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We Played a Little Bit of Redfall!

2023-03-22 21:03 Features

Bakalar and Dan played some of Redfall a couple weeks back and Jeff Grubb joined them to chat about skill trees and other assorted little goodies on the game!

Giant Bombcast 781: GASLIGHT DOGS

2023-03-21 36:04 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by Mike Minotti of GamesBeat today to chat about frustrations with Fire Emblem Engage, continued wet times in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the chillest of times in Tchia. We've also got stories like a new Persona, EA delisting and then relisting ga...

Quick Look: WWE 2K23

2023-03-20 29:18 Quick Looks

Dan, Grubb, and Jan start their own wrestling show, fight over the title, and learn about never giving up from Big Match John.

Play it Forward - 04

2023-03-20 00:38 Features

Jeff Bakalar sits passenger as we have THE Matt Rorie of Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol in the driver's seat. How will Michael Thorton evolve and grow as a person and spy this week?

Game Mess Mornings 03/20/23

2023-03-20 51:39 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Rachel Kaser of GamesBeat to chat about Phil Spencer's plans, rumblings of an F-Zero remaster, and even more!

Quick Look: Tchia

2023-03-20 46:25 Quick Looks

Dan and Grubb go for a delightful trek through the islands to jam on a Ukulele, become animals, and do some good ol' exploring.

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF 03/17/23

2023-03-17 25:41 Features


Game Mess Mornings 03/17/23

2023-03-17 59:14 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jesse Norris of XboxEra to chat about organization moves at Twitch, Starfield getting an 18+ rating in Australia, Microsoft updates, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 60

2023-03-16 20:09 Features

The Dump Truck is the perfect place to learn about proper etiquette at social events, how comedy works, and the origins of red doritos!

Dan Plays Sonic '06 Part 10

2023-03-16 34:22

Of course there's going to be time traveling in this hedgehog game...we're almost there!

Game Mess Mornings 03/16/23

2023-03-16 54:34

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan Ochoa today to dish a bunch of game news like Magic Soup starting, the FTC and Microsoft, and more delectable game news.

Party of One: Let's Beat Returnal!

2023-03-15 42:16 Features

It's Spoiler Season!

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 10

2023-03-15 02:20 Features

Put your dukes up and let's finally get some times on the board!

Game Mess Mornings 03/15/23

2023-03-15 54:32 Features

BEWARE THE IDES OF MITCH as Mike Minotti joins Jeff Grubb today to talk about Konami, Microsoft deals, and somehow NFTs again!

Giant Bombcast 780: Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol

2023-03-14 19:57 Giant Bombcast

Make sure you drop some Rs for good ol' Rordawg. We chat about the wet and scary Resident Evil 4 demo, Dead Island 2, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, PS5 Pro Rumors, and even more!

Game Mess Mornings 03/13/23

2023-03-13 52:18 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jesse Norris of XboxEra to chat about Russian Hackers and Stalker 2, Doug Bowser's thoughts on the future of the Switch, Xbox not being at E3, and more!

Play it Forward - 03

2023-03-13 15:45 Features

Jeff Grubb is in the driver seat and we've got THE Matt Rorie of Matthew Rorie's Alpha Protocol sitting shotgun today.

Unprofessional Fridays: UFP 03/10/23

2023-03-10 08:06 Features

Kick your feet up! We're gonna race around, play some tennis, and maybe check out a quaint little town this lovely Friday.


2023-03-10 58:36 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler today to chat about Suicide Squad getting delayed and more video game news!

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 09

2023-03-10 03:27 Features

Celebrate Creed Week by punching a bunch of dudes in quick succession.

Voicemail Dump Truck 59

2023-03-09 21:55 Features

Gifs vs. Jifs, proper adult activity etiquette, and even more hot topics get covered in today's dump truck!

Dan Plays Sonic '06 - Part 9

2023-03-09 18:24 Features

We've got some questions and absolutely no answers about the anatomy of a bat. Oh we're getting close to the end of the game again?


2023-03-09 55:51 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to chat about Sony and Call of Duty, a new Steam Deck revision, and more!

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 08

2023-03-08 21:20 Features

Jeff Grubb and Coach Dan Ryckert are back for another round of getting some hot hot hot times!

Dan Plays Sonic '06 - Part 8

2023-03-08 05:25 Features

Dan, Grubb, and Mike are back to take a ride with their favorite moody hedgehog to make up for lost ground and hop into a sick whip!

Quick Look: Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

2023-03-08 21:52 Quick Looks

Dan and Grubb get together to check out the new Dead Cells DLC, hang out with Alucard, and find out that the game still holds up!

Play it Forward 02

2023-03-08 51:17 Features

It is now Jan's turn to pilot Michael Thorton as Grubb steps into the passenger seat. Many things may change, but Michael Thorton's hands and his soul patch remain DANGEROUS!

Quick Look: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

2023-03-08 47:39 Quick Looks

Tam and Jan slam down banners, channel their elemental chakras, and parry their hearts out in Team Ninja's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Game Mess Mornings 03/08/23

2023-03-08 48:58 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Lucy James to discuss delays, job cuts, and even more video game news!

Giant Bombcast 779: The Greatest Jewish Wrestler

2023-03-07 18:31 Giant Bombcast

Despite the title NO WRESTLING TALK TODAY because Bakalar is driving the Bombcast with Grubb and Mike Minotti and Matt Rorie are tagging along to talk about Returnal, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Xbox and PlayStation news, and even more!

Game Mess Mornings 03/06/23

2023-03-06 50:32 Features

Jeff Grub is joined by Rachel Kaser to break down today's game news that you can use!

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF 3/3/23: EXTRA UNPROFESH

2023-03-03 10:00 Features

Mike Minotti joins Grubb, Bakalar, and Ryckert for one of the most intense games of Mario Tennis 64 ever streamed. For real.

Game Mess Mornings 03/03/23

2023-03-03 51:39 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain today to break down today and this week's game newwwwws!

Game Mess Mornings 03/02/23

2023-03-02 51:50 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by the DreamcastGuy to break down today's video game news and maybe break out Yuji Naka from behind bars?

Quick Look: Atomic Heart

2023-03-01 29:09 Quick Looks

Bakalar and Jan zap and throw goop at malicious robots, while avoiding intimate relations with a refrigerator.

Quick Look: Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

2023-03-01 34:29 Quick Looks

Grubb explains to Dan how Kirby is continuing to slowly take over his household while playing a new/old Kirby game!

Game Mess Mornings 03/01/23

2023-03-01 52:13 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to discuss Call of Duty heading to Nintendo "Platforms", AI in game development, and more video game news you can use!

Giant Bombcast 778: young elmo

2023-02-28 18:29 Giant Bombcast

Jan and Grubb are joined by the homies Michael Higham and Jesse Vitelli to talk about their time with Final Fantasy XVI, adventures through Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe, Miyamoto not wanting us to worry, and even more!

Demo Derby: Official Playstation Magazine Issue 73

2023-02-28 53:43 Features

Jeff Grubb and Dan Ryckert roll back into the derby to check out the disc for Official Playstation Magazine Issue 73. They discover they love True Crime, snowboarding, and being a GAMER!

Game Mess Mornings 02/27/23

2023-02-27 59:36 Features

Grubb is joined by Tom Caswell from GameSpot to chat about the Pokemon Presents, Metroid Prime rumblings, and more!

Play it Forward 01

2023-02-27 18:32 Features

The Giant Bomb crew are playing hot potato with the controller with Alpha Protocol! Two members for each episode, one crew member at a time will pilot the suave hotshot that is Michael Thorton and then pass it off to the passenger. From there we continue to ...

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF 02/24/23

2023-02-24 50:39 Features

Kick you feet up and chill out. We made it to Friday homies!

Game Mess Mornings 02/24/23

2023-02-24 55:44

Jeff Grubb is joined by Dave Tach today to chat about yesterday's State of Play, the DICE awards, and Mortal Kombat 12?

Dan Plays Sonic '06 - Part 7

2023-02-23 20:14 Features

We have finally returned to our journey! Blight Club continues speeding along now that Bubsy 3D is behind us.

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 07

2023-02-23 33:24 Features

It's all a shoot run and everything counts! Grubb and Dan are back on the chase!

Voicemail Dump Truck 58

2023-02-23 07:06 Features

This week we've got our dear friends Mike Minotti from GamesBeat and Snowbike Mike from Kinda Funny to chat about apples, cheerios, and all sorts of food thoughts.

We Talk Over: State of Play 02/23/23

2023-02-23 47:57 Features

Dan, Jan, and eventually Grubb got together on the virtual couch to talk over today's State of Play! Resident Evil 4, Humanity, Suicide Squad and even more!

Party of One: Community Co-op Corner: Returnal (PC)

2023-02-23 50:47

A very distractable and hyper Rorie sits down to play some hitchy Returnal!

Game Mess Mornings 02/23/23

2023-02-23 57:47 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler from VGC to chat about departures, cancellations, and of course more updates on Microsoft and Activision!

Game Mess Mornings 02/22/23

2023-02-22 48:46 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to talk about another Nintendo Direct in the near future, Bungie winning a court case, EVO updates, and more!

Giant Bombcast 777: Show Me the Law

2023-02-21 32:42 Giant Bombcast

We landed on a Triple 7 baby! This week we talk about PSVR 2, Like a Dragon: Ishin, Atomic Heart, Microsoft and Nintendo's 10 year deal, Baby Seals, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Wild Hearts

2023-02-17 26:09 Features

Grubb and Jan polish up their swords to hunt a giant flying water squirrel and a tummy tapping beaver!

Friday Night Forking Episode 4

2023-02-17 09:56 Features

I miss my mom for this? Celebrate your Friday by forking away!

Game Mess Mornings 02/17/23

2023-02-17 55:32 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss E3 definitely returning, leadership at Activision Blizzard, and more!

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 06

2023-02-17 53:09 Features

Jeff Grubb is back on the chase to set a time on the record board. With Dan Ryckert in his corner, will we finally get a proper time to submit?

Quick Look: Like a Dragon: Ishin!

2023-02-17 44:03 Quick Looks

Dan becomes a God of Udon as he shows Jan how to befriend bears, properly plant a garden, and fight dudes in the streets!

Grubbsy 3D - Part 8

2023-02-16 23:59 Features

Has it happened? Is our guy finally free from Bubsy 3D and Sonic can get one step closer to kissing a human lady?

Voicemail Dump Truck 57

2023-02-16 10:02 Features

This week the dumptruck is flooded with lots of wrestling talk as our shoot friend John Blud joins us to talk about lollipops, deer, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 02/16/23

2023-02-16 53:37 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan Ochoa to discuss PSVR 2 reviews and impressions, Crystal Dynamics is making GAMES, and a Tetris movie??

We Got a PSVR2!

2023-02-16 18:21 Features

Dan takes Grubb and Jan on a virtual journey to showcase the new PSVR2! We walk through setting it up and check out a couple of early launch titles like Tentacular, Cities VR, and Horizon Call of the Mountain. Dan also finds time to eat apples and race in a ...

Game Mess Mornings 02/15/23

2023-02-15 05:43 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Patrick Klepek today to talk about Twisted Metal rumors, Nintendo updates, and more!

Giant Bombcast 776: Mario Mommy

2023-02-14 41:37 Giant Bombcast

The best way to celebrate Valentine's is by listening to the Giant Bombcast with your significant other! We chat about Wild Hearts, the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance NSO lineups, Metroid Prime Remastered, and all of the video game news in the last week!

Quick Look: Loverwatch

2023-02-14 28:14 Quick Looks

Our own masters of love are here to make sure these Overwatch himbos find LOVE! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Quick Look: Metroid Prime Remastered

2023-02-13 23:16 Quick Looks

Jeff Grubb and Dan Ryckert take a look at the long awaited and perhaps one of the best games of all time? Get your visors on and get ready to SCAN!

Game Mess Mornings 02/13/23

2023-02-13 50:10 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Rachel Kaser to talk about January's NPD numbers, Dead Island 2 launching early, and the Super Mario brothers making an appearence during a Super Bowl commercial? Shouts out to @Rachelkaser from GamesBeat for joining us!

Friday Night Forking Episode 3

2023-02-13 12:01 Features

Even though it is technically Monday right now you can still enjoy the vibes of a Friday all the time.

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 02/10/23

2023-02-13 03:33 Features

Jeff Grubb gathered Mike Minotti and Matt Rorie to take a peak at all the Game Boy goodies that dropped after the Nintendo Direct!

Game Mess Mornings 02/10/23

2023-02-13 49:21

A late post from Friday! Jeff Grubb and Tamoor Hussain are here to bring out the chaos edition of Game Mess Mornings. Rumblings of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster and more news!

Grubbsy 3D - Part 7

2023-02-09 21:11 Features

According to the internet the fastest way to beat Bubsy 3D is to hit "Alt+F4".

Voicemail Dump Truck 56

2023-02-09 17:37 Features

This week on the Dump Truck we become anime therapists, find out about squirrel meat, and learn about the states that border Ohio.

Game Mess Mornings 02/09/23

2023-02-09 54:32 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan to recap yesterday's Nintendo Direct and a couple other tidbits of video game news!

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 05

2023-02-08 27:44 Features

Jeff Grubb finally beat Tyson, but now he's coming after Dan's times on the leader board!

We Talk Over: Nintendo Direct 02/08/23

2023-02-08 52:52 Features

What a wild Nintendo Direct! We got a Metroid, a hint of a Professor Layton, a date for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, and so much more!

Game Mess Mornings 02/08/23

2023-02-08 56:17 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy from TheGamer and startmenu to talk about more Microsoft and Activision Blizzard updates, as well as their predictions for today's Nintendo Direct.

Giant Bombcast 775: Hunter Biden Kaitos

2023-02-07 41:22 Giant Bombcast

This week we're joined by our dear friends Michael Higham and Jesse Vitelli to talk about a scary number of owls, finishing Hi-Fi Rush, our predictions for the next Nintendo Direct, jamming in Theatrhythm, and more!

Quick Look: Futureport '82

2023-02-06 40:23 Quick Looks

Jeff Grubb is joined by Disney World historian, Mike Minotti, to take a virtual tour through Epcot and all of the carpets around the parks.

Game Mess Mornings 02/06/23

2023-02-06 11:08 Features

Grubb is joined by Tom Caswell of GameSpot to talk about some Dragon Age leaks, Nintendo related lawsuits, and more!

Community Co-Op Corner: Halo Infinite

2023-02-04 12:49 Features

Let's try out that co-op mode for Halo Infinite and be really bad at multiplayer too!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fortnite 02/03/22

2023-02-03 52:36 Features

We gathered all our Green Gokus together to play Fortnite with our cool friend Abby!

Grubbsy 3D - Part 6

2023-02-03 17:53 Features

The Blight Club continues as Jeff Grubb and Dan Ryckert turn Grubbsy 3D into an impromptu film lecture.

Friday Night Forking Episode 2

2023-02-03 12:59 Features

I missed my mom for this?

Game Mess Mornings 02/03/23

2023-02-03 54:41 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain to bring the much needed chaos to your Friday morning with video game news!

Giant Bomb Presents: Power Bombcast 32: Royal Rumble 2023

2023-02-03 15:06

The boys have been thrown over the top rope and are joined by our dear friends Mike Minotti and John Blud to talk about the Royal Rumble and the road to Wrestlemania!

Voicemail Dump Truck 55

2023-02-02 01:47 Features

We're joined by our favorite Zaddy, Vinny Caravella, to talk about hot sauce, stolen foods, and smart appliances. Leave your own voicemail at (707)EXIT-FLU!

Game Mess Mornings 02/02/23

2023-02-02 58:45

Jeff Grubb is joined by jan Ochoa to chat about another Marvel game that Insomniac is working on, what was supposed to be a new Titanfall game, Sony earnings, and more! 00:00 - Intro 03:33 - The Coalition has canceled its smaller non-Gears project 06:52 - Wol...

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 04

2023-02-01 20:33 Features

We've climbed the mountain, but this is where the training REALLY starts.

Game Mess Mornings 02/01/23

2023-02-01 59:06 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Lucy James to discuss Star Wars Jedi: Survivor getting delayed, EA cancelling several games, DC's future video game plans, Redfall updates, and more!

Grubber Lang's Punch-Out!! 03

2023-02-01 00:00 Features

Can Grubb put together the pieces of Punch-Out knowledge that Dan has been spoon feeding him? Or will he be laying down on the virtual mat?

Giant Bombcast 774: Anime Soup

2023-01-31 41:41 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by our friends Mike Minotti and Michael Higham this week to celebrate a certain season, discuss Hi-Fi Rush, Like a Dragon: Isshin, 343 and Microsoft news, Star Wars delays, games closing, and even more!

Quick Look: Forspoken

2023-01-30 37:20 Quick Looks

Lucy and Tam check their calendars and deem that it is indeed NOT cuffing season in Forspoken.

Game Mess Mornings 01/30/23

2023-01-30 01:39 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by VGC's Jordan Middler to discuss Walmart news, even MORE Microsoft headlines, and a Tomb Raider Cinematic Universe?

Demo Derby: Official Playstation Magazine Issue 63

2023-01-30 59:07 Features

THE DEMO DERBY RIDES AGAIN! Dan and Grubb bust open their binders and spin up a good ol' demo.

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 01/27/23

2023-01-27 46:00 Features

The proper way to celebrate a UPF is to "race" in a Hitman game.

Quick Look: Hi-Fi Rush

2023-01-27 20:54 Quick Looks

Jeff Grubb and Tamoor Hussain fight robots to the beat and tap their feet to this stylish action game, Hi-Fi Rush.

Game Mess Mornings 01/27/23

2023-01-27 58:39 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Tamoor Hussain to discuss the new Far Cry in development, a possible Nintendo Direct, and more video game news that you can use!

Friday Night Forking Episode 1

2023-01-27 00:00 Features

Gearld. Betty. Mitch. Please.

Voicemail Dump Truck 54

2023-01-26 15:47 Features

We're joined by our dear friend Abby Russell to discuss hot topics like soups and shellfish!

Grubbsy 3D - Part 5

2023-01-26 49:39 Features

The Blight Club continues and somehow ensnared a friend to sit through the horror and magnificence of Bubsy 3D.

Game Mess Mornings 01/26/23

2023-01-26 05:49 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan Ochoa to talk about the Xbox Developer direct and MORE!

Quick Look: Dead Space

2023-01-26 26:13 Quick Looks

Dan and Jan slice, stasis, and stomp their way through USG Ishimura all over again as they check out the remake to the original Dead Space!