Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus

Bronkie is a dinosaur with a serious case of asthma and the evil Rexo has stolen the machine purifying the air of dust caused by meteors. Bronkie is doomed if he can't find that machine.


Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus is the fourth and final game put out by Raya Systems, or Health Hero Network, designed to raise awareness of various chronic health conditions to young SNES console-owners. Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus is intended to raise awareness of asthma in particular, demonstrating the effective use of inhalers and asthma triggers such as cigarette smoke and dust, though the game begins with a disclaimer that says to consult a doctor for specific asthma treatment. Raya Systems had previously published Captain Novolin (diabetes), Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon (the effects of smoking) and Packy and Marlon (diabetes again).

Rexo has stolen the machine that helps purify the air on the planet, broken it into pieces and given the pieces to his various henchdinosaurs to hold onto. It's up to asthmatic dinosaurs Bronkie and Trakie (the second player's character in co-op) to repair the machine before a suffocating layer of dust spreads across the planet.