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Quick Look: Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

2017-11-10 28:48 Quick Looks

Dan returns to the land of big robotic game and finds it a lot snowier than when he left it.

Quick Look: Sonic Forces

2017-11-09 26:37 Quick Looks

In the Year of Sonic, sometimes style over substance is a good thing.

Quick Look: Need for Speed Payback

2017-11-08 46:26 Quick Looks

Jeff and Brad are gonna need a lot more than just speed before they can say they're crushing it.

Xbox One X Vapor Stream

2017-11-08 49:33 Features

We check out some of the newly enhanced games and drop 100 Xboxes from the sky to see which is the most powerful.

Giant Bomb's Fond Farewell to the Miiverse

2017-11-07 55:43 Features

Nintendo is shutting down the Miiverse tonight, so we're taking some time to appreciate the *best* that the service has to offer.

Giant Bombcast 506:

2017-11-07 47:04 Giant Bombcast

This week it takes us two hours to talk through all the big new releases flying to and fro, and that's before we even get to Blizzcon news, industry downsizing, trophies 4 cash, the perfect Street Fighter, and historic Monopoly scams.

Quick Look: Hidden Agenda

2017-11-07 37:34 Quick Looks

GBE must finally work together as a team to solve crimes and be a cop.

Best of Giant Bomb 135 - Hole Talk

2017-11-04 12:14 Best of Giant Bomb

Things just seem to spin out of control whenever Yoshi anatomy is brought up.

Quick Look: Oure

2017-11-03 36:54 Quick Looks

As Brad and Jeff learn, sometimes it takes a village to raise a dragon-dog-child.

Quick Look: Call of Duty: WWII

2017-11-02 14:02 Quick Looks

My grandfather didn't fight on the beaches of Normandy for me to open a loot box full of commons.