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Game Mess Mornings 10/19/22

2022-10-19 01:26 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy to discuss Bayonetta, The Sims, and more!

Giant Bombcast 760: Tactician Festival

2022-10-18 15:09 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by Dany Peña today to chat about his time with G4 and his team at XPlay. We also chat about SCORN, some upcoming Silent Hill rumors, jury duty, and even more!

Quick Look: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

2022-10-17 45:37 Quick Looks

Dan, Jan, and Grubb get down to some hot TACTICS action in the new Mario + Rabbids adventure.

Game Mess Mornings 10/17/22

2022-10-17 58:16 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss Silent Hill, Gotham Knights, and more!

Best of Giant Bomb: Dear Giant Bomb 010

2022-10-15 14:02 Best of Giant Bomb

A rather *alarming* episode of Dear Giant Bomb.

Sekiro-Choa 06

2022-10-14 07:57 Features

This lady floats like a butterfly. But she definitely stings more than just a bee!

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF - 10/14/22

2022-10-14 14:48 Features

I think 6 across is Unprofessional and 9 down is Fridays? Yeah that fits!

Game Mess Mornings 10/14/22

2022-10-14 02:20 Features

Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler to discuss Haptic Feedback, God of War Ragnarök, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 43

2022-10-13 26:41 Features

After a week away we're back on the dump truck! This definitely feels like a two burrito type of week!

Dan Plays Sonic '06 Part 5

2022-10-13 05:50 Features

Three grown adults have an extended discourse on soup and also play Sonic the Hedgehog. Do you think chilli counts as a soup?

Game Mess Mornings 10/13/22

2022-10-13 00:42 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to talk Activision Blizzard, Starfield, and more.

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 06

2022-10-12 00:00 Features

You can explore a multitude of topics while taking a trip through the darkness. Topics like dogs and dragons, autotune, and calling cars for children.

ALBUMMER! 59: Metallica's Reload

2022-10-12 17:05

This week on Albummer! we're continuing Monthtallica, our deep dive into the later half Metallica albums with the sequel to Load, the aptly named Reload. We're joined by fellow podcaster Alex Ptak who famously bought this as his first pre-teen music purchase.

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: The Babadookies vs. The Has-Beens

2022-10-12 19:30 Features

ON TODAY'S ARCADE PIT: Jess (@VoidBurger) + Lady Emily (@GreatCheshire) VS Diabetus (@The_Betus) + Michael "slowbeef" Sawyer (@slowbeef)

Game Mess Mornings 10/12/22

2022-10-12 04:50 Features

Grubb is joined by Andy Robinson to talk Meta Quest Pro, the Sims, and more.

Giant Bombcast 759: Rings of Flour

2022-10-11 37:14 Features

After a whirlwind week in NYC we're back in our respective homes to chat about games, coffee, and the newest news! We're joined by our Most Friend Mike Minotti from GamesBeat!

The Great Giant Bombathon

2022-10-11 25:28 Events

If you missed it live then the archive is finally here! We got the whole crew together for the first time all in one place, good times with the best people! We're aware that the audio is going to be all over the place, not the most ideal conditions and not a...

We Talk Over: Super Mario Movie Direct

2022-10-10 29:27 Features

Apologies for the quality, we streamed from a phone! After the Great Giant Bombathon we gathered in Mario's home, New York City, and found a little stoop to watch the Super Mario Movie trailer!

ALBUMMER! 58: Metallica's Load

2022-10-07 20:47

Today on Albummer! we're talking about Metallica's first post black album release and arguably the beginning of their decent into madness. This is our first episode of Monthtallica and we're joined by comedian and human inkblot Shayne Smith!

Giant Bombcast 758: The Ted Danson Pack

2022-10-04 28:38 Giant Bombcast

Since we're out traveling we prerecorded this badboy! This week we answer a bunch of emails and other assorted questions from the community!

Game Mess Mornings 10/03/22

2022-10-03 00:00 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to talk Horizon, acquisitions, and more.

Travelogue: The Galloping Ghost Arcade (pt. 2)

2022-10-02 08:13 Features

Minotti is Missing! It's up to Jeff and Jess to seek him out in the gigantic, mazelike structure of the Galloping Ghost Arcade! (While flashing back to earlier footage of games that didn't make the Part 1 cut!)

Travelogue: The Galloping Ghost Arcade (pt. 1)

2022-10-01 09:02 Features

Grubb and Jess brought Mike Minotti and Josh Stinson with them to the largest arcade in America! And it was a blast!

Best of Giant Bomb: 219: STOP DABBING

2022-09-30 21:53 Best of Giant Bomb

Two things that were a long time coming: Giant Bomb's conversion to Fortnite fansite, and luck finally shifting for Dan Ryckert's Mario Party streak!

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF - 09/30/22

2022-09-30 00:05 Features

Hey those Super Mario Bros. games were pretty cool, what if they made a new one? We check out MetroidMike64 on Twitter's Mario Maker 2 creation. Peep it for yourselves on Mario Maker 2: OG9-XN4-FNF

Game Mess Mornings 09/30/22

2022-09-30 47:28 Features

Stadia is DONE! Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa are here to recap today's news such as the fallout of Stadia, big studio acquisitions, and even more!

Dan Plays Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Part 4

2022-09-29 20:57 Features

Which will defeat Dan first? Playing the game OR the amount of loading screens he has to deal with?

Voicemail Dump Truck 42

2022-09-29 25:54 Features

The Voicemail Dump Truck is not only mildly entertaining, but is also an educational program!

Game Mess Mornings 09/29/22

2022-09-29 59:19 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Carli Velocci (@ velocciraptor on Twitter) to talk about EA stuff and more news!

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 05

2022-09-28 07:16 Features

The best place to receive financial advice is from a playthrough of a Game Cube classic!

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team Miscellaneous Chilli vs. Renegade Interrupt

2022-09-28 26:13

ON TODAY'S ARCADE PIT, we'll have @ESAdevlog (Baba is You) and @Sparklykiss (Miscellaneum Studios) facing off against @seamoosi (Destructoid) and Kenneth Shepard @shepardcdr !

ALBUMMER! 57: Dee Dee King's Standing in the Spotlight

2022-09-28 24:02

his week on Albummer! we're talking about Dee Dee Ramone's solo rap album, "Standing in the Spotlight." Show us on the leather jacket where he hurt you.

Game Mess Mornings 09/28/22

2022-09-28 56:54 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti from Games Beat to chat about a new Monster Hunter clone, Far Cry 6, updates on the GTA 6 leaks, and more!

Quick Look: Disney Dreamlight Valley

2022-09-28 30:32 Quick Looks

Jan and Jeff Grubb throw on their overalls and clean up this little Disney town as they slowly become Disney Adults.

Giant Bombcast 757: Comic Sans 2

2022-09-27 08:36 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by Niki Grayson for today's Giant Bombcast! We discuss going Blobbo mode, NBA 2k23, Sessions: Skate Sim, the Modern Warefare 2 Beta, Prodeus, the return of E3, and much more!

Mr. Rorie Sits Down with the Developer of Mr. Shifty

2022-09-27 38:43 Features

We've hear Matthew Rorie gush about his love for Mr. Shifty, but now Rorie gets the chance to sit down with one of the developers behind the game, Ben Marrinan!

Quick Look: Shovel Knight Dig

2022-09-26 30:59 Quick Looks

It's safe to say that Dan and Grubb are diggin' this new Shovel Knight!

Splat-Off: Giant Bomb VS. Nextlander (and Abby!)

2022-09-26 43:46 Features

We got with our favorite internet friends to engage in some healthy competition! Let's see which group of squid kids can splat the most!

Game Mess Mornings 09/26/2022

2022-09-26 03:35 Features

Grubb is joined by Natalie Flores to talk about the RETURN of E3 and other assorted news on this lovely Monday!

Best of Giant Bomb: Dear Giant Bomb 009 - Sexy Mario, Slutty Glizzy

2022-09-24 15:14 Best of Giant Bomb

We take your calls and emails and discover a Sexy Mario and an even sexier banana-dawg.

Unprofessional Fridays: Hyrule Hustle

2022-09-23 06:08 Features

WELCOME TO THE HYRULE HUSTLE where Dan Ryckert has devised the most chaotic race possible for Jeff Grubb and Jess O'Brien to participate in! There's apples, chugging, backflipping, and even more chaos!

Dan Plays Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Part 3

2022-09-23 58:00 Features

What IS an Iblis Trigger? Are we an iblis?

Game Mess Mornings 09/23/2022

2022-09-23 50:24 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss The GTAVI Hacker, the Mario Movie, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 41

2022-09-22 24:00 Features

The Voicemail Dump Truck may be the most honest look at what makes the staff tick.

Unfinished: Scorn

2022-09-22 01:41 Unfinished

Jess and Grubb dive into the ooey-gooey icky center of this preview of Scorn, out on October 21st!

Game Mess Mornings 09/22/2022

2022-09-22 54:24 Features

Grubb is joined by @merrittk to discuss Logitech, Game Publishing, and more!

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 04

2022-09-21 02:03 Features

Jeff Bakalar is joined by Jeff Grubb (and Satan) on his journey into the mouth of madness.

ALBUMMER! 56: The Clash's Cut the Crap

2022-09-21 08:44

Today on Albummer! we're talking about The Clash's last album, the non-ironically named Cut the Crap. A beloved band ending with a swan song akin to a diaper on fire? Sounds like a solid episode idea!

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team Metacritic 60 vs Team Baba Was Tamoor

2022-09-21 02:18 Features

Team Metacritic 60 Fred Wood @thatsmytrunks Xalavier Nelson Jr. @WritNelson vs Team Baba Was Tamoor Harris Foster @HarrisFoster Catsworth @CatsworthLP

Game Mess Mornings 09/21/2022

2022-09-21 02:24 Features

Grubb is joined by John Warren to discuss Twitch, NVIDIA, and more!

Quick Look: Metal: Hellsinger

2022-09-21 35:21 Quick Looks

Do you like THE METAL? Jess and Bakalar like THE METAL. (Reuploaded with louder game audio! More METAL!!!)

Quick Look: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

2022-09-20 24:49 Quick Looks

And a Very Merry Cowabunga to you as well!

Giant Bombcast 756: Emulation Hose

2022-09-20 00:00 Features

We're joined by special guests Imran Khan and John Warren! Today we cover the hottest games like the Diofield Chronicles, Hyper Demon, Disney Dreamlight Valley, our experience with PSVR 2, and ESPN NFL 2k5? We also cover the GTA leaks, the new Iron Man game, a...


2022-09-20 17:43 Quick Looks

It's rare that "WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?!" is a compliment, but this follow-up to Devil Daggers earns it!

Quick Look: The Diofield Chronicles

2022-09-20 36:39 Quick Looks

Jan and Jeff Grubb embark on a tileless tactical adventure where they command their army to hit horses in the butt!

Quick Look: Return to Monkey Island

2022-09-19 42:35 Quick Looks

It's a sequel to Monkey Island! With a new art style that is definitely fit to portray some truly disgusting glizzies!

Quick Look: Betrayal at Club Low

2022-09-19 40:43 Quick Looks

Finally, a game combines Jan and Jess's two greatest loves: gambling and pizza.

Game Mess Mornings 09/19/2022

2022-09-19 58:58 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss the the GTA VI leak, EVGA, and more!

Mailbag: Let's Get Anime And Give Away Watchdogs

2022-09-17 06:45

Tamoor and Rorie plunge the depths of the Mailbag!

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF - 09/16/22

2022-09-16 59:59 Features

Only on UPF can you learn to cheat at cards AND play the trombone!

Sekiro-Choa 05

2022-09-16 29:32 Features

Jan is joined by Jeff Grubb and Jess O'Brien as he tackles a bull and a BIG BIG BOI.

Game Mess Mornings 09/16/2022

2022-09-16 49:12 Features

Grubb is joined by Danielle Riendeau to discuss the Phil Spencer, Battlefield 2042, and more!

Quick Look: Splatoon 3

2022-09-16 49:56 Quick Looks

Woomy! Grubb and Jan get splattin' in the newest addition to the mega-popular Nintendo franchise.

Voicemail Dump Truck 40

2022-09-15 13:18 Features

There is a lot of regional beef AND minion talk on the bed of the dump truck today. Also, shouts out to Luke's Diner!

Game Mess Mornings 09/15/2022

2022-09-15 58:26 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to discuss the Hideo Kojima, Overwatch 2, and more!

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 03

2022-09-14 00:00 Features

Jeff Bakalar is joined by Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa to navigate their collective sanity and try and get a smooch!

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team SF Cheesecake Factory vs Team GamesBeat Is Better Without Grubb

2022-09-14 09:31 Features

Team SF Cheesecake Factory Jeff Grubb @jeffgrubb Jan Ochoa @_janjerome Team GamesBeat Is Better Without Grubb Mike Minotti @tolkoto Rachel Kaser @rachelkaser

ALBUMMER! 55: Alien Ant Farm's Anthology

2022-09-14 20:27

Today on Albummer! the gang is joined by enemy of the show and War on Women front person Shawna Potter to talk about Alien Ant Farm. Do you remember those nu-metal guys who covered a Michael Jackson song? Turns out they had 12 original songs on that CD, too.

Game Mess Mornings 09/14/2022

2022-09-14 57:44 Features

Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler to discuss the Sony State of Play, Sims 4, and more!

Quick Look: Kaichu

2022-09-14 47:10 Quick Looks

Mwah~~! Love guru Jeff Grubb guides Jess on a date with a giant Hydra!

Giant Bombcast 755: Stealth Poodle

2022-09-13 00:47 Features

This week we recap the Nintendo Direct, get into a lengthy discussion on Immortality, gush about splatting in Splatoon, and even more!

We Talk Over: State of Play (09/13/22)

2022-09-13 30:37 Features

Unfortunately there is no new Knack, but there are some other neat things!

We Talk Over: Nintendo Direct - 09/13/22

2022-09-13 53:30

We've finally got the name of the new Zelda, a new Pikmin, Various Daylife, various day life, and LOT OF FARMING!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 | Part 5 | A Very Grubby Stream

2022-09-12 02:26 Features

Jeff Grubb and several other peeps continue the adventure through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and take a dip back into Splatoon 3!

SlowRunners 3

2022-09-12 00:00 Features

It's time for the boys to get their winch on!

Game Mess Mornings 09/12/2022

2022-09-12 56:42 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss the upcoming Nintendo Direct, Splatoon 3, and more!

ChefGate - Giant Bomb Animated

2022-09-12 05:00 Features

There are many ways to get rid of a hornet's nest. This is one of them.

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF 09/09/2022

2022-09-09 18:04 Features

Grubb, Dan, and Mitch splat stuff on the wall to see what sticks.

We Talk Over: We Talk Over: D23 Expo 2022's Disney & Marvel Games Showcase

2022-09-09 36:42 Features

Turns out, Mickey Mouse is pretty popular.

A Very Grubby Stream (09/09/22)

2022-09-09 18:50 Features

Grubb continues his Xenoblade journey by playing some Splatoon 3.

Game Mess Mornings 09/09/2022

2022-09-09 03:58 Features

Grubb is joined by Tamoor to discuss Billy Mitchell, the Nintendo Direct, and more!

Dan Plays Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Part 2

2022-09-08 50:40 Features

Dan and company continue their time through Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and break real life news as it happens!

Voicemail Dump Truck 39

2022-09-08 34:03 Features

Chuck E. Cheese HAS to let us stream from within the Charles Cheese compound.

Game Mess Mornings 09/08/2022

2022-09-08 02:08 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Patrick Klepek from Waypoint to discuss Sony vs Microsoft, the Witcher, and more!

ALBUMMER! 54: Ryan Gosling's Band, Dead Man's Bones

2022-09-07 08:54

Today on Albummer! we're talking about Ryan Gosling's Band, Dead Man's Bones, and their only album from 2009. Can beautiful people be spooky? Maybe.

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 02

2022-09-07 28:07 Features

Join Jeff Bakalar, Jeff Grubb, and Dan Ryckert into their descent into madness and questionable food orders.

Game Mess Mornings 09/07/2022

2022-09-07 07:00 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Kyle Hilliard from GameSpot to discuss, PlayStation enhancements, the new Nintendo Switch model, and more!

Giant Bombcast 754: Scott Hall Effect

2022-09-06 00:00 Giant Bombcast

We've got a terrifying trio for today's Bombcast! We have a lovely chat about Ooblets, Tinykin, and touch on what Immortality is. We also breakdown some Silent Hill rumors, UK game sales charts, and more!

Horizon is Ugly and Here's Why

2022-09-05 31:27 Features

Wow, a legit HOT take from Jess! What the hell is she on about?

Ranking of Tekken Endings FINAL

2022-09-02 45:48 Features

We've reached the ending of Ranking of Tekken Endings! Will our Tekken Scientists be wowed with what Tekken 7 has to bring or will they ultimately be disappointed? Will Cumbot come through at the end?!

Sekiro-Choa 04

2022-09-02 20:49 Features

Jan is joined by Jeff Grubb to fight BEASTS!

Game Mess Mornings 09/02/2022

2022-09-02 53:23 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jon from SpawnWave to discuss the new Assassin's Creed, Pokemon Go, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 38

2022-09-01 34:25

We're joined by our dear friend Evil Uno! Today we chat about random impulses, desirable Marios, milkshaming, and more!

Dan Plays Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

2022-09-01 11:55 Features

Dan Ryckert is joined by his fellow Sonic Heroes, Jess O'Brien and Jeff Grubb, to speed through the fantastic world where a lady can fall in love with a hedgehog.

Game Mess Mornings 09/01/22

2022-09-01 57:06 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to discuss Game Pass, Assassin's Creed, and more.

Eternal Darkness - At the Heart of My Soul: Part 01

2022-08-31 49:09 Features

It's been 20 years since Bakalar has played through Eternal Darkness. Join him as he takes a walk down insanity lane, this time with better HD textures.

ALBUMMER! 53: Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack

2022-08-31 16:41

This week on Albummer! the gang is talking about the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack with Hard Drive Magazine editor Jeremy Kaplowitz. This album was so good it even made Jordan consider buying a Dreamcast.

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team The Hollywood Balds vs Team Wider Ryu Theory

2022-08-31 03:20 Features

On today's pit, we've got: Team Wider Ryu Theory TieTuesday @TieTuesdayLP Jason @unastrike VS Team The Hollywood Balds Jan @_janjerome Jordan Middler @JordanMiddler

Game Mess Mornings 08/31/22

2022-08-31 03:50 Features

Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler to discuss Konami, From Software, and more.

Quick Look: The Last of Us Part 1

2022-08-31 00:28 Quick Looks

Dan and Jeff Grubb visit Joel, Ellie, and the remastered world of The Last of us Part 1.