Four Winds Mah Jong

A shareware traditional mahjong game for Windows PCs that features extensive customizability, allowing players to play several regional variants of the game or to make their own.


Four Winds Mah Jong (also known simply as Four Winds) is an indie shareware mahjong game developed and released by Arto Tenkanen (as "Lagarto") for Windows PCs on June 13, 1997.

Based on the traditional mahjong tile game, Four Winds is a player-vs-computer adaptation that features a variety of rule customization options, allowing for several regional variations of the game (along with custom ones). It also features game saving and a comprehensive tutorial.

The game later received a major 2.0 revision on July 5, 2002, adding support for high-resolution displays (including a new integrated game window), networked multiplayer, and several new rule customizable options (allowing for more granular scoring options, tournament play, and more intricate regional variations). It received multiple revisions throughout the years (dating up to v2.19, released on January 18, 2021), and received a port to Pocket PCs in 2003.

Included Presets

Version 1

  • American Classical
  • European Contemporary (default)
  • Four Winds
  • Hong Kong
  • Japanese Official
  • Japanese Riichi
  • Novice
  • Sheer Luck

Version 2

  • Alan's Zung Jung
  • American Classical
  • American Modern
  • Australian
  • British Official
  • Chinese Classical
  • Chinese New Style
  • Chinese Official
  • Chinese Transitional
  • Dutch League Rules
  • European Classical (default)
  • French
  • German
  • Hong Kong
  • Internet Mahjong Server
  • Italian Official
  • Japanese Classical
  • Japanese Modern
  • Japanese Transitional
  • Korean Style
  • Mahjong Masters Million
  • Novice
  • Taiwanese 16-Tile Mah Jong
  • Wilmington Advanced 12-Tile Rules
  • WMPA Rules