  Knytt and Within a Deep Forest.  The basic premise of Seiklus is simple, yet endearing. You're sitting on a rock with your girlfriend, watching shooting stars. A meteor hits and knocks you into the "World". Your objective is to collect a large quantity of 5 different colored flames, and become reunited.
Seklus features a variety of different environments. Exploring a deep cave, monsters ready to suck you up and carry you off, venturing into an active volcano, exploring a lush woodland landscape, climbing to the top of incredibly high trees or sliding down a huge mountainside.
The music in Seiklus is almost entirely Keygen music, which gives it a unique sound. Besides this, there's the basic ambient sounds that blend into the background.
"Seiklus" is the Estonian word for "Adventure" which fits the game perfectly Download Seiklus Full Game