Backyard Baseball 2003

Backyard Baseball 2003 features 30 playable Major League players, as kids.

Backyard Baseball 2003 is a baseball sim, with characters that are cartoon kids, not realistic player models. While it has a set of fictional kids known to the franchise it also includes a number of real MLB players, as cartoon modeled kids.


MLB Players

Backyard Baseball has 30 real Major League Baseball players. One from every team during the 2003 MLB season.

  1. Nomar Garciaparra
    Player Select Screen
    Player Select Screen
  2. Greg Vaughn
  3. Alex Rodriguez
  4. Frank Thomas
  5. Jimmy Rollins
  6. Todd Helton
  7. Albert Pujols
  8. Barry Bonds
  9. Randy Johnson
  10. Richie Sexson
  11. Jeff Bagwell
  12. Jeff Conine
  13. Chipper Jones
  14. Derek Jeter
  15. Troy Glauss
  16. Mike Piazza
  17. Brad Radke
  18. Carlos Delgado
  19. Ken Griffey Jr.
  20. Vladimer Guerrero
  21. Sammy Sosa
  22. Carlos Beltran
  23. Tim Hudson
  24. Jim Thome
  25. Phil Nevin
  26. Cliff Floyd
  27. Jason Kendall
  28. Ichiro
  29. Bobby Higginson
  30. Jason Giambi

Fictional Players

Backyard Baseball 2003 also includs 30 fictional players. These are the same characters that are in other Backyard Sports Games.

  1. Jocinda Smith
    Marky Dubois
    Marky Dubois
  2. Ronny Dobbs
  3. Mario Luna
  4. Achmed Khan
  5. Tony Delvecchio
  6. Dimitri Petrovich
  7. Gretchen Hasselhoff
  8. Lueane Lui
  9. Kimmy Eckman
  10. Ricky Johnson
  11. Annie Frazier
  12. Mikey Thomas
  13. Lisa Crocket
  14. Amir Khan
  15. Sally Dobbs
  16. Pete Wheeler
  17. Dante Robinson
  18. Vicki Kawaguchi
  19. Reese Worthington
  20. Kenny Kawaguchi
  21. Stephanie Morgan
  22. Sidney Weber
  23. Ashely Weber
  24. Angela Delvecchio
  25. Marky Dubois
  26. Pablo Sanchez
  27. Billy Jean Blackwood
  28. Jorge Garcia
  29. Ernie Steele
  30. Kiesha Phillips

Gameplay Types

There are four main gameplay types:

Season Mode

Manager screen
Manager screen

Season Mode puts you in the Manager chair, letting you draft your team. You may choose from a selection of 30 fiction characters and 30 real MLB players. You put together a team of nine players, one for every position. You may choose where each player will play, and where they will hit in the batting order. If you win enough games, you will go to the play-offs, and then the championship.

Single Game

Single Game screen
Single Game screen

In this game type, you are first presented with a screen (see right) that lets you choose your difficulty, length (in innings), if errors are on, and what field you will play on. Once done, you go pick your players, dodgeball style, alternating picks. You then go play your single game.

Batting Practice

In Batting Practice, you choose one player who then hits batting practice. Robotic pitching machine, Mr. Clankey, pitches you a selection of pitches. You can choose whether he throws you a fastball, slow ball, right curve, or left curve.

Spectator Mode

In Spectator Mode, you simply watch a game being played. You do not choose teams or anything. You simply watch the game being played.

Create A Player Mode

In this mode, you are able to create a player specific to:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Hair style
  • Head shape
  • Name
    Create A Player
    Create A Player
  • Nickname
  • Right or Left handed
  • Abilities (stats)
  • Birthday


Major League Teams
Major League Teams
  • There are four different difficulties. Easy, Medium, Hard and Teeball
  • You can play Tee-ball in this game.
  • If you create a player, and make his name "Lemon Boy" he will be all maxed out in stats.
  • You can pick to play as 6 custom teams.
  • You can also play as every major league team.