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Quick Look: Pikmin 4

2023-07-25 58:08 Quick Looks

Look at these little freaks! Oh, there's Pikmin here too. Dan and Grubb hop on there noseless puppy and help throw around their little friends to carry out their bidding.

Giant Bombcast 799: Gollum Week

2023-07-25 13:30 Giant Bombcast

This week we're joined by our dear friends Mike Minotti and Bailey Meyers! We chat about Remnant 2, Pikmin 4, Ubisoft giving and taking away games, Pizza scented controllers, and HATS!

Game Mess Mornings 07/24/23

2023-07-24 58:47 Features

Grubb is joined by Jordan Middler to chat about the rumblings of a PS5 Pro, Insomniac's mysterious third game, and more!

Quick Look: Remnant 2

2023-07-24 40:13 Quick Looks

Grubb, Bakalar, and Dan dodgeroll their way through burning cities and giant glowing crystals.

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Yarrrrrsday

2023-07-21 33:30 Features

Grubb, Jan, and Mike set off to sail the seven seas and hang out with some monkeys! GROG IT UP!

Game Mess Mornings 07/21/23

2023-07-21 58:15

Grubb is joined by Jez Corden to talk about continued FTC and Microsoft battles, new PS5 skins, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 76

2023-07-20 25:14 Features

Will it be a debate about cheese pizza that drives a wedge between us?

BatGrubb 02

2023-07-20 09:51

BatGrubb is BACK to clean up the streets! Or get very very lost in a sewer.

Game Mess Mornings 07/20/23

2023-07-20 58:10 Features

Grubb and Jan chat about today's top gaming news like Blizzard throwing their games onto Steam, Call of Duty Mobile making lots of money, and more!

Dan and Dekker Go to Belgium!

2023-07-19 29:18 Features

Dan and Jake Dekker went to Belgium! They explored castles, ate waffles, hunted down potential family members, and more!

Connectivity Compadres: Four Swords Fiesta 06

2023-07-19 03:24 Features

This...this doesn't feel like a fiesta anymore...

Game Mess Mornings 07/19/23

2023-07-19 52:49 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to chat about Pikmin 4 reviews and leaks, an Invincible game in the works, and more!

Giant Bombcast 798: Z-Targetting My Wife

2023-07-18 31:33 Features

There are raptors falling out of the sky and a restaurant to run! We're joined by Niki Grayson today to chat about Exoprimal, Dave the Diver, Viewfinder, a whole slew Microsoft news, and even more! Everyone please give Niki a warm welcome as they're going to...

Quick Look: Viewfinder

2023-07-18 36:17 Features

Dan and Grubb use a series of pictures to jump, alter, and shift through the world of Viewfinder!

Play it Forward 14

2023-07-17 51:21 Features

We bid a fond farewell to our favorite problematic super spy as he rides off into the sunset.

Game Mess Mornings 07/17/23

2023-07-17 52:59 Features

Grubb is joined by Phil Salvador of the Video Game History Foundation to chat about their ongoing efforts and today's headlines!

Quick Look: Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons

2023-07-17 37:56 Features

Grubb and Mike hit the mean streets of New York to fight crime by punching it!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridinosaursday

2023-07-15 05:10 Features

There's cubes and dinosaurs EVERYWHERE.

Game Mess Mornings 07/14/23

2023-07-14 01:43

Jeff Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy to break down Media Molecule opening up Dream's tools, More FTC and Microsoft updates, EA Sport's FC game, and more!

BatGrubb 01

2023-07-13 55:02 Features

Grubb is tired of these streets being covered in filth so he throws on the cowl and becomes: BATGRUBB! Watch as BatGrubb struggles to clean up the mean streets of Gotham City with Mitch and Dan in tow.

Voicemail Dump Truck 75

2023-07-13 26:04 Features

The Dump Truck has rolled back around and of course there's food discourse! We got opnions on cheese pizza, fanny packs, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 07/13/23

2023-07-13 51:51 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to brea- FORGET EVERYTHING. GEX IS COMING BACK.

Wednesday Afternoon Slamma Jamma

2023-07-12 47:22 Features

We continue the adventures of Daddy Dan as he becomes a champion, eats good food, and sees the sights!

Game Mess Mornings 07/12/23

2023-07-12 53:10 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy to breakdown today's gaming headlines! We cover stories like the FTC running it back with Microsoft, Naughty Dog's president stepping down, and more!

Giant Bombcast 797: WEB3 VECTORMAN

2023-07-11 24:12 Giant Bombcast

The Giant Bombcast is back this week to talk about Xbox and Activision finally sealing the deal, Yuji Naka potentially facing jail time, our continued love for Tears of the Kingdom, and even more! For our live listeners the Giant Bombcast is moving to 9am PS...

Game Mess Mornings 07/10/23

2023-07-10 58:34 Features

Grubb is joined by Kirkland Gray to talk about today's biggest gaming headlines! They chat about a new UFC game, Black Panther finally getting announced, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF 07/07/23

2023-07-07 50:40 Features

We hangout and checkout Battlebit! It turns out it is very overlwhelming.

Game Mess Mornings 07/07/23

2023-07-07 56:22 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Tam to talk about Street Fighter VI's sales numbers, $1 Game Pass, Sega and the Blockchain, Yuji Naka and his insider trading, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 74

2023-07-06 15:43 Features

The Dump Truck is heating up as we discuss Princess Daisy, hockey names, and getting over a heartbreak!

bLITE Club: A Licensed Grabbag

2023-07-06 52:55 Features

Grubb and Mike check out some blightful games!

Game Mess Mornings 07/06/23

2023-07-06 50:18 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to talk about Mega Man games, Take-Two rumors, and how great of an idea Pokemon forums are!


2023-07-05 38:50 Features

The fiesta is taking a siesta, so let's have a hoedown! Grubb, Tam, Jan, and eventually Mitch dive all the way into hell and fight off each other?

Game Mess Mornings 07/05/23

2023-07-05 51:48 Features

Grubb is joined by Jesse Norris to chat about some HOT RUMORS with Switch Dev Kits, Banjo Kazooie updates, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 06/30/23

2023-07-05 02:30 Features

Grubb is joined by Tam to talk about a Blade Runner game, a charming T Posing game from Katamari's creator, and more!

Giant Bombcast 796: ONE BIG FRY

2023-07-04 14:48 Giant Bombcast

Is a potato churro just one big fry? For the Holiday weekend we got together to answer a boat load of your EMAILS! We Answer burning questions like our ideal BBQ plate, the best TotK NPCs, and more!

Best of Giant Bomb: 224: Two Plain Hot Dogs

2023-07-03 21:58 Features

RoboMitch has booted up and delivered TWO PLAIN HOT DOGS!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unpofessional Fwiyays 06/30/23

2023-06-30 07:21 Features

We got a hot five-stack to get as high as we can! We also bust some sweet sweet packs open with some MTG cards.

Voicemail Dump Truck Voicemail Dump Truck 73

2023-06-29 26:16 Features

We're joined by our dear friend Matt Shipman as we dive deep on conspiracy theories, chocolate ice cream, and more!

Game Mess Mornings 06/29/23

2023-06-29 59:22 Features

Grubb and Jan slam their way through today's game news! We talk about Final Fantasy 16's sales numbers, COD on the Switch, and more!

Quick Look: AEW Fight Forever

2023-06-28 45:18 Quick Looks

Grubb, Jan, and Mike take a look at the long awaited AEW Fight Forever! They see the sights, see some exploding barbed wire, and more! "Artists, when given the chance, can make something very special."

Game Mess Mornings 06/28/23

2023-06-28 51:23 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to chat about Jim Ryan's thoughts on Game Pass, new Nintendo Switch Online titles, an Among Us TV show in the works, and more!

Giant Bombcast 795: Bros Before Chocobos

2023-06-27 32:33 Giant Bombcast

We got our Michaels on deck to chat extensively about Final Fantasy XVI, SOULVARS, and the ASUS ROG Ally. We also dip into the game news like Microsoft's continuing battle with the FTC, Nintendo cleaning up the charts, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 72

2023-06-22 26:49 Features

We got the dust off of the Dump Truck and brought our friend Bailey Meyers on to chat about goofy animals, marriage advice, and boats! Enjoy your pizza!

Game Mess Mornings 06/22/23

2023-06-22 57:45 Features

Grubb and Jan break down today's top gaming news! Xbox sees prices going up across the board, Embracer reveals how much it bought Lord of the Rings for, and more!

Playdate: Steam Next Fest

2023-06-21 52:08 Features

So many demos, we should have ourselves a little fiesta with all of them! We check out Jusant, Sludgelife 2, Viewfinder, and more!

Quick Look: Final Fantasy XVI

2023-06-21 45:53 Quick Looks

Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa check out the early bits of Final Fantasy XVI and gush over the combat, story, and perhaps the best dog of the year?

Game Mess Mornings 06/21/23

2023-06-21 58:52 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike to recap everything that happened at today's Nintendo Direct and fawn over the Mario RPG remake.

We Talk Over: Nintendo Direct 06/21/23

2023-06-21 00:06 Features

Nintendo came in HOT for this Direct. We got a Mario RPG remake, a new Mario, a new Detective Pikachu, and more!

Giant Bombcast 794: Default Milk

2023-06-20 56:42 Giant Bombcast

We're back and fully rested up from Summer Game Fest! We chat about a bunch of demos from Steam Next Fest, the Final Fantasy XVI demo, a bunch of news, and your emails!

Game Mess Mornings 06/15/23

2023-06-15 53:29 Features

Grubb and Jan are here to talk about news! New friendships, new projects, and even more stuff!

Game Mess Mornings 06/14/23

2023-06-14 56:25

Grubb is somehow back and ready to talk about the news with Jesse Norris!

Giant Bombcast 793: RAMEN GOBLINS

2023-06-14 51:58 Giant Bombcast

After a long weekend of the Nite shows and covering Summer Game Fest we got together while we were still in person to chat about burritos and games!

Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 3

2023-06-12 31:01 Events

We've reached the FINAL night and we've got a banger of a lineup. We got the pleasure to hangout with some dear friends around the industry and we got Phil Spencer and Matt Booty to pop onto the couch!

Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 2

2023-06-11 57:53

We're back for another night of hanging out with our dear friends while we're all at Summer Game Fest!

Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 1

2023-06-11 32:18 Events

We brought a couch out to Summer Game Fest and got a bunch of our friends to sit and hang out on it! TOES OUT!

We Talk Over: Summer Game Fest 2023

2023-06-09 18:19

Keigh3 season begins as we got together to talk over Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest live! We see some Final Fantasy, some anime, a look at Mortal Kombat 1, Nic Cage, and more!

Giant Bombcast 792: Bad YouTubers

2023-06-06 45:05 Features

Before we head over to Los Angeles for Summer Game Fest we got together to podcast! We talk about Street Fighter 6, Diablo IV, Apple's new VR helmet, and more!

Hey! I'm CityWalkin' Here!

2023-06-06 21:45 Features

Place your WetBets! The crew spent some more time at Universal Studios after checking out Super Nintendo World. They enjoyed pasta, margaritas, and each other's company!

Giant Bomb 4090

2023-06-05 09:23 Features

Our dear friends from NZXT were kind enough to send us some new BEEFY computers so we get down to business to check out the power of these new PCs! Head over to for more!

Game Mess Mornings 06/05/23

2023-06-05 04:44 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Lex Luddy to chat about Square Enix's fears, Street Fighter 6 numbers doing really well, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessiablo Fridiablo

2023-06-02 56:52 Features


Game Mess Mornings 06/02/23

2023-06-02 03:56 Features

Grubb is joined by Tam to talk about a whole mess of video game news including: Everybody 1-2 Switch, pastels, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and more.

Voicemail Dump Truck 71

2023-06-01 20:56 Features

We learn a lot about everyone on the Dump Truck. Sometimes too much.

RoboMitch 06

2023-06-01 58:55 Features

Is it time for RoboMitch to finally pass the baton to the next person in line at the Blight Club.

Quick Look: System Shock

2023-06-01 22:11 Quick Looks

Bakalar and Grubb dip into System Shock and try to figure out what made it so special!

Game Mess Mornings 06/01/23

2023-06-01 59:18 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to talk about a whole mess of video game news including: Redfall development woes, Bobby Kotick buffonery, and more!

Connectivity Compadres: Four Swords Fiesta 05

2023-05-31 07:02 Features

After a catastrophe last week, will our compadres keep their composure and keep it together?

Quick Look: Street Fighter 6

2023-05-31 50:00 Quick Looks

Tam and Dan hit the lab to figure out the science behind combos and start fights with any and everybody in Street Fighter 6!

Game Mess Mornings 05/31/23

2023-05-31 49:19 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to talk about a rumblings of a new Fable game, more rumblings of a new Wolfenstein game, and more video game news!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 05/26/23

2023-05-31 42:57 Features

There's no better time to upload UPF than Wednesday!

Giant Bombcast 791: Dark Cloud 2

2023-05-30 20:29 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by our dear friend Mike Minotti to chat about Street Fighter 6, continued adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, and Baulder Gate: Dark Alliance for the GameCube? We also recap the PlayStation Showcase, sales numbers, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 70

2023-05-25 30:35 Features

Welcome to a very special episode of the Dump Truck for the dads! We got expert dad Patrick Klepek and soon to be dad Ben Hansen on the dump truck today! Call and leave a message to the dump truck at (707)EXIT-FLU

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum | bLITE Club

2023-05-25 01:00 Features

The Fellowship of the Bomb has gotten together to endure the blite that is The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

Game Mess Mornings 05/25/23

2023-05-25 06:39 Features

Grubb and Jan breakdown everything that was announced during the PlayStation Showcase!

Connectivity Compadres: Four Swords Fiesta 04

2023-05-24 45:45 Features

Even if we keep our promises can that stop other things from breaking?

We Talk Over: PlayStation Showcase

2023-05-24 40:43 Features

Let's see what PlayStation has in store for us! Will we get a new Knack? Perhaps Half-Life: Alyx makes its way onto PSVR2? MAYBE DARK CLOUD?

Game Mess Mornings 05/24/23

2023-05-24 06:23 Features

Grubb is joined by Jesse Norris to chat about a whole lot of Sony things right before we see the PlayStation Showcase today.

Giant Bombcast 790: MILE HIGH MUDSLIDE

2023-05-23 05:59 Giant Bombcast

This week we continue to talk about Tears of the Kingdom and how it might be one of our alltime favorites! We also talk about Brain Age, Cassette Beasts, and more! Grubb also gets into this week's biggest gaming headlines and we dip into your emails!

Play it Forward 13

2023-05-23 21:11 Features

It's back to Dan and Jan to perhaps FINISH Alpha Protocol and say goodbye to Michael Thorton.

Game Mess Morning 05/22/23

2023-05-22 54:01 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Marcus Stewart (@MarcusStewart7 on Twitter) to chat about AEW's game finally coming out, Final Fantasy 16 updates, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional Fridays 05/19/23

2023-05-19 37:03

Pop a squat and take a load off, IT'S FRIDAY!

Voicemail Dump Truck Voicemail Dump Truck 69

2023-05-19 24:51 Events

There is no better delicacy than a good ol Gas Station Beef Wellington.

Game Mess Mornings 05/19/23

2023-05-19 06:06 Features

Grubb is joined by Dave Klein today to chat about Sony updates, EA paying College athletes, and more!

RoboMitch 05

2023-05-19 36:53

Today we test RoboMitch's willpower!

Connectivity Compadres: Four Swords Fiesta 03

2023-05-18 00:30 Features

Your favorite zeldaddies got their link cables back out to have a little fiesta!

Game Mess Mornings 05/18/23

2023-05-18 53:17 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Grant Stoner to recap and chat about today's gaming headlines!

Game Mess Mornings 05/17/23

2023-05-17 54:22 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy today to talk about today's top stories in games!

Giant Bombcast 789: Ewoks and Hobbits

2023-05-16 31:40 Giant Bombcast

Our dear friend Lucy James is here with us and with the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally here we ask the question that's on all our minds: Do you think Ewoks are better than Hobbits?

We Went to Super Nintendo World!

2023-05-16 29:09 Features

A bunch of friends spend some time at Super Nintendo World! We punched some blocks, waited in lines, ate some soup, and had ourselves a real life Mario party.

Game Mess Mornings 05/15/23

2023-05-15 04:21 Features

Grubb is joined by Patrick Klepek today to talk about the hottest scoops in video game news!

Play it Forward 12

2023-05-15 06:32

Mike Minotti is here to pass the baton to Dan Ryckert as Michael Thorton continues to travel across the globe with his favorite purple jacket.

Unprofessional Fridays: Unprofessional FriTEARS of the Kingdom

2023-05-12 26:51 Features

Jan and Grubb start from the BEGINNING of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and see where Link decides to drop.

Voicemail Dump Truck Voicemail Dump Truck 68

2023-05-11 13:24 Features

The Dump Truck has rolled into town again and is full of chicken alfredo! Mind you step and maybe don't wash your hands in THAT sink.

RoboMitch 04

2023-05-11 14:13 Features

After a brief recharge, RoboMitch is back to clean up these streets!

Game Mess Mornings 05/11/23

2023-05-11 53:44 Features

Grubb and Jan are back for some messy news! Tears of the Kingdom is tearing up the review charts, while the woes of the Mircrosoft and Activision deal continue!

Giant Bombcast 788: Christian Warp Pipes

2023-05-10 28:39 Giant Bombcast

Somehow we got the crew all together at Bakalar's house to chat about desserts, smells, and eventually talk about video games too! AWOOOOOO!

Dan Went to Wrestlemania!

2023-05-10 11:52 Features

Our resident wrestling enthusiast shoots straight from the hip and asks the HARDEST questions to some WWE Superstars.

Demo Derby: Official PlayStation Magazine Issue 53

2023-05-09 29:10 Features

Dan and Grubb take some hit the links with some good ol' Hot Shots Golf and ponder on whether or not we need another SOCOM game?


2023-05-08 53:31 Features

Bakalar has brought on Minotti to try and finish what he and Tam started!

Quick Look: Disney Speedstorm

2023-05-06 28:46 Quick Looks

Mike Minotti and Grubb jump into the whip and drive to survive against these Disney freaks!