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The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Skitchin', Double Dragon II (PCE), More

2017-10-16 06:32 Features

They pumped a bunch of lightly animated cutscenes into this version of Double Dragon II and it's weird/great!

Quick Look: Hob

2017-10-16 33:38 Quick Looks

Sure, you've solved puzzles and cut grass with a sword, but what about doing those things with a giant golem arm?

Quick Look: Gundam Versus

2017-10-15 46:38 Quick Looks

I don't care what the robot's called as long as it's got rockets and a laser sword.

Best of Giant Bomb 134 - JARETH

2017-10-14 12:42 Best of Giant Bomb

While we learn more dark secrets about Mario’s past, Mario Sunshine’s fun little surprises are starting to leak into the real world.

Quick Look: The Evil Within 2

2017-10-13 43:50 Quick Looks

Nothing says family bonding like marrowing around in your daughter's brain while shooting zombies.

Quick Look: NBA Live 18

2017-10-12 46:22 Quick Looks

Alex returns to the court and while it might not be the better basketball simulator it's definitely the better Alex simulator.

Giant Bombcast 502: Bad Wood

2017-10-10 45:49 Giant Bombcast

We’ve come through the smoke and flame to talk about Shadow of War (and its loot boxes), the truth about Mugman, Street Fighter V’s Arcade Edition, many much Gundam Versus, shower spiders, Erik Estrada, and disturbing genetic facts.

Six Crazy Frights - Ep 003

2017-10-10 55:40

Abby and Vinny discover interesting new methods when it comes to making new friends.

Quick Look: Middle-earth: Shadow of War

2017-10-09 07:12 Quick Looks

We're off to Mordor again to show you how to win orcs and influence goblins.

Quick Look: Divinity: Original Sin II

2017-10-07 39:24 Quick Looks

If sexing up undead skeletons is a sin, I don't wanna be right.