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Voicemail Dump Truck 102

2024-02-08 10:23 Features

We get to hear all about Dan's mystery trip, have an existential crisis about choice and time, and also eat an obscene amount of shrimp with a stranger.

Catch Me if You Dan

2024-02-08 28:01 Features

The shoot story of a real worker. Dan Ryckert had some points to burn and we sent him to a location he knows NOTHING ABOUT! Will it be a small town, a big city, or a dirt lot? Watch as Dan discovers all that [REDACTED] has to offer!

Game Mess Mornings 02/08/24

2024-02-08 04:46 Features

Grubb and Jan talk the giant Disney and Epic Games deal that just got made, the FTC getting upset with Microsoft, and even more!


2024-02-08 50:49 Features

Mike Miquanchi gets a letter from a certain someone that hopefully propels him out of this pit he's stuck in!

Giant Bomb Presents: Power Bombcast: 9th Inning?!

2024-02-07 07:54 Features

It feels like a whole different world since the last time we talked proper about wrestling on the website!

Game Mess Mornings 02/07/24

2024-02-07 57:49 Features

Grubb and Lucy chat about what might be next for the Xbox as far as hardware is concerned, Capcom surveying gamers, Nintendo and Palworld dealings, and even more!

Giant Bombcast 826: Whimsical Skips

2024-02-06 34:08 Giant Bombcast

Let's all give Grubb a warm welcome back to the pod as he graces us with swift skips in the morning. We're also graciously joined by KindaFunny's SnowBikeMike as we dive deep into a whole bunch of Xbox and other Microsoft news! We chat about playtime in games,...

Tail of the Sun (FINAL)

2024-02-05 17:10 Features

Grubb and Dan are finally at the end of the Tail of the Sun and are ready to present their longform review for the hottest and most confusing PlayStation 1 game!

Game Mess Mornings 02/05/24

2024-02-05 59:29 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti today to chat about Microsoft potentially launching Starfield and possibly more on the PlayStatoion 5! They also chat about a Donkey Kong Hub popping up on Nintendo Switch Online, Suicide Squad being up and down in the worl...

Giant Bombcast 825: REVENGEANCE

2024-02-02 15:20 Features

It's all Persona 3 Reload today as we had a deep chat and a mini "review" of P3R with Jan, TurboShawn, Mike Minotti, and our dear friend Michael Higham! We also chat a bit about Test Test Test, Penny's Big Breakaway, and Tekken 8 before we dive DEEP into Tarta...

Unprofessional Fridays: Dandoko Dare

2024-02-02 37:54 Features

Dan throws Grubb and Jan onto an island full of physical challenges, chores, and more! Will they have to find a flag inside a giant nose? Watch as they are tasked with 30 challenges across Hawaii and beyond!

Voicemail Dump Truck 101

2024-02-01 16:48 Features

We're figuring out a WHOLE LOT of things to do and futures to start in one episode alone! New fathers, new locations, and new tattoos!


2024-01-31 03:18 Features

We will TRIUMPH over the wind today! Mike Miquanchi will conquer the elements!

We Talk Over: State of Play 01/31/24

2024-01-31 01:12 Features

Holy smokes what even is Death Stranding 2? WHO AND WHAT is that puppet? We also got a good look at Rise of Ronin, Stellar Blade, and a whole slew of other games headed to the PS5.

Giant Bombcast 825: FOOTLONG FRIDAYS

2024-01-30 33:37 Features

Bailey Meyers is back on the show as we chat about a whole slew of games! We continue talking about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Tekken 8, Jan's brief time in Persona 3 Reload, and a whole bunch of small titles that Bailey checked out over the break! We als...

Giant Bombcast 824: REVENGEANCE

2024-01-26 00:09 Features

We got Imran Khan, Lex Luddy, and Jesse Viteli in the building to talk about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and our favorite numbskull: Ichiban Kasuga!

Unprofessional Fridays: Tekken 8 Scrub League

2024-01-26 19:30 Features

Grubb, Dan, Jan, Mike, and TurboShawn pop into a lobby and try to throw each other into a volcano in Tekken 8!

Game Mess Mornings 01/26/24

2024-01-26 56:41 Features

Grubb and Tam detail Blizzard's now scrapped survival game, Microsoft pulling back from physical game releases, a ROG Ally successor coming out later this year, and some Switch 2 details!

Voicemail Dump Truck 100

2024-01-25 04:07

We broke Ben Pack out of podcast jail to help celebrate 100 dumps! We listen to your calls about search results, eating in dreams, and questionable renditions of songs! Big thanks to YOU at home for listening and keeping the wheels on the dump truck spinning. ...

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

2024-01-25 35:23 Features

Grubb and Jan hit up Hawaii to hand out with their dear friend Ichiban. We check out the job system, the farming and island sim on Dondoko island, sing some karaoke, and of course get into street fights with the vagrants of Hawaii!

Game Mess Mornings 01/25/24

2024-01-25 57:38 Features

Grubb and Jan are here to break down the deluge of unfortunate news in the games industry.


2024-01-24 44:15 Features

The cold may not bother him, but the wind really REALLY does.

Tails of the Sun (Part 3)

2024-01-24 19:43 Features

Grubb and Dan continue their quest to get to the sun by killing mammoths and cheese pigs!

Game Mess Mornings 01/24/24

2024-01-24 07:45 Features

Lucy James makes her return to Game Mess Mornings to chat with Grubb about about Infinite Wealth and Tekken 8 reviews, Nintendo filing takedown requests against Palworld mods, and more!

Friday Night Forking S03E04

2024-01-23 21:51 Features

The SNOWDRIFT (*echoes* drift, drift, drift...) Saga concludes with a visit from Dan!

Friday Night Forking S03E03

2024-01-23 06:39 Features

Bakalar kept his skates on for this, right? ...Right?

Friday Night Forking S03E02

2024-01-23 00:34 Features

WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOX??? (It's Grubb.)

Friday Night Forking S03E01

2024-01-23 51:50 Features

Jan joins The Windbag in THE SNOWDRIFT (*echoing* drift, drift, drift...)

Giant Bombcast 824: Year of the Segue

2024-01-23 33:12 Giant Bombcast

We got our friend John Warren on the show today to chat about Glydr! Help control games with your feet! We also got a loaded plate of games while we chat about playing and all the things surrounding Palworld, the audacity and greatness of Tekken 8, and loving ...

Tails of the Sun (Part 2)

2024-01-22 43:21 Features

We now know why the wooly mammoth actually went extinct. Watch as Grubb and Dan continue their quest through one of the oddest PS1 titles, Tails of the Sun! When are we all getting sick tribals tats?

Best of Giant Bomb: 225: They're Flakey!

2024-01-22 25:29 Features

Let's take a fun stroll down memory lane where Mike became a robot and brought his feet out unprompted!

Game Mess Mornings 01/22/24

2024-01-22 59:08 Features

Grubb and Lex Luddy break down Palworlds chaotic success and if it might warrant some legal attention from Nintendo, Walmart is starting to throw away video games, Halo Infinite is done with seasons, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: UnPALfessional Fridays

2024-01-19 51:23 Features

We love palling around with our best pals while punching rocks and catching our new little pals! Let's get to the guns!

Giant Bombcast 823: REVENGEANCE

2024-01-19 25:52 Features

Turns out we also like things that aren't games! We bring you some of our favorite nongame stuff that we found or liked in 2023!

Game Mess Mornings 01/19/24

2024-01-19 08:32 Features

Grubb and Tam recap all the games that dropped from Xbox Developer Direct, Square Enix wants to make fewer games, Palworld might be unstoppable, and more!

Tails of the Sun

2024-01-18 10:46 Features

Dan and Grubb embark on an adventure filled with discovery, family, cheese pigs, pizza birds, and more in the obscure Tails of the Sun

We Talk Over: Xbox Developer Direct

2024-01-18 54:45 Events

THAT'S A COOL WHIP! Jan, Dan, Grubb, Niki, Bakalar, and Mike are here to be pleasantly surprised by Xbox's roundup of video games!

Voicemail Dump Truck 99

2024-01-18 16:42 Features

The Voicemail Dump Truck is loaded with calls about robots, being on the new wave, and of course butts!

Game Mess Mornings 01/18/24

2024-01-18 02:32 Features

Grubb and Jan are here with a steaming pile of news! We go over the Circana reports and try to extrapolate what that means for the future of the industry, we also chat about the new studio from ex-Rocksteady peeps, a NEW Plants vs. Zombies game, and even more!


2024-01-17 24:28 Features

The cold never bothered him anyway...

Game Mess Mornings 01/17/24

2024-01-17 03:47 Features

Grubb is joined by Scott McCrae to chat about the reviews coming out of The Last Of Us Part II Remastered, Scott's impressions on Persona 3 Reload, Billy Mitchel's record being reinstated, and more!

Giant Bombcast 823: Cumulative File

2024-01-16 07:45 Giant Bombcast

This week we continue our positive chatter about Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, we somehow are coerced to talk about wrestling for a portion of time, Jan gets into a new game called "Poker", and Shawn prepares for Tekken 8's eventual release and revisits so...

Giant Bombcast 822: REVENGEANCE

2024-01-12 47:19 Features

We got the whole gang here to review Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown AND to draft their picks in Giant Bomb's first ever Fantasy Critic league!

Unprofessional Fridays: DUMB VR GRAB BAG

2024-01-12 43:31 Features

Niki, Grubb, Dan, and Jan all strap in and enter VIRTUAL REALITY! We check out some terrifying claymation, some table tennis, and some of the actual coolest VR stuff in Nock!

Game Mess Mornings 01/12/24

2024-01-12 59:27 Features

Grubb is joined by Tam for a lovely Dregsday as they chat about Prince of Persia reviews, a bunch of old games rereleasing, and an AI GameShark successor making wild claims!

Voicemail Dump Truck 98

2024-01-11 29:37 Features

We have our dear friend Alex Boniello joining us on the dump truck this week to chat about preserving memories, celebrating the anniversary of Baja Blast, and so much more!

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

2024-01-11 29:01 Features

We got a full house as we check out Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown! We chat about the combat, the traversal, a bit about the story, and where it fits in with other MetroidVania style games!

Game Mess Mornings 01/11/24

2024-01-11 05:46

Grubb and Jan sit down to chat about a new DualSense controller popping up online, the title of Bethesda's Indiana Jones game getting leaked, developers needing to disclose AI use on Steam, some quick impressions of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and more!

Ride to Grubb: Jefftribution | FINALE

2024-01-10 07:17 Features

Not even a broken disc drive could stop Grubb from riding through HELL to finish off this Blight! Watch as he painstakingly conducts surgery over some saves and finishes his adventure.

Pacific Drive

2024-01-10 16:56 Features

Grubb and Jan go for a drive through the Pacific North West to scrap some cars, build a hammer, and drive straight into a giant beam!

Game Mess Mornings 01/10/24

2024-01-10 54:16 Features

Grubb and Mike Minotti are here to chat about today's gaming headlines! They chat about Indiana Jones launching this year, Suicide Squad previews looking "meh", and more!

Giant Bombcast 822: Derelict Mall

2024-01-09 19:37 Giant Bombcast

We have our dear friend friend John "Super Eye Patch Wolf" to chat about In Stars and Time, his experience with Lies of P, a bit of Void Strangers, Jan's forray into exposure therapy with Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway, Asgard's Wrath II, Cobalt Core, a...

Game Mess Mornings 01/08/24

2024-01-08 01:43 Features

Grubb and Lex Luddy start the week by chatting about Hi-Fi Rush possibly heading over to the Nintendo Switch, high expectations for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, an upcoming Xbox Direct, and even more!

Giant Bombcast 821: REVENGEANCE

2024-01-05 17:22 Giant Bombcast

We had a bit of a light gaming week on account of being busy, but Jeff, Jeff, Shawn, and Niki are still here to give you a nice, long (and sometimes heated) conversation about what we predict PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo will do in 2024!

Unprofessional Fridays: Microphone Games

2024-01-05 36:18 Features

Dan's fingey hurts, so we try (TRY) to play games with our voices!

Game Mess Mornings 01/05/24

2024-01-05 01:53 Features

Grubb is joined by Jason Fanelli to talk about Konami's releases for the year, Steam's top games of 2023, and new PC gaming hardware!

Voicemail Dump Truck 97

2024-01-04 19:09 Features

On a very special first Dump of 2024, Dan Ryckert learns who in his life is Italian.

Tetris 99

2024-01-04 49:59 Features

We suck at Tetris, so we mostly talk about Avril Lavigne instead.

Game Mess Mornings 01/04/24

2024-01-04 03:39 Features

Grubb and guest Scott McCrae chat about Scott's preview of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, a 13-year-old "beating" Tetris, and more!

Ride to Grubb: Jefftribution | Part 7

2024-01-03 24:52 Features

Grubb's canonical next step through Jake Conway's adventure!

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

2024-01-03 23:39 Features

Let's experience pure bliss and connect our hair tails to each other! LET'S GO EYWA!

Game Mess Mornings 01/03/24

2024-01-03 57:01 Features

Grubb is joined FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER by Jeff Bakalar to talk about Star Wars Outlaws' release window, Square Enix moving from NFT weirdness to AI weirdness, and Shigeru Miyamoto starting to think about retirement.

Giant Bombcast 821: YOU CAN'T KICK ME

2024-01-02 57:46 Giant Bombcast

Jan's out sick for this one, so Bakalar's taking over as co-captain of the ship! We're starting the new year right by talking about how soda sucks, Gremlins 2 (apparently) rules, and as it turns out: We like playing video games. Following that, we chat about h...

Everything Else

2023-12-31 22:52 Features

A lot of this footage has been burning a hole in a hard drive, so why not put it all out in one video? There's some extra bits from Pax West, Dream Hack, Summer Game Fest, and more!

Game Tapes Midway Rocks the House & Nintendo Power Starfox 64 Promo Video (1997)

2023-12-27 38:37 Features

The only real way to celebrate the end of the year and the Holiday season is to load up some good ol' VHS tapes! We watch some old Midway bangers and whatever it is that Nintendo put together to promote Starfox 64!

Giant Bombcast 820: Jogger Strats

2023-12-26 10:10 Giant Bombcast

We at GBHQ are hoping you're having a wonderful Holiday break! We got together to put one more Bombcast in the chamber before the new year! Jeff, Jeff, and Jan chat about the 2024 games that they're most excited about!

Voicemail Dump Truck 96

2023-12-21 14:18 Features

The Voicemail Dump Truck is backing up on the last dump of the year! We learn about Mike's extensive yodeling abilities and barely pick up the phone to answer your calls! Yabadadooooooo!

Ride to Grubb: Jefftribution | Part 6

2023-12-20 36:03 Features

Grubb revs up his engines to try and have one last ride to end this year and end this blight!

Lethal Company

2023-12-20 31:51

Let's get the whole gang on a little ship and collect some trash for a tentacle monster! We try out a modded version of Lethal Company and we become the most efficient company that totally survives each day and spends their money wisely.

Game Mess Mornings 12/20/23

2023-12-20 55:19 Features

Grubb and Lucy finish the year with another round up of video game news! We cover a 2025 Black Ops 2 sequel, some updates to the Insomiac leaks, and even more!

Giant Bombcast 819: Dirty JPEGs

2023-12-19 07:33 Giant Bombcast

Welcome to the last live Bombcast of the year! We have a great time zipping around in The Finals, reset our futures in God of War: Valhalla, and flip dwellings in House Flipper 2! We also have an extended chat about the unfortunate Insomniac leaks, the discove...

Game Mess Mornings 12/18/23

2023-12-18 59:09 Features

Grubb has Scott McCrae on today's show to chat about Activision settling their discrimination lawsuit, a possible DLC chapter for Elden Ring, and maybe a Luigi appearence in the original Super Mario 64!

2023: BONUS Day

2023-12-15 41:19 Features

We couldn't end Game of the Year season without deliberating on Best Game Music of the year! Listen along as we rediscover banger after banger and try our hardest to crown today's winner. Special thanks to YOU at home for hanging out this whole Game of the Yea...

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Company

2023-12-15 55:14 Features

Absolutely nothing can go wrong when you throw 4 rascals into space without any instructions and a clibbard.

Game Mess Mornings 12/15/23

2023-12-15 52:03 Features

Grubb and Tam are here to chat about all the video game news. News like The Last of Us Multiplayer game getting canceled, more layoffs at Embracer, TGAs setting records, and more DREGS!

Voicemail Dump Truck 95

2023-12-14 23:39 Features

The Dump Truck has roused from its brief slumber to chat about health problems, favorite parts of the foot, and more! Call into the Dump Truck at (707)EXIT-FLU!

The Finals

2023-12-14 33:15 Features

Jeff, Jeff, and Jan are ready to cash in all their money with The Finals! Let's steak bank vaults, blow up buildings, shoot off grappling hooks, swing hammers and LET'S BURST INTO COINS!

Game Mess Mornings 12/14/23

2023-12-14 01:43 Features

Grubb and Jan are here to chat about the Insomniac leak and what it might mean for Spider-Man games moving forwards, Fall Out 4's current gen port being pushed off to 2024, and more stories!

Ride to Grubb: Jefftribution | Part 5

2023-12-13 14:06 Features

Grubb has to be close to the end now with Ride to Hell right? HE HAS TO BE CLOSE TO THE END. RIGHT?

2023: FINALE

2023-12-13 30:47 Features

WE HAVE ASSEMBLED IN PERSON to discuss some more categories like "Please Stop", "Most Disappointing", "Best Moment/Sequence", and to crown the real GAME OF THE YEAR!

Game Mess Mornings 12/13/23

2023-12-13 55:29 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy today to chat over November's Circana numbers, GTA 6's PC Port not coming at launch, Indiana Jones' exclusivity, and Valve urging users to STOP smelling their Steam Deck vents.

Giant Bombcast 818: Please Wrap it Up

2023-12-12 47:40 Giant Bombcast

We're back after a long week in Los Angeles! We recap our time during The Game Awards and then GB Live, as well as our misecellaneous shenanigans around Los Angles, and also we squeeze in talking about video games! We also bit adieu to E3 as it is officially a...

Game Mess Mornings 12/11/23

2023-12-11 57:41 Features

Grubb's back after a long week in LA and is joined again by Rachel Kaser! They chat about Fortnite shooting back up the charts thanks to LEGO, Final Fantasy XVI and Tears of the Kingdom not getting sequels, and SEGA getting edgy with it's games.

Giant Bomb at Nite (12/06/23)

2023-12-08 32:58 Events

We brought the couch back to Los Angeles to chat with all of our friends in and around the industry before The Game Awards pops off! *edited out the breaks and tried to clean up the audio! 00:00 - Segment 1 - Couch: Jake Baldino, Lucy James, Emma Fyffe | B...

2023: Day 3

2023-12-07 44:15 Features

We're all together IN PERSON for DAY 3 of the Game of the Year! Today we begin the whittling process to get to the TOP 20 Games of the Year to start the voting process. Do the knives come out? What harsh cuts need to be made? What games will make it to the Sil...

2023: Day 2

2023-12-04 37:40 Features

SCREW IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE! Join us as we continue down the journey of Game of the Year 2023. The whole crew is mostly here to chat about seven more categories: - BEST PIKMIN - Bloodborne Presents OLD GAME OF THE YEAR - Psi-Ops Presents BEST DUDE-TOSSING - B...

2023: Day 1

2023-12-01 07:05 Features

THE FIFTH SEASON OF THE YEAR IS UPON US, GAME OF THE YEAR SEASON! We got the whole gang here to chat about 7 CATEGORIES to kick off Day 1 of deliberations. Those categories are: - Cheesecake Factory’s Ben Starr Presents BEST DEBUT (characters, studio, IP, ...

Voicemail Dump Truck 94

2023-12-01 14:03 Features

Couch deliveries, sandwiches, and more are all getting picked up by the Dump Truck this week!

Game Mess Mornings 11/30/23

2023-11-30 58:07 Features

Grubb and Jan have one more Game Mess before the fifth season of the year starts, GOTY season! Today we chat about Bungie pulling a Destiny 2 Starter Pack due to fan backlash, Dan Houser's two new IPs, Xbox revealing why they don't reveal console sales anymore...


2023-11-29 17:26 Features

BLIGHT CLUB CLASSIFIES AS AN ORGANIZED CRIME UNIT IN THE UNITED STATES. Grubb and company continue their ride through this terrible terrible blight that is Ride to Hell: Retribution.

Game Mess Mornings 11/29/23

2023-11-29 58:51 Features

Steve Saylor joins Grubb this morning to chat about weak sales for Sonic Superstars, Dragon's Dogma 2's confirmed release date, Beyond Good & Evil's Anniversary edition, layoffs at Unity, Shadow the Hedgehog's feet, and more!

Giant Bombcast 817: CATHOLIC KARATE

2023-11-28 11:44 Giant Bombcast

Right before we get to Game of the Year this week we continue the mad dash to play all the games! Bailey joins us this week as we talk about Venba, El Paso Elsewhere, finishing Jusant, trying our hardest to continue through Alan Wake 2 and Baldur's Gate 3! We'...

Game Mess Mornings 11/27/23

2023-11-27 05:14 Features

Grubb has Lexi on to chat about The Game Awards beefing up security and moving away from "WORLD PREMIERE" branding, Silent Hill 2 Remake updates, Level-5 potentially putting out Professor Layton back out, and more!

Giant Bombcast 816: Nice Cute Lil Dudes

2023-11-21 56:24 Giant Bombcast

Make sure to defrost your turkies! This week we chat about the Lenovo Legion Go, Persona 5 Tactica, Super Mario RPG, and Chants of Sennaar! We also talk about the Switch 2 not having DLSS, Pokemon never going extinct, and more! If you missed out on tickets t...

Giant Bombcast 816: Nice Cute Lil Dudes

2023-11-21 56:24 Premium

Make sure to defrost your turkies! This week we chat about the Lenovo Legion Go, Persona 5 Tactica, Super Mario RPG, and Chants of Sennaar! We also talk about the Switch 2 not having DLSS, Pokemon never going extinct, and more! If you missed out on tickets t...

Game Mess Mornings 11/20/23

2023-11-20 40:42 Features

Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler to chat about the Last of Us Part 2 Remaster, Valve celebrating Half-Life's 25th anniversary, David Hayter hinting at future Metal Gear, and more! Also! If you missed out on the initial sales of tickets to the Giant Bomb GOTY...

Giant Bombcast 815: REVENGEANCE

2023-11-17 40:42 Giant Bombcast

Jan, Bakalar, Tam, and Bailey are here for REVENGEANCE! This week Jan talks about a couple other games that he's churning through, Tam talks puzzles in Puzzmo, and we hear about hot takes on watermelons! This week's hot topic: THE GAME AWARDS! We have an exte...

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

2023-11-17 54:05 Features

We were driving so fast that we completely missed Thursday!

Game Mess Mornings 11/17/23

2023-11-17 59:31 Features

Grubb and Tam have a lovely Dregsday chatting about Dragon's Dogma 2 updates, the PlayStation Portal selling out, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 93

2023-11-16 28:21 Features

The Dump Truck is full of coasters that you can put any and all beverages on! We answer your quandries about plants communicating, milk drinking, developing good habits, and more! Call into the Dump Truck (707)EXIT-FLU and leave a message!