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Quick Look: Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo Switch)

2019-05-21 18:33 Quick Looks

Now you can take Leon S. Kennedy to your rooftop parties!

Quick Look: Crystal Crisis

2019-05-20 28:55 Quick Looks

It's puzzling why all theses different characters are fighting each other!

Ranking of Fighters 0037: Guilty Gear & Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft

2019-05-20 04:02 Features

Science can lead to amazing breakthroughs. We kicked it into high gear in the name of SCIENCE!

Quick Look: A Plague Tale: Innocence

2019-05-19 30:51 Quick Looks

Get ready for the rats, I mean ALL the rats. Why did it have to be rats? I don't know yet but maybe we'll get some answers.

Best of Giant Bomb: 168 - Die Another Friday

2019-05-18 14:36 Best of Giant Bomb

No Dan, I expect you introduce the feature the right way.

Quick Look: Shakedown: Hawaii

2019-05-17 19:44 Quick Looks

We want to get into that crowded line, but first there's gonna be a shakedown, breakdown, and takedown.

Ben's Lens: Let's Amazon Go Get Lunch

2019-05-16 14:11 Features


Quick Look: Snakey Bus

2019-05-16 09:19 Quick Looks

The best buses in Paris are 1,000 feet long.

Mario Makes Giant Bomb (Watch His Stream)

2019-05-15 43:24 Features

Our resident Mario Council convenes to consider the latest additions to the Mario Construction Kit.

PokéMonday Night Combat - 05/14/2019

2019-05-14 46:29 Features