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Mailbag: Custom Job

2018-07-13 10:24 Features

We've been sent raw meat in the mail and this is still somehow more disgusting.

All Systems Goku Special Edition: Live from Crunchyroll HQ at Anime Expo 18

2018-07-13 50:07 Features

The minds behind All Systems Goku invade Crunchyroll HQ during Anime Expo 18 to lay down the law about a bunch of user-submitted anime clips.

Quick Look: Danger Zone 2

2018-07-12 27:36 Quick Looks

I have heard that it is a pretty dangerous area past that highway!

Quick Look: Octopath Traveler

2018-07-12 38:07 Quick Looks

Dogs, Salamanders, and Sand-Men, oh my!

Garfield with Gerstmann 07

2018-07-11 29:33 Features

Will we ever wake up from this nightmare?

Quick Look: Defiance 2050

2018-07-11 53:12 Quick Looks

Holy Shtako! Jeff and Ben take us to the year 2050 to see how much has changed in the Defiance Universe.

Ben's Lens: Gravy Train

2018-07-11 11:45 Features

Gravy haters don't read this. Loco Moco... hello.

Giant Bombcast 540: Sailor Bruno Mars

2018-07-10 41:52 Giant Bombcast

This week Jeff returns from Anime Expo with a travelogue you won't want to miss, plus Pocket Rumble, Jan's NJPW experience, the ArenaNet controversy, BioWare romance options, and one very questionable hoodie.

Quick Look: PixelJunk Monsters 2

2018-07-08 24:46 Quick Looks

We'll defend these towers with the power of DANCE!

Quick Look: Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-Stered

2018-07-07 28:20 Quick Looks

If I've learned anything from wrestling it's that a sledgehammer is an effective weapon. Might as well use it to start a revolution!