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  • Resident Evil 4

    Capcom raises the bar for remakes – again.

    2023-03-17 PC
  • Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

    Even those dumbass Rabbids can't bring down this great sequel.

    2022-10-19 Nintendo Switch
  • Neon White

    It gets its hooks in deep and fast, but the true fun and challenge in Neon White becomes apparent the more you play it.

    2022-06-28 Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Halo Infinite

    Be well, John Spartan.

    2021-12-06 Xbox Series X|S
  • Rez Infinite

    Was virtual reality waiting for Rez? Or was Rez waiting for virtual reality? Either way, getting the two together was worth the wait.

    2020-10-12 Meta Quest
  • Doom Eternal

    It may not reach the sublime heights of its predecessor, but Doom Eternal is bursting at the seams with hellacious action.

    2020-04-10 PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Jedi: Fallen Order is both one of the best Star Wars games to date and distressingly unrefined.

    2019-11-15 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S
  • Death Stranding

    Kojima's first post-Konami project is a bizarre, self-indulgent mess that never quite manages to tie its myriad pieces together.

    2019-11-06 Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Modern Warfare makes meaningful tech upgrades to the Call of Duty franchise, making it look and sound better than ever while still main...

    2019-10-30 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
  • Gears 5

    Gears 5 plays around with the formula a bit, but it's still at its best when it's just being a solid-ass Gears of War game.

    2019-10-22 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S