Cosmic Fantasy 2

A role-playing game for the TurboGrafx CD and one of Working Designs's earliest localization projects. It is the only Cosmic Fantasy game to be released in the US.


Cosmic Fantasy 2 is a role playing game developed by Laser Soft and published by both Working Designs (US version) and Nippon Telenet (Japanese version) for the TurboGrafx CD platform. It is the second game in Nippon Telenet's Cosmic Fantasy RPG series, and the only one to see an English localization. The cutscenes from this game and its predecessor were later used to form an OVA (original video animation) disc for the PC Engine CD-ROM called Cosmic Fantasy: Visual Shuu.

The player assumes the role of the spear-wielding hunter Van, who discovers his childhood friend and love interest Laura has been kidnapped by an odd and very powerful mage working for an Empire across the ocean. Laura turns out to be a princess in hiding from this empire, and Van decides to chase after her and the mage. Van meets new characters, tracks Laura through various regions and the game eventually moves to outer space and becomes sci-fi.