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Another PlayStation 5 Unboxing

2020-10-27 27:51 Features

Sleek design, glossy fins, and a dangly base. All here inside this one gigantic box.

Quick Look: The Cooling Springs of Astro's Playroom

2020-10-27 20:28 Quick Looks

Join Brad and Jeff as they say hello to a new generation by punching some rubber ducks.

Best of Giant Bomb: 199 - Richard Martin

2020-10-24 12:59

You might’ve heard “Digital Witness” before, but now you can witness (digitally) St. Vincent play some Fortnite!

Quick Look: The Jackbox Party Pack 7

2020-10-23 46:02 Quick Looks

We gather a party to jump into the latest installment "Ok, who is going to roast their friends first?!"

The HotSpot - Episode 384

2020-10-23 31:02 Premium

Brace yourself for an unexpected trip down memory lane...

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 10/22/2020

2020-10-23 51:12

Last week we played the jams that never made it out of Guitar Hero: Van Halen and Smash Hits. This week, we play the ones that broke free.

Quick Look: G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout

2020-10-23 33:02 Quick Looks

Just like every Cobra plot there's a lot of promise at the beginning but things begin to unravel as time goes on.

The Giant Beastcast: Ep. 283 - The Giant Beastcast

2020-10-22 58:26

It's a nostalgia trip starting with some G.I. Joe talk and heading through childhood cartoon favorites. Of course, there will be some hockey talk along the way, some news, and those emails!

Unfinished: Immortals Fenyx Rising 10/22/2020

2020-10-22 19:45

Grab a pomegranate and sit down with Jason and Abby as they chat about gods, monsters, and sea foam.

Quick Look: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

2020-10-22 33:19

Whether it is by destroying a town center or slaughtering rhinos for their treasure our empire will not fail!

Giant Bombcast 657: The Content

2020-10-20 51:56 Giant Bombcast

With new consoles drawing nigh, we spend way too much time talking about the Series X launch lineup and the PS5's new hint system, plus Mario Kart Live, Phasmophobia, the end of Hades, the (different kind of) end of StarCraft II, and the eventual fate of the a...

Lockdown 2020: Rorie's Got A Case Of The Mondays

2020-10-20 14:58

Let's play some Drone Swarm, some Breakpoint, and finish it off with some pro-level Spelunky!

Quick Look: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

2020-10-19 29:34 Quick Looks

Move over Rainbow Road! My house is the hardest track in the game now!

Six Crazy Frights: Ep. 404 - Cry of Fear

2020-10-17 51:33

Help! There's someone here! Help me! Argh!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! Guitar Hero: Van Halen/Smash Hits Style!

2020-10-15 58:04

Look, these may not be among the best Guitar Hero games every made, but there are some damn jams on these discs that demand rescuing!

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 282

2020-10-15 16:23 Features

Let's talk Baldur's Gate 3, Xbox Series X details, and all of the new PlayStation user interface news. Speaking of news, have you heard all the latest? Tune in to hear it!

BBBBBBreakfast 'N' Ben

2020-10-15 25:12 Features

Shiny Trinket Get. Shiny Trinket Get. Shiny Trinket Get. Shiny Trinket Get. Shiny Trinket Get. Shiny Trinket Get.

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 11

2020-10-14 01:32

This remix is the best song I've ever heard. That's why I'm choosing to listen to it one hundred times in a row. I don't wanna pass, actually.

Unfinished: Baldur's Gate 3 (10/13/2020)

2020-10-14 05:20 Unfinished

We might be off the mark on some of the details but when it comes to taking a shot up a Worg butt our aim is unerring.

Giant Bombcast 656: Throw Up Your Bungers

2020-10-13 27:01 Giant Bombcast

Genshin Impact makes a big impact this week, as does Bugsnax. PS4 games on PS5 get detailed, Crucible gets the axe. Milla Jovovich loves Meowscular Chef. Rambo is in MK11. It's a Bombcast!

Six Crazy Frights: Ep. 403 - Phasmophobia

2020-10-10 06:00


Best of Giant Bomb: 198 - Paint Me Like Your English Marios

2020-10-10 13:35

The warping to the top of the screen in Super Mario 2 is starting to look like less of a bug and more of a feature.

Quick Look: Super Mario Bros. 35

2020-10-09 29:28 Quick Looks

The screen wasn't big enough for 100 so Ben, Jeff, and Brad are dropping onto the Mushroom Kingdom with 35 Marios!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 10/08/2020

2020-10-08 54:48

It's Rock Band 4's fifth birthday this week, so we celebrate by playing a bunch of songs released during the RB4 era, and seeing how many sticks we can lose in a single song.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 281 - The Giant Beastcast

2020-10-08 40:21

We've got Star Wars: Squadrons to talk about and Bakalar is here to talk about keyboards. That's his new thing and we're happy he wants to share. We also talk about that PS5 dissection video, playing games with celebrities, and more!

Unfinished: Bugsnax (09/30/2020)

2020-10-08 30:47

Brad journeyed to Snaktooth Island and back to teach Vinny and Jason to tell their Strabbies from their Razzbies.

Quick Look: Star Wars: Squadrons

2020-10-07 06:12

Whether you fight for the Empire or the New Republic, just remember one thing... always be managing those subsystems!

Quick Look: Genshin Impact

2020-10-07 49:08 Quick Looks

Jan, Jeff, and Paimon explore the rolling hills of Genshin Impact. Hills filled with gacha, anime, and stamina bars.

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 10

2020-10-07 04:48


Quick Look: The Solitaire Conspiracy

2020-10-07 37:59

I know that Greg Miller is a spy because he infiltrated my solitaire game.

Giant Bombcast Aftermath: Doonesbury II With Ben and Jeff

2020-10-07 00:17

Them 3AM Boys return with your questions and their answers!

Giant Bombcast 655: X Gon' Confirm It For Ya

2020-10-06 39:40 Giant Bombcast

Star Wars: Squadrons! Genshin Impact! Hades! The Oculus Quest 2! The PlayStation 5's mysterious nut! The contentious subject of Xs and Os! The biggest a-hole in video games! What WON'T you hear about on this podcast?!

Six Crazy Frights: Ep. 402 - Pacify

2020-10-05 13:32

What's scarier, turning into a doll or getting eaten by a Karen? Hard to say!

Fortnite With St. Vincent! (Eventually): Episode 10

2020-10-04 55:41

St. Vincent plays Fortnite and loves YouTube, therefore Abby Russell is on a journey to play Fortnite on YouTube with St. Vincent.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 280

2020-10-01 55:50

We're back and Jeff Bakalar even brought an Xbox Series X to show us! We talk all about what can be talked about currently with it and I'm satisfied! We've also got news, your emails, and more!

Quick Look: Art of Rally

2020-10-01 31:15 Quick Looks

We put tires to very pretty road in this new mix of racing and style.

Lockdown 2020: Non-Community Non-Co-op Corner: Spelunky 2

2020-09-30 21:14

Death comes for us all. Well, some moreso than others.

Giant Bombcast 654: Vault of Ass

2020-09-29 18:32 Giant Bombcast

We're pretty taken with Hades and Spelunky 2 here, not so much WWE Battlegrounds or Serious Sam 4. Next-gen console news! A live sideshow! Mario except what if he was food! Tune in!

Best of Giant Bomb: 197 - Ramen Muscle

2020-09-26 10:56

Eat your ramen!

Quick Look: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

2020-09-26 37:27 Quick Looks

Jan and Ben time travel back to high school to befriend robots and fight kaiju!

Six Crazy Frights: Ep. 401 - Slender: The Arrival

2020-09-26 01:59

Before I get kidnapped I'm gonna be sure to leave a bunch of cryptic notes strewn around the woods.

Party of One: Serious Jeff Plays Some Serious Sam 4

2020-09-24 46:34 Quick Looks

Then he dabbles in some Minecraft, a little WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and a touch of Xonotic, for spice.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 09/24/2020

2020-09-24 29:20

Brain bad. Drums good?

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 279

2020-09-24 18:16 Features

Sony and Microsoft battle it out in regards to pricing, exclusives, and what exactly you'll be playing on their systems while a new challenger enters the ring... Amazon? Let's go!

Quick Look: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

2020-09-24 52:29 Quick Looks

Brad, Ben, and Jeff hop into some paintings and check out this collection of Marios!

Quick Look: WWE 2K Battlegrounds

2020-09-24 40:38 Quick Looks

This year's installment of 2K's wrestling game looks kinda different, but the crotches chop just the same.

Quick Look: Hades

2020-09-23 22:43 Quick Looks

We attempt to punch, stab, and dodge our way out of the underworld but remind ourselves it's not the destination but the journey!

Breaking Brad: Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels VII

2020-09-23 51:48

Up and up, Mario goes. Where he lands, nobody knows.

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 9

2020-09-23 16:05


Quick Look: NBA 2K21

2020-09-23 01:34 Quick Looks

We're joined by Larry Basketball to not only find out how the overall game is this year, but to really find out how that character creator is!

Help Drew Raise Money for the MS Fundraiser 2020!

2020-09-22 26:44 Features

Drew Scanlon joins us to fly some planes for a good cause!

Giant Bombcast 653: That's Hot Soup!

2020-09-22 30:50 Giant Bombcast

Between the Bethesda acquisition, PlayStation 5 pricing, and our budding Vtuber careers, there's a LOT to talk about this week, along with Mario 3D All-Stars, WWE Battlegrounds, the final version of Hades, quarantine bathing habits, and more breakfast cereals ...

Giant Bomb x Spawn4Good: Alex Drums the Vote!

2020-09-21 01:33 Features

Let's melt some faces and donate some cash for a good cause!

Giant Bomb x Spawn4Good: Brad Spelunks the Vote!

2020-09-21 54:16 Features

Brad died repeatedly in the mines as part of SpawnOnMe's drive to benefit VoteRiders. Here is that stream!

Quick Look: Wasteland 3

2020-09-18 38:49 Quick Looks

Matt and Ben are here to tactically scour the wastelands!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 09/17/2020

2020-09-17 47:32

We're back after a bye week and we're leaving things to the whims of the RNG gods tonight, who appear to be angry with us for reasons as yet undetermined.

Quick Look: Spelunky 2

2020-09-17 49:56 Quick Looks

Brad, Alex, and Rorie descend into some familiar caves in Spelunky 2!

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 278

2020-09-17 35:04 Features

Holy Smokes! Got some business to cover here. The gang is back and so is the information dump on new consoles. Join us to get our thoughts on the Xbox and PlayStation news, thoughts on the GB and CNET sale, and what some of us have been up to while taking some...

We Talk Over: The PlayStation 5 September Event (The Price One!)

2020-09-16 19:27 Features

Let's gets some prices, some dates, and some Final Fantasy?!

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 8

2020-09-16 26:24

Let's continue to play with a flawless stream from top to bottom!

Giant Bombcast 652: Gods and Monster Energy

2020-09-15 13:28 Giant Bombcast

Spelunky 2! Spelunky 2. But also: Fuser, the Among Us craze, Wasteland 3, Matt Rorie, the latest Ubisoft Forward, next-gen console rumors and scuttlebutt, ketchup cakes, giant grapes, and an impromptu ranking of Zeldas.

Lockdown 2020: Let's Descend Into Spelunky 2

2020-09-14 26:30

Brad, Vinny and Rorie are playing Spelunky... on the moooooooooon!

Old Games: The Work Time Fun Late Shift with Jeff Gerstmann

2020-09-11 56:34

Let's get into Work Time Fun, the prequel to Work Time Fun, and some assorted SweepStation madness, shall we?

Quick Look: Spellbreak

2020-09-11 42:45

No argument about who's a wizard here! Ben, Brad, and Jan drop into the new magical battle royale Spellbreak!

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 277

2020-09-11 52:06

The boys are away so today we have a special episode featuring Mary Kish from Twitch, Riana from What's Good Games, and Merrit K from Fanbyte! We discuss games like Tell Me Why, Paradise Killer, and the Last Campfire. Also, listen close for amazing first date ...

Quick Look: Tell Me Why

2020-09-10 22:16

Jan and Abby explore a world of MAGIC, FUN, and MEMORIES in the newest DONTNOD game.

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 7

2020-09-09 18:49

Let's finish the game? Or not? Unclear.

Quick Look: Marvel's Avengers

2020-09-09 52:17 Quick Looks

Earth's Mightiest Heroes have a mighty need for some loot, cosmetic items, and daily quests.

Giant Bombcast 651: Luda Shoota

2020-09-08 31:54 Giant Bombcast

The Xbox Series S leak and Mario 35th games are the big news this week, but we also find time for the release version of Avengers, Tony Hawk 1+2, Spellbreaker, the anime toggle, a world without shoes, and the Mountain Dew of oranges.

Quick Look: Neon Abyss

2020-09-07 46:50 Quick Looks

Brad and Ben hatch eggs, wear creepy masks, and fight a sentient TikTok in a pixel-art, run-based corporate hell.

Best of Giant Bomb: 196 - ThunderJaws

2020-09-04 13:06

Next item of major importance on the budget: soundproofing the podcast room.

Lockdown 2020: West Coast Avengers: Assemble

2020-09-04 59:31 Features

Jeff, Jason, Ben, and Jan assemble for some multiplayer avenging!

Quick Look: Moon: Remix RPG Adventure

2020-09-04 28:17 Quick Looks

Ben and Jan embark on a journey to find love and sweet guitar licks in Moon!

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 276

2020-09-04 52:48

Ron Funches is BACK and he's got beef with Andy Milonakis! Talk about a hot scoop! We also talk about games like Tell Me Why, Spiritfarer, and all of those Marios! Jeff also talks about that fancy new NVIDIA card. You DO NOT wanna miss this one, folks!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 09/03/2020

2020-09-03 16:23

After a week away to convalesce a bunk shoulder, Alex returns with a marathon setlist and a renewed commitment to limbering up before playing.

Party of One: Jeff Takes On Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

2020-09-03 11:31

Here's a first look at the first two hours of Activision's second attempt at a Tony Hawk remake. Did they do better this time? Yes, absolutely.

Quick Look: Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

2020-09-03 35:19 Quick Looks

Jan and Ben hack and slash their way through their nostalgia!

Unfinished: Outriders (08/13/20)

2020-09-02 26:29 Unfinished

Ben shows off People Can Fly's newest squad shooter Outriders that proves there is a happy medium between "run and gun" and "stop and pop."

Lockdown 2020: This Fast & Furious Game Is Awful, Wow

2020-09-01 03:57

Jeff's here to finally check out this Fast & Furious Crossroads as well as play some Control from the beginning as he kicks the tires on some capture card junk that's been giving him trouble.

Giant Bombcast 650: Strange Times!

2020-09-01 32:02 Giant Bombcast

This week we plow through a mountain of news about PS5 release dates, new GeForce cards, Avengers cosmetics and Mario remasters, chat about New World and Captain Tsubasa, get serious about AMVs, and wonder where all the orange meringue pies are.

Fortnite With St. Vincent! (Eventually): Episode 9

2020-09-01 12:08

Fortnite Tips with The Verge's Bijan Stephen!! How to build in Fortnite FAST. YOUR ENEMIES WON'T KNOW WHATS COMING!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Truckin'! 09/01/2020

2020-09-01 53:43

Finland and Sweden are on today's agenda as we return to the European highways and truck boats and continue sampling the finest Russian jams.

Lockdown 2020: The Hellfire Club

2020-08-31 10:35

We're on an express elevator to Hell! Going DOWN!

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 6

2020-08-31 30:22


Quick Look: Mortal Shell

2020-08-29 46:42 Quick Looks

Before you judge Brad or Jason, you'll need to fight a battle in their shells.

Quick Look: Battletoads

2020-08-28 29:37 Quick Looks

Brace yourself for 4th wall breaking, self-deprecating, and toad-ally tubular 'tudes from Jason and Brad.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 275

2020-08-27 07:30 Features

The Beastcast is here and we're back to discussing underwear again? We're fresh out of the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream and have thoughts on that, along with some updated impressions of Spiritfarer and golf! We haven't had golf in awhile, that's fun.

We Talk Over: Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2020

2020-08-27 18:07 Features

It's opening night for Gamescom! Let's see what they had in store and talk over all 38 of the games!

Quick Look: Spiritfarer

2020-08-27 43:08 Quick Looks

Get yourself a boat, plant some crops, add a few wayward spirits and you've got a great time for everyone.

Quick Look: Madden NFL 21

2020-08-27 55:11 Quick Looks

It's a new year of Madden with some new modes, a new story, and some new ways for you to choose the voice of your character.

Unfinished: Rogue Legacy 2 (08/26/20)

2020-08-26 33:11 Unfinished

Who ever said you can't choose your family?

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 5

2020-08-26 09:18

We got this!

Giant Bombcast 649: Courtnite

2020-08-25 23:12 Giant Bombcast

Alex Navarro joins us from NYC to talk Madden 21, Outriders, Mortal Shell, Spiritfarer, Rogue Legacy 2, next year's new Switch, the DC FANDOME, the latest on Apple v. Epic, and rollicking debates on foods like mustard, soda, and, uh, Vicks VapoRub?

Lockdown 2020: Rhythm Hell Fever - Part 4

2020-08-24 19:03


Best of Giant Bomb: 195 - The Art

2020-08-23 14:50

Come right in and enjoy all of the finest structures that our artists have prepared for this exhibit.

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 08/20/2020

2020-08-20 43:31

Tonight we pay tribute to the studio behind our most oft-used plastic instrument game, and play a bunch of songs the devs' bands have contributed over the years. Yes, including THAT one.

Quick Look: Microsoft Flight Simulator

2020-08-20 11:56 Quick Looks

Drew Scanlon joins us to go over some of the wonder, beauty, and shenanigans to be had in Microsoft's return to flight sims.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 274

2020-08-20 35:04

Jeff Gerstmann joins us to talk about Flight Simulator, Battletoads, Rogue Legacy 2 and much more! So many games and even a bunch of news! Welcome to Butt City folks!

Quick Look: Othercide

2020-08-19 48:20 Quick Looks

We germinate, sacrifice, and watch our timelines in this unique tactical RPG.