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Quick Look: Treasure Stack

2019-03-09 24:07 Quick Looks

We see how this new puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch stacks against the rest!

Best of Giant Bomb: 163 - Mind The Gap

2019-03-09 11:37 Best of Giant Bomb

You don’t want to know why my seat is so warm.

Unfinished: Half Dead 2

2019-03-08 48:27 Unfinished

Four complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless maze containing deadly traps and maybe a chicken dinner.

Quick Look: The Sims 4 StrangerVille

2019-03-08 21:39 Quick Looks

If Fox won't reboot the X-Files, I will! Enjoy this perfect reboot of everyone's favorite franchise with everyone's favorite alien hunting duo!

Quick Look: The Lego Movie 2 Videogame

2019-03-07 24:29 Quick Looks

The Lego Movie is awesome and the first game was pretty good, too! The Lego Movie 2 is fine and the game is also fine, not bad just exactly what you would expect but, yeah, I guess everything is awesome.

Quick Look: Devil May Cry 5

2019-03-07 48:50 Quick Looks

No time to cry as we get busy getting our smokin' sexy style on with Devil May Cry 5!

Mailbag: Our Own Personal Shopper

2019-03-06 17:18 Features

Get ready to crack open a cold one with this very generous mailbag.

Quick Look: Here's 20 Minutes of Devil May Cry 5

2019-03-06 26:03 Quick Looks

We hop in our van and take a quick ride through Devil May Cry 5.

Giant Bombcast 573: Resting Grimace Face

2019-03-05 40:54 Giant Bombcast

This week: there's a new pair of Pokemon games, ToeJam and Earl return (again), Evo 2019 drops some surprises, a disc-less Xbox might be out soon, and Sonic gets real in Chili Dog City.

Quick Look: Stellaris - Console Edition

2019-03-05 51:39 Quick Looks

I was a big fan of War 1, but not so pleased with the character development of the Kalaxwnan in the sequel. Hopefully they will make things right as they finish up the trilogy.