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Giant Bombcast 583: "Under the Top!"

2019-05-14 40:25

This week we dive into Rage 2's vaguely pink wasteland, Mordhau's medieval kombat, loot box legislation, Tetris downloads, the new Ghost Recon, the old Final Fantasy, that jerk Bulbasaur, and what makes a hoodie a hoodie.

Mass Alex: Mass Effect 2 - Part 16

2019-05-14 52:49 Premium

Commander Navarro finds himself dealing with swings ranging from the consequences of headbutting a Krogran to the fallout from a planet-wide sterility campaign.

Quick Look: Rage 2

2019-05-13 54:47 Quick Looks

We find out that the power of focusing our rage can do anything! Grab resources, heal you, or even fix a car!

Quick Look: Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package [Switch]

2019-05-11 31:37 Quick Looks

Join Dan, Alex, and Abby as they explore the controlled chaos of Saints Row on the Switch. Pants are not allowed.

Quick Look: Astrologaster

2019-05-10 19:59 Quick Looks

Look to the stars to see your fate! Are you pregnant? Eat a bad fruit? Or maybe are having an affair with me but I misinterpret what you're saying and accidentally break up with you? The stars know the truth!

We Talk Over: State of Play May 9th

2019-05-09 23:01 Features

Do you think that flying squirrel eats materia?

Old Games Show: May the 9th Be With You

2019-05-09 50:07 Features

It may not be "A New Hope" but a bunch of old games!

Quick Look: Mordhau

2019-05-09 35:38 Quick Looks

We head back to medieval times to swing some axes, throw rocks, and play a couple songs!

Unfinished: Anew: The Distant Light (05/08/2019)

2019-05-09 28:01 Unfinished

Ben and Jason bring us that newnew with a new planet!

Mailbag: KANE Cups

2019-05-08 01:20 Unfinished

If you like mail, GIMME A HELL YEAH!