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Unfinished: Rune II: 07/15/2019 EX

2019-07-15 45:59 Unfinished

Ben embarks on a journey to slay beasts and learn about the original Rune!

Ranking of Fighters 0039: Flying Dragon & Deadly Arts

2019-07-15 44:03 Features

Ohana means family. But Robonohana means it's time for science!

Quick Look: The Sinking City

2019-07-14 45:43 Quick Looks

Let's solve some mysteries and fight some giant spiders with hands.

Quick Look: Sea of Solitude

2019-07-13 14:04 Quick Looks

It's a lonely, wet city out here. Nary a monstrous flying metaphor for depression in sight!

Quick Look: Dragon Quest Builders 2

2019-07-12 49:25 Quick Looks

Sit back, grab a cabbage, and let Brad and Jeff trick the villagers into doing all the toiling.

Quick Look: They Are Billions

2019-07-12 38:59 Quick Looks

Dan works hard to defend his rocks and ravines from the zombie hordes.

Quick Look: Blazing Chrome

2019-07-11 24:30 Quick Looks

It's time to suit up for a run that in no way resembles any game we've played before on this website.

Giant Bombcast 591: WOLF MERLIN WOLF

2019-07-09 28:44 Giant Bombcast

The Bombcast is back with field reports from Super Mario Maker 2, Teppen, and Apex Legends Season 2. Then we wade back into the ever-growing auto chess swamp, ask if Nintendo is falling behind the competition, and, in what must be a first, we deliberately avoi...

Quick Look: SolSeraph

2019-07-09 38:48 Quick Looks

Oh no! There's a giant tentacle sprouting up in town! Let's build a farm to take care of it!

The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Late-Nite Atari & Music & Mayhem

2019-07-07 56:49

Jeff stays up late to experiment with his streaming gear again, all while listening to some old game tunes and screwing around with some Atari 800 games like Dog Daze Deluxe, Dimension X, and Sneakers.