Pinball Fantasies

The sequel to Pinball Dreams, this pinball game offers four different tables with four unique themes.


Pinball Fantasies is a pinball game with four different themed tables. Sequel to the game Pinball Dreams and the predecessor of Pinball Illusions. It was created by Digital Illustions CE in 1992 for the Commodore Amiga, and was eventually ported to many other home computers and consoles. It also appeared in a number of pinball-related compilations and was later adapted for mobile phones and iOS by Cowboy Rodeo.

The four featured tables include:

  • Billion Dollar Gameshow: A board that is based around showy gameshows where the player must earn prizes by taking the ramps in specific orders.
  • Party Land: An amusement park themed board. Filling up the words CRAZY or PARTY allows the player to enter a high score event.
  • Speed Devils: This board is based on high-speed car racing. The player is in a race and must overtake other cars with the pinball.
  • Stones 'N Bones: A haunted house-themed board featuring various modes to progress through.