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Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! THE FINAL DRUMMENING

2021-05-06 52:59

It's almost time for Alex to say goodbye to Giant Bomb, but we're gonna bang out one last playlist before it's time to hit the road.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 311

2021-05-06 18:57

This is it folks and the whole family is here to sendoff the number one podcast in the universe!

Quick Look: Resident Evil Village

2021-05-06 12:10 Quick Looks

Some say it takes a village to do a quick look, others say it only takes Brad and Vinny.

Garage Talk 5

2021-05-05 27:41

Jeff Gerstmann's mystery microwave... revealed!

Giant Bombcast 684: Brad's Leaving

2021-05-04 36:14 Giant Bombcast

The old hands of Giant Bomb come together for one more Bombcast to talk about some changes around these parts, reminisce about the past, and look to the future.

Quick Look: New Pokémon Snap

2021-05-04 30:58 Quick Looks

Award winning nature photographers, Vinny and Jan, embark on a journey to document nothing but Bidoofs.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 04/29/2021

2021-04-29 35:21

Please bear with me and my overheating webcam for the first few songs. After that, it's nothing but straight bangers the whole way through.

Quick Look: Returnal

2021-04-29 06:44

Jeff returns to Returnal and does some of the dashing, a little of the shooting, and a whole lot of the dying.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 310

2021-04-29 52:59

Jeff Bakalar goes into Returnal, while Alex talks about We Are the Caretakers, and we learn a little about turnips and tax evasion. We've also got the news, your emails, and much more!

Garage Talk 4

2021-04-27 29:12

We're on the outskirts of technology out here in the garage, which is 50% Wi-Fi deadzone and 50% a reminder that streaming on a MacBook Air is going to probably desync your audio and video. But between the Zaxxon iron-ons and Jeff's 1996 offer letter, there's ...

Giant Bombcast 683: Nier Automotive GP

2021-04-27 39:35 Giant Bombcast

This week we begin with a consideration of Mortal Kombat films past and present, before moving into the nitty gritty of Returnal, NieR Replicant ver.1.224744...something, more adventures in Pokemon card acquisition, the Noid's return to video games, the Mario ...

Quick Look: Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game

2021-04-23 36:31

Join us for a ride into the unknown, but just remember to buckle up, be safe, and don't eat the raisins.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 04/22/2021

2021-04-22 10:21

Sit back, relax, and let the colors wash over you as we jam out a buncha songs what got colors in their title.

Unfinished: Returnal (04/22/21)

2021-04-22 43:47 Unfinished

There's nothing Brad and Jan would rather do than attach alien parts to their spines.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 309

2021-04-22 02:05

Big thumbs up for so far for Hitchhiker, Alex plays some NieR Replicant, and Bakalar continues building an actual arcade in his house. We've also got the news, including a new entry in the children's/assassination book genre, and your emails!

Quick Look: NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

2021-04-22 46:23

Giant swords, floating books, and a grandma? Yup, Alex and Jan definitely have a Nier game in front of them.

Garage Talk 3 (04/21/2021)

2021-04-21 56:44

Have you ever wondered what kind of cars the producers over at Capcom like to drive? Well you're in luck, that information is here... in the garage.

Quick Look: Pac-Man 99

2021-04-21 25:38 Quick Looks

Brad and Jeff have got the fever and want to share it with 98 other friends.

Garage Talk 2 (04/20/2021)

2021-04-21 42:20

Jeff Gerstmann's bitrate-starved in the garage and talking as he goes through all of the... stuff... he's got out there.

Giant Bombcast 682: That Dom State of Mind

2021-04-20 27:32 Giant Bombcast

Grab a handful of tubby custard and join us in the Dom shrine for PlayStation baseball on Xbox, the Pokemon TCG turf war, the last-minute rescue of the PS3 and Vita storefronts, Square Enix acquisition rumors, Resident Evil 4 in VR, and more shocking Neopets c...

PokéMonday Night Combat - BAD DECISIONS

2021-04-19 33:30 Features

Watch while I make poor decisions so you don't have to!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin' 04/15/2021

2021-04-15 42:28

Do you dare experience the playlist so monumentally awful, so unbearably suck-ass, that it damn near killed my Xbox? Buckle up, buttercups. You're in for some pain.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 308

2021-04-15 10:58

Jeff Bakalar officially joins the "Games Group", we talk about the new Oddworld, and Alex gets angry we haven't watch the latest Fast and Furious trailer.

Quick Look: Oddworld: Soulstorm

2021-04-15 32:50

Abe paves the way to freedom with chanting and stealth but is it all worth it if you can't fart on command?

Giant Bombcast 681: Dairy Queen, TX

2021-04-13 47:57 Giant Bombcast

This week, we cling desperately to our Outriders inventories, take a look at the just-released Ask Iwata compilation, play movie mad libs in What the Dub?!, ponder Bad Bunny and 24-hour shrimp, and have 99 Pac-Men but a Switch... well, you know how it goes.

Best of Giant Bomb: 209 - One Shot

2021-04-11 13:06

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

Quick Look: Evil Genius 2: World Domination

2021-04-09 36:55 Quick Looks

We try to build the perfect evil lair but the world won't stop letting me know there's more evil to be done!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 04/08/2021

2021-04-08 30:03

We had to skip last week in favor of vaccination, but now we're back for another set of jams from some as-yet-unplayed artists. Pray that the webcam survives to rock another week.

Quick Look: Outriders

2021-04-08 44:24

Get ready to outride with Jeff, Brad, and Jason as they teleport around and stab stuff.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 307

2021-04-08 03:24

We're back and talking about Evil Genius 2, Cozy Grove, and getting back into the arcades. We've also the news, even the weird stuff, your emails, and more!

Quick Look: Mundaun

2021-04-08 27:36

Time to relax and visit the country, maybe see a grave or charred barn. Relaxing, normal stuff for normal people.

Quick Look: The Dark Side of the Moon

2021-04-07 37:26 Quick Looks

It's time to head back into the world of FMV where nothing is as it seems, except for the FMV bits... those are, thankfully, just want they seem.

Giant Bombcast 680: Room Temperature Clam Chowder

2021-04-06 21:23 Giant Bombcast

This week we dive deep into Outriders, build villages in Dorfromantik, mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, as well as the RETURN of E3, Titanfall things in Apex Legends, and much more!

Quick Look: Balan Wonderworld

2021-04-01 43:48

Jeff Gerstmann is here to spend nearly two hours playing Balan Wonderworld on a PlayStation 5. Can he complete the Tower of Tims in time?????????

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 306

2021-04-01 15:42

Lucy James and Jake Dekker from GameSpot join us to talk about Disco Elysium, Evil Genius 2, Narita Boy, and Genesis Noir! Who says games aren't coming out?! We've also got the news, emails, and more!

Quick Look: Narita Boy

2021-04-01 37:30 Quick Looks

Alex and Vinny are two cyber dudes just trying to listen to cyber tunes in cyber rooms.

Playdate: Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One: Part II

2021-03-31 51:13 Premium

It's time to play... in HELLLLLLLLL.

Quick Look: Genesis Noir

2021-03-31 30:22 Quick Looks

We embark on a stylish quest to follow the creation of the universe and then... well, we'll see how that all pans out won't we?

In the Garage (03/30/2021)

2021-03-30 36:41

Jeff makes like that Weezer song and shows off his sunglasses collection and also BLITZ MITTZZZZZ!!!111

Giant Bombcast 679: Feed Gems to Tims

2021-03-30 37:26 Giant Bombcast

Balan Wonderworld is upon us and it's hard to think about much else, but we also dig into It Takes Two, more monster trucks, more MonHun, voiced Disco Elysium, the looming PlayStation Store closures, COD and Battlefield rumors, Pokemon Go except glasses, Termi...

Best of Giant Bomb: 208 - Dirty Larry

2021-03-29 11:02

Why would you bother to add more screams to the game when you have the perfect one already?

Quick Look: Monster Hunter Rise

2021-03-25 41:55 Quick Looks

This fluffly bunny dango ain't gonna eat itself. Join Jason and Jeff for a bite or three.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 305

2021-03-25 12:17

Let the healing begin! We're here to talk about Pioneers of Olive Town, Loop Hero, Superman, Batman, cargo... all sorts of stuff. We've got the latest news and also your emails as well! Join us!

Jan 'n' Juice - Loop Hero

2021-03-25 51:16 Features

Can't die from the boss if the boss can't hit me!

Quick Look: It Takes Two

2021-03-24 58:19 Quick Looks

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try! Just the two of us, you (this magical book, sentient hammer), and I!

Giant Bombcast 678: A Horse Named PlayStation

2021-03-23 36:44 Giant Bombcast

Welcome to the recreation zone, where we chillax over subjects like Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Truck Championship, the PlayStation 5 VR controller, the latest OLED Switch rumors, Sony's Evo acquisition, 2021 game delays, Double Dare prizes, Daft Punk forever...

Quick Look: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

2021-03-23 46:24 Quick Looks

It's time to get back to that farm living! Will this be the farming game we've been looking for all along? Find out!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 03/19/2021

2021-03-19 59:56

We been drummin' for 52 weeks now, and until someone tells me otherwise, we will be drummin' for the foreseeable future. Thanks for hanging with me every week.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 304

2021-03-18 30:42 Features

This week we're joined by Jeff Gerstmann while we loop back into Loop Hero and take a dip into Mundaun. More content coming to Game Pass, new PS VR Controllers, and some hot breaking acquisitions! It's knife or death type of episode!

Party of One: Brad Celebrates New Crosshair Day

2021-03-18 48:50

This crosshair has all these icons around it now, and perhaps in time I'll even learn to look at them!

Quick Look: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

2021-03-17 41:32

Jeff's ready to bowl you over with this look at the newly released port of Stubbs the Zombie running on a PlayStation 5.

Giant Bombcast 677: Undercover Juggalo

2021-03-16 18:31 Giant Bombcast

This week we get caught up in Loop Hero, finding out there have been FOUR Monster Energy Supercross games, Stubbs the Zombie, new studios being founded, games hitting Game Pass, awkward gas station encounters, and thrift store scores!

Best of Giant Bomb: 207 - Non-Fungible Tokens

2021-03-14 09:35 Best of Giant Bomb

I hope you enjoy my Crypto Art.

Unfinished: The Eternal Cylinder (03/11/2021)

2021-03-12 40:17 Unfinished

When in doubt, just suck it up in the 'ol honker.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 03/11/2021

2021-03-11 01:43

It's time for a little spring cleaning, as we work our way through some of the more overrepresented bands currently cluttering up the Rock Band song library.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 303

2021-03-11 06:36

We get into Loop Hero, conclude the current Harvest Moon saga, and talk about Maquette. Bethesda and Microsoft seal the deal, Roblox stock goes on sale, and Mike Patton loves to dine on turtle soup. Also, don't eat solder.

Jan 'N' Juice - Loop Hero

2021-03-11 14:50 Features

Let's save the world and drink juice! Let's save the world and drink juice! Let's save the world and drink juice!

Quick Look: Loop Hero

2021-03-11 17:13 Quick Looks

Brad and Jan run in circles until they save the world or help destroy it.

Quick Look: Maquette

2021-03-10 19:14 Quick Looks

Are you ready to love and solve puzzles? Find out and watch us make big things small and small things big along the way!

Giant Bombcast 676: The McRib of Consoles

2021-03-09 42:07 Giant Bombcast

Games! Loop Hero, Circuit Superstar, The Eternal Cylinder, Persona 5 Strikers, Bravely Default II. News! An OLED-equipped Switch, the finalized Bethesda acquisition, the resurrection of Paragon, and the dual fate of Artifact. Emails! Uh, whiskey that listens t...

Quick Look: Harvest Moon: One World

2021-03-09 46:22

If you were wondering what's going on in the Harvest Moon series we've got your back. Also, add your Story of Seasons comment below.

Quick Look: Bravely Default 2

2021-03-05 43:21 Quick Looks

Jan and Brad go on a pint sized journey for CRYSTALS with a magical man in a fedora.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! Guitar Hero: Metallica Edition!

2021-03-04 35:06

Will the addition of double bass charting kill Alex? Probably not, but maybe don't ask him to walk anywhere for a couple of days.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 302

2021-03-04 34:18

Find out about Fights in Tight Spaces, Maquette, and that new Harvest Moon game. Maybe just stick around to learn about Story of Seasons versus Harvest Moon and why should or should not care. Same goes for NFTS! We've also got your emails, the news, and more!

Jan 'N' Juice - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links with Matt Shipman!

2021-03-04 56:54 Features

There's no better way to try and become the king of games than getting a guy on the inside!

Quick Look: RetroMania Wrestling

2021-03-04 25:33 Quick Looks

It may look like that old wrestling game, but who are all these new guys?

Unfinished: Fights in Tight Spaces

2021-03-04 55:32 Unfinished

Just how might you fight your way out of a tight space? Find out!

Unfinished: Valheim (03/03/21)

2021-03-03 36:29 Unfinished

We've progressed past working with wood and rocks, we're crafting with friendship now!

Giant Bombcast 675: All Day I Dream About Koffee

2021-03-02 40:57 Giant Bombcast

This week: the Outriders demo, more Valheim adventures, the Guilty Gear Strive beta, Maquette, Sony's Japan Studio closure and PS5 storage upgrades, the latest on Dragon Age 4 and Battlefield, Epic's Fall Guys purchase, some heated chili arguments, a lovely po...

Best of Giant Bomb: 206 - Meow

2021-02-28 13:10

Sit back and come to a better understanding about existence, ownership over your identity, and cats.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 02/26/2021

2021-02-26 08:10

Alex breaks in some new equipment by throwing himself at the RNG gods yet again, and we learn yet again that when you live by the whammy, you die by the whammy.

We Talk Over: State of Play 02/25/2021

2021-02-25 39:35 Events

FINALLY graphics for video games on the PlayStation 5!

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 301

2021-02-25 30:33

Alex introduces us to Fights in Tight Spaces, we visit The Room 4, and Bakalar is getting busy in Teardown. We've also got this week's news and even news we'll have to get to next week! Join us!

Quick Look: The Room 4: Old Sins

2021-02-25 30:03

The sins are still there and they may be old but they look pretty dang good on the PC.

Quick Look: Persona 5 Strikers

2021-02-23 56:58 Quick Looks

The Phantom Thieves have recruited Alex and Jan for the heist of the CENTURY!

Giant Bombcast 674: Knife or Death

2021-02-23 46:44

Valheim appears to be overtaking the office this week, with a detour into the good and bad of old games with Blizzard Arcade Collection and Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection. Plus: the future of PSVR, the Vampire: Bloodlines 2 shakeup, all the Blizzcon and Ninten...

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 300

2021-02-18 26:36

It's Episode 300! So much has changed and so much is still the same. Is it still the best time to be playing games? Probably. How about games like Persona 5 Strikers? Bowser's Fury? Valheim? We've also got a summary of that Nintendo Direct, your emails, and mu...

Jan 'N' Juice - No Man's Sky

2021-02-18 58:07 Features

I just wanted to try and pet a space goat.

We Talk Over: Nintendo Direct 02/17/21

2021-02-17 06:40 Features

It feels like it's been forever since we had a Direct to talk over! We've got new Splatoon, new musous, and...Skyward Sword?

Quick Look: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

2021-02-17 38:28 Quick Looks

Brad and Jan are a couple of cool cats facing an inky kaiju!

Giant Bombcast 673: The Internet in Your Pants

2021-02-16 51:53 Giant Bombcast

What's up with Bowser's Fury and Valheim? Why would anyone try to resurrect Six Days in Fallujah? Has it really been 20 years since that Zero Wing proto-meme? How much spaghetti COULD you fit into one backpack? These questions and more, answered on this week's...

Best of Giant Bomb: 205 - Nine Foot Six

2021-02-14 14:32

Step on me, farmer.

Quick Look: Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

2021-02-13 19:42 Quick Looks

Rorie and Jason bark at the moon and get serious about protecting the Earth.

Old Games: The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game (02/12/2021)

2021-02-12 44:23

Jeff Gerstmann enjoys some "Super Mario Bros. Special" for the "PC-88." Why does this keep happening????

Quick Look: Little Nightmares II

2021-02-12 40:15

Brad and Jason want pizza for lunch or else things are going to get spooky real quick.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! FOR LOVE

2021-02-11 15:45

Are drums romantic? Maybe not. Are drums erotic? Absolutely.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 299

2021-02-11 01:01

The old Destiny 2 Season is dead. Long live the new Destiny 2 Season! Interested in Person 5 Strikers? Did you know Dragon Quest Builders 2 is pretty good? Thoughts on the new Sonic movie? It's all here.

Jan 'N' Juice - DJing and Dueling

2021-02-11 05:25 Features

It's time to J-J-J-J-J-JAM!

Unfinished: Dyson Sphere Program

2021-02-11 45:00

You won't even have time to think about the ramifications of stripping planets bare as you unlock that sweet next technology!

Quick Look: Destruction AllStars

2021-02-10 42:02

Jeff and Alex and car crashes and Lucid Games' new PlayStation 5 game and DP.

Quick Look: Cyber Shadow

2021-02-10 25:48 Quick Looks

Find out how ninjas get into their robot suits with Jason and Jan.

Giant Bombcast 672: Great Conversations

2021-02-09 39:35 Giant Bombcast

This week: the (digital) future of E3, PS5 sales and shortages, the Gearbox buyout, the ultimate fate of Anthem, the GoldenEye XBLA leak, Little Nightmares 2, The Medium, Destruction AllStars, Control Ultimate Edition, Ys IX, Danny's Irish favs, underwater piz...

Quick Look: The Medium

2021-02-09 39:55

Two worlds collide as CNET's Jeff Bakalar joins Alex to see check out Bloober Team's latest offering. NOTE: There's an edit around the 14 minute mark due to a capture issue.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 02/04/2021

2021-02-04 18:16

After a month away, Alex returns to the kit to obliterate a new batch of songs and also your ear drums (please turn down the volume if this actually happens).

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 298

2021-02-04 15:50

We dig ourselves out of the snow to talk about digging ourselves out of the snow. We also talk about The Medium, Hitman 3, and some good old Destiny 2! Got some buying regrets? We do. Join us!

Jan 'N' Juice - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

2021-02-04 52:09 Features

I am on a quest for breakfast and to become King of Games!

Giant Bombcast 671: Tree on the Loose

2021-02-02 50:22 Giant Bombcast

This week: a little time with the just-released Destruction AllStars, next-gen Control, the inventiveness of Hitman 3, cyber-ninjas in Cyber Shadow, the Stadia first-party shutdown, the Nemesis system patent, a #Skate4 studio, lewd Keanu Reeves mods, Kiefer Su...

Party of One: Jeff Gets Some Noita In

2021-01-28 47:17

Some wizards just want to watch the caves burn.

Party of One: Let's Open Some Magic Packs

2021-01-28 28:49

It's Kaldheim day!