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Giant Bombcast: 559: Chocolate Upgrade

2018-11-20 53:11 Giant Bombcast

This week we dig into new Pokemon of all sorts, the Dota card game, the mystery of Fallout 76, Sony's E3 absence, the maybe forthcoming new consoles, co-op Tetris, lucrative class-action windfalls, and horse-punching.

Unfinished: Artifact 11/20/2018

2018-11-20 44:32 Unfinished

You got your DOTA in my card game! YOU got your card game in MY DOTA!

Quick Look: Steel Rats

2018-11-17 21:14 Quick Looks

Ben and Jason hit the open post-apocalyptic highways!

Reviews: Hitman 2

2018-11-16 32:01

Brad Shoemaker sits down in the studio to run through everything that makes the second Hitman tick.

Quick Look: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

2018-11-16 26:57 Quick Looks

Spyro returns to warm the hearts of the big kids, little kids, and whatever Dan is.

Reviews: Tetris Effect

2018-11-14 30:46 Features

Jeff sits down with Ben to discuss Tetris Effect for PlayStation 4.

Quick Look: Fallout 76

2018-11-14 50:23 Quick Looks

Y'all be careful now, there's super mutants up in them thar hills.

Extra Life: GBE 2018 Part 4

2018-11-14 15:39 Extra Life

Giant Bomb East finishes out Extra Life with guests, Pat Gill and Austin Walker. Join them as they create photo real wrestlers in WWE 2k19, science with Dan, and a genuinely scary game.

Extra Life: GBE 2018 Part 3

2018-11-14 44:39 Extra Life

The crew continues on with guests, Goku, Nidhogg, and scary games galore. Who doesn't love nuggs?

Extra Life: GBE 2018 Part 2

2018-11-14 37:50 Extra Life

Did your speakers break or are we playing the entirety of the Quiet Man with the quietist man, Jeff Bakalar?