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Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays in the West

2023-09-29 37:58 Features

Nothing better to do on a Friday than attempt to solve mysteries out in the wild west!

Game Mess Mornings 09/29/23

2023-09-29 59:14

Grubb and Tam are here to report on DREGSDAY! We've got stories about folks causing a mini riot over a Van Gogh Pikachu, Soly erasing any mention of the Star Wars: KOTR remake, Peter Molyneux's blockchain game, and more!

Quick Look: Cocoon

2023-09-29 25:01 Quick Looks

Shawn and Jan lead their buggy boy through the incredible sights and sounds of Cocoon!

Voicemail Dump Truck Voicemail Dump Truck 86

2023-09-28 25:08 Features

Dan, Jan, Bakalar, Grubb, and Chris hang out to have deep conversations about wives, retcons, and changing the genre of Star Wars music. Call into the dump truck at (707)EXIT-FLU

Quick Look: Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC

2023-09-28 24:20 Quick Looks

Dan and Bakalar dive back into the world of Resident Evil 4 to check out Ada's side adventure. Turns out, RE4 continues to be great!

Game Mess Mornings 09/28/23

2023-09-28 00:03 Features

Grubb and Jan cover the layoffs happening at Epic, Sega cancelling Hyennas, and pour one out for big Jim Ryan stepping down at PlayStation.

Major Mitch 01

2023-09-27 50:31 Features

Major Mitch reporting for duty! See what blight is inflikted onto the world this time!


2023-09-27 44:50 Features

Grubb and Mike go head to head to be NUMBER 1 in F-ZERO!

Game Mess Mornings 09/27/23

2023-09-27 57:07 Features

Grubb and Lucy chat about Tony Hawk making his way to Steam, cuts from Activision Blizzard to the Hearthstone team, Payday 3 continued server issues, and more!

Giant Bombcast 808: Frodo's Not Rocky

2023-09-26 18:38 Features

This week we have a little party with Party Animals, Jan finishes Lies of P and spoils a bit of the ending, Grubb is circling back to Starfield on the ASUS Roger, and more! We also cover the Activision and Xbox deal slowly coming to a close, Hideki Kamiya leav...

Dan FINISHES Sonic '06

2023-09-26 01:30 Features

We all pray that Sonic can finally kiss that lady so we can be freed from that Blight.

Game Mess Mornings 09/25/23

2023-09-25 57:17 Features

Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy to chat about even MORE updates with Unity's stance on charging developers, Phil Spencer and AAA games, Hideki Kamiya leaving Platinum, and even more!

Quick Look: Cyber Punk 2077: Phantom Liberty

2023-09-25 54:14 Quick Looks

Lucy and Grubb dip back into Night City and bask in the neon glow of lights as they get into fights and reunite with old friends.

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Frarty Animals

2023-09-22 51:21 Features


Game Mess Mornings 09/22/23

2023-09-22 09:29 Features

Grubb and Tam break down a grip of Ubisoft news like The Division 3 being revealed, as well as more Unity updates and another Lord of the Rings game?

Voicemail Dump Truck 85

2023-09-21 36:14 Features

The soup discourse continues as we stuff our hands with soup and souplike substances this week on the dump truck! Call into the Dump Truck at (707)EXIT-FLU and leave a voicemail!

Game Mess Mornings 09/21/23

2023-09-21 01:56

Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe to chat about her new show on GameSpot and her impressions on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! They also cover Glen Schofiled's departure from Striking Distance and what that might mean for the studio, Suda51 and SWERY's new joint, and ...

GB at Nintendo Live 2023

2023-09-21 23:20 Events

Lucy, Tam, Jan, Mike, and Grubb ran around the very first Nintendo Live at PAX West and had so much fun! They saw some of their favorite characters, took personality tests, tried Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and more.

Dan Plays Sonic '06 | Part 14

2023-09-20 13:26 Features

Is today the day that Dan finishes this blight that has afflicted him for so long? Will Silver continue hold his dominion over this site?

Game Mess Mornings 09/20/23

2023-09-20 54:37 Features

Grubb and Lucy breakdown more of the Xbox leak details, Like a Dragon updates, Cyberpunk 2077, and more!

Giant Bombcast 807: Bird Lore

2023-09-19 28:18 Giant Bombcast

We got Tam on to chat about his time with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and his time with Lies of P. Later Bailey joins us to chat about her new show on Game Spot with Emma Fyffe (linked below!) as we chat about the Microsoft leaks, Phil Spencer's plans to acquire Nin...

Giant Bomb Presents: Power Bombcast: Did We Just Get Prestige'd?

2023-09-18 37:19 Features

Jan, Dan, Jeff, Mike, and Niki team up to talk about wrestling! We chat about CM Punk woes, Jade Cargill jumping ship, and recap the PPVs/PLEs!

Quick Look: The Crew Motorsport

2023-09-18 47:49 Quick Looks

Mike, Niki, and Turboshawn get together to hit the racetrack and wonder about the afterlife for cars.

Game Mess Mornings 09/18/23

2023-09-18 03:17 Features

Grubb has Lex Luddy on the show to chat about a couple Switch 2 rumors, Unity's continued woes, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 84

2023-09-15 40:46 Features

Bakalar, Bailey, Niki, and Jan hang out and learn about little shrimp tails, pocketable bidets, dismantle the BIG MILK industry, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 09/15/23

2023-09-15 03:54 Features

Grubb, Jan, Bailey, and eventually Mike hung out and checked out a couple games! We solve puzzles, hangout with puppets, and run a couple races!

Game Mess Mornings 09/15/23

2023-09-15 04:00 Features

Grubb and Jan recap the most recent State of Play, look at the August Circana numbers, and more on a dreg free Friday!

Quick Look: Mortal Kombat 1

2023-09-14 46:09 Quick Looks

Dan Rykkert and Jeff Grubb rip, tear, and punkh down all akkross the realms and force a "Quitality"!

We Talk Over: State of Play (09/14/23)

2023-09-14 41:08 Events

Jan, Grubb, Dan, Bakalar, Niki, and a recovering Mike sit on the virtual couch toe check out PlayStation's Baby Steps, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and more!

We Talk Over: Nintendo Direct 09/14/23

2023-09-14 58:44 Events

We've got what might be the last Nintendo Direct of the year! We've got Peach in a bunch of costumes, new (old) Paper Mario, and F-ZERO 99?

Video Game Trivia with Jacob McCourt | PAX WEST 2023

2023-09-14 05:25 Features

Shouts out to Jacob McCourt and company for letting us put up the Video Game Trivia panel from PAX West! Our own Lucy James and friend Jake Dekker compete against other industry friends in Video Game trivia!

Game Mess Mornings 09/14/23

2023-09-14 04:51 Features

Grubb and Jan breakdown today's Nintendo Direct, breaking news at Unity, Square Enix being under fire from investors, and more!

Dan Plays Sonic 06 - 13

2023-09-13 57:19 Features

Dan's starting off at 40% done! We're almost there and we're going to smooch the princess!

Game Mess Mornings 09/13/23

2023-09-13 58:29 Features

Grubb is joined by TurboShawn to chat about the upcoming Nintendo Direct, Square Enix being disappointed, and the MESS happening with Unity.

Unfinished: Assassin's Creed Mirage

2023-09-13 27:50 Unfinished

Grubb cuts off his finger as Mike watches in horror as they chat about Assassin's Creed: Mirage. Turns out we might have missed jumping into bales of hay!

Unfinished: Forza Motorsport

2023-09-13 25:29 Unfinished

Grubb has Mike sitting shotgun, as they tune up their cars and RACE!

Giant Bombcast 806: PANIC BUTTON

2023-09-12 06:05 Giant Bombcast

Almost the whole crew is here to welcome back Jeff Bakalar as he regales us with his time at Disney World. We also chat about Pseudoregalia, Assassin's Creed Mirage, Void Stranger, and more games! We also find the time to talk about Embracer updates, a possibl...

Game Mess Mornings 09/11/23

2023-09-11 00:01 Features

Grubb is joined by Cam Hawkins today to have a mini JRPG Draft, chat about Gearbox potentionally going up for sale, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridead by Daylight

2023-09-08 04:59 Features

Dan, Jan, Grubb, and Mike run wild with Nic Cage and try and escape the hells of hooks and invisible men!

Game Mess Mornings 09/08/23

2023-09-08 58:52

Welcome to DREGSDAY as Grubb and Tam break down today's top stories in games! They talk about rumors of another Nintendo property returning soon, Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity updates, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 83

2023-09-07 17:58 Features

We got Mike and Bailey joining us on the Dump Truck today as we recount our messiest moments and discuss our Coke Freestyle concoctions.

Game Mess Mornings 09/07/23

2023-09-07 09:15 Features

Grubb and Jan talk about the rumors of a "Switch 2" shown behind closed doors at Gamecom, Nintendo branching out, and even more stories!

RoboWarrior and The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

2023-09-06 48:29 Features

We have a whole bag full of...treasures? Let's see what mini blights are inflicted amongst the crew today!

Game Mess Mornings 09/06/23

2023-09-06 50:03 Features

Grubb and Lucy are back from PAX! We have a whole bunch of Nintendo related news like an upcoming Nintendo Direct and if there are plans for any Zelda DLC?

Voicemail Dump Truck 82

2023-09-05 02:41 Features

We drove the Dump Truck all the way up to Seattle! We offloaded some dumps, had some super powered invididuals stop by, and took LIVE voicemails from the live in person chat.

The PAX Panel with Jenna Stoeber

2023-09-05 01:18

Tam, Lucy, Jan, and Grubb play a game at PAX West with Jenna Stoeber! We try and fingure out famous quotes in games, questions on jobs in games, and more!

24: The Game

2023-09-05 56:17 Features

Dan and Grubb explore the "special" season of 24 that takes place in 24: The Game! How does Jack Bauer save the virtual world?

Giant Bombcast 805: French Cinema

2023-09-05 23:52 Giant Bombcast

Before we went our separate ways, we all got together in Jan's room to talk about our time at PAX West, some Starfield talk, and just having a good time!

Quick Look: Starfield

2023-08-31 03:19 Quick Looks

Grubb, Dan, and Jan take their space ducks and cruise around the galaxy! They build ships, get jobs, and cause a bit of a ruckus!

Dan Plays Sonic 06 - 12

2023-08-30 04:16 Features

Dan is ready to finally finish Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and embarks upon Silver's campaign.

Game Mess Mornings 08/30/30

2023-08-30 54:45 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy before she departs for PAX to discuss an OLED Switch, Baldur's Gate 3 updates and DLC rumblings, and chat about CINEMA!

Quick Look: Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils

2023-08-30 17:17 Quick Looks

Grubb, Mike, and Dan hop and bop around in Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils to get their boyfriend back!

Giant Bombcast 804: Gamer Cruise

2023-08-29 30:57 Giant Bombcast

It turns out we're getting into mechs! We chat about Sea of Stars, surprisingly being into Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and gushing over Armored Core VI. We also talk about the Switch outselling the Wii and more stories from GamesCom!

Quick Look: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

2023-08-29 35:19 Quick Looks

Grubb and Mike Minotti toprock, tag up some walls, and grind through the city in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Game Mess Mornings 08/28/23

2023-08-28 04:01

Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy to recount the report on the floor of GamesCom, Rockstar losing their VP of writing, Star Wars Outlaw not being tied down, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Frisaw Massacre

2023-08-25 08:13 Features

Mitch, Dan, Grubb, and Jan rev up their chain saws, find lockpicks, and bones to try and escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre! We also try and reach MAXIMUM GRANDPA.

Game Mess Mornings 082523

2023-08-25 04:18 Features

Grubb is joined by Emma Fyffe today to chat about Excitebike, Nvidia GeForce getting Game Pass, and a Days Gone Movie?

Quick Look: Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon

2023-08-24 38:56 Quick Looks

Jan and Grubb jump into a mech and lay waste to armies and look stylish while doing so.

Voicemail Dump Truck 81

2023-08-24 17:04 Features

Jerf, Jeff, Mike, and Jan are on a mission to sliv it up as much as possible on the dump truck!

We Talk Over: Opening Night Live and Future Game Show

2023-08-24 41:02 Features

We got a bunch of trailers and buzzers lined up that we missed from Opening Night Live and the Future Game Show! We grabbed some buzzers and hung out to watch them all together.

Game Mess Mornings 08/24/23

2023-08-24 06:38

Grubb is joined by Jan to chat about the layoffs at EA Bioware, Phil Spencer's massive interview at GamesCom, and more!


2023-08-23 02:00 Features

Grubb, Jerf, Dan, and Jan get together and get lost in the woods for a bit. They get lost, solve puzzles, and try to avoid spooky men hiding in the maze.

Game Mess Mornings 08/23/23

2023-08-23 07:15 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike to chat about the newly announced PlayStation Portal device and recap over everything announced yesterday at Opening Night Live!

Giant Bombcast 803: Vegan Options

2023-08-22 19:28 Giant Bombcast

We're joined again by our dear friend Bailey Meyers to chat about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, En Garde!, more adventures in Baldur's Gate 3, and more! We also chat about Microsoft's deal with UbiSoft, Charles Martinet "moving on", and other stories.

Quick Look: Immortals of Aveum

2023-08-21 23:03 Quick Looks

Dan and Bakalar move their hands around and cock their fists to crackwise and cast spells!

Game Mess Mornings 08/21/23

2023-08-21 54:41 Features

Grubb is joined by Jason Fanelli to discuss Charles Martinet stepping back from the voice of Mario, Pokemon woes, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessionals Gate 3

2023-08-18 03:44 Features

The legend of Bwock continues! Grubb and Jan have recruited Tam and Lucy to help guide them through more harrowing adventures!

Game Mess Mornings 08/18/23

2023-08-18 53:59 Features

Grubb is joined by Tam to chat about God of War rumors, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III updates, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 80

2023-08-17 50:03 Features

We got Double J, Jeff Jarrett sitting shotgun on the Dump Truck today! Jan, Dan, and Mike get to chat about unique ways to wake up, impressions, BBQ tips, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 08/17/23

2023-08-17 55:21 Features

Grubb and Jan are ready to dive into Starfield! We also chat about Alan Wake 2, NHL games, and more!

A Whole Bunch of "Bad" PS1 Games

2023-08-16 48:41 Features

Grubb, Jan, Dan, and Mitch dust off the PS1 and load up some questionable quality licensed games!

Game Mess Mornings 08/16/23

2023-08-16 55:51

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to chat about Opening Night Live plans, Xbox's Strike system for jerks, and more!

Tam and Lucy at San Diego Comic-Con (2023)

2023-08-15 20:42 Events

Tam and Lucy popped over to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time and toured the floor, checked out a neat boardgame, hosted panels, and more!

Giant Bombcast 802: ILOVETRAINS

2023-08-15 16:51

We're joined by Bailey Meyers this week to chat about Grubb's continued adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, Keith David replacing the late great Lance Reddick, Pikmin 4, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 08/14/23

2023-08-14 02:24 Features

Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy to discuss a rumored PS5 slim, Forza splitscreen woes, and more!

Quick Look: 30XX

2023-08-14 23:53 Quick Looks

Minotti Man and Grubb Man party up and check out if Mega Man was a rogue-lite!

Quick Look: Quake II

2023-08-13 22:47 Quick Looks

Mike and Grubb go back to 1997 as they blast through Quake II all over again.

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Moving Day

2023-08-11 57:31 Features

We check out Moving Out 2 as the four of us break windows, throw couches, and befriend rats!

Quick Look: Disney Illusion Island

2023-08-11 25:06 Quick Looks

Grubb and Mike bounce around the world as the most powerful and disgruntled wizard in all of Final Fantasy!

Game Mess Mornings 08/11/23

2023-08-11 53:45 Features

Grubb is joined by Jesse Norris to break down today's top stories: GTA Role Playing servers, Keith David in Destiny 2, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 79

2023-08-10 17:28 Features

Our dear friend Bailey Meyers pops onto the truck to chat about stacking pizza cheese to cheese style, the Home Alone movies, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 08/10/23

2023-08-10 02:13 Features

Grubb has Jan back for another round of news! We've got sales numbers with Sony, continued Epic vs. Apple updates, Roblox stocks, and more!

BatGrubb 05

2023-08-09 06:21 Features

The Dark Blight Returns and maybe for the last time? Watch as BatGrubb, Dan, and Mike attempt to put this game in the dirt. Oh, and who the heck is Ubu?

Mortal Kombat: ArmaGrubben

2023-08-09 36:42 Features

Let's figure out what's happening in the Mortal Kombat!

Food Tour of America

2023-08-09 42:57 Features

The foodventures of Daddy Dan Ryckert continues as Grubb, Mike, and Dan make friends, enemies, and eat food!

Game Mess Mornings 08/09/23

2023-08-09 00:25 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan today to chat about a whole slew of Take-Two news, Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3, TMNT costume prices, and more!

Giant Bombcast 801: Waluigi Coded

2023-08-08 11:03 Giant Bombcast

WE LOVE BEARS! We also love to talk about Pikmin 4, Disney Illusion Island, Tren and the state of Dreams, Pokemon news, Square Enix not being pleased, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 08/07/23

2023-08-07 57:47 Features

Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy to discuss Red Dead Redpetion's rerelease, EVO news, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Friday's Gate 3

2023-08-04 06:20 Features

Grubb, Dan, and Jan embark on a heroic journey of dice rolls and accidental mayhem.

Game Mess Mornings 08/04/23

2023-08-04 55:28 Features

Tam joins Grubb for another DREGGSDAY! A Pokemon Presents is coming next week, Baldur's Gate 3 is selling really well, and more!

Quick Look: Baldur's Gate 3

2023-08-03 40:16 Quick Looks

Tam and Lucy roll the dice as they adventure through the long awaited Baldur's Gate 3! Watch as they grab meat swords, deal with wild animals, and maybe walk in on some unexpected...relations.

Voicemail Dump Truck 78

2023-08-03 24:47 Features

Only the Dump Truck can properly rank a couple of random states with our expert friend Alex Boniello!

Game Mess Mornings 08/03/23

2023-08-03 58:44 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss the Nintendo Switch doing BIG numbers!

BatGrubb 04

2023-08-02 47:11 Features

I hope that BatGrubb has an ice day!

Game Mess Mornings 08/02/23

2023-08-02 02:30 Features

Grubb and Lucy are back for Game Mess Mornings! They chat about NPD/Circana numbers, College Footballers, a Last of Us Rip Off, and more!

Giant Bombcast 800: Love Tunnel

2023-08-01 26:15 Giant Bombcast

Welcome to episode 800 of the Giant Bombcast! We've got a fullhouse today as we got the whole crew to chat about Pikmin 4, Sims 4 expansions, rumblings of a new Switch on the way, Elder Scrolls 4 getting a possible remake, and your emails!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 07/28/23

2023-07-28 36:27 Features

Finally we can decide what is the best.

Voicemail Dump Truck 77

2023-07-27 23:47 Features

The Voicemail Dump Truck has and does contain way more sodium than an individual should consume in a day.

BatGrubb 03

2023-07-26 24:51 Features

Will the world's best detective be able to navigate out of this labyrinth? Or will laughing henchmen falling from the ceiling be enough to take him down?

Game Mess Mornings 07/26/23

2023-07-26 59:01 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to chat about Xbox having a profitable Q4, Armored Core 6 previews popping up, and SHREK IS BACK!