Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

DDR: Mario Mix is the only DDR release on the GameCube, and is considered easier than other iterations. It has Mario themed music and visuals, as well as koopas and goombas in the place of arrows in certain modes.


Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix is the only DDR game available for the Nintendo GameCube. The gameplay is similar to the Dance Dance Revolution series, the only difference being a mode called the 'Mush Mode' that features various Mario enemies instead of arrows.

Story Mode

The Story Mode is the main feature of the game, and can be played by either Mario or Luigi.

The Story Mode starts with Waluigi stealing the Music Keys from Truffle Towers. However, as he is about to steal them, the four Music Keys scatter across the Mushroom Kingdom, except one which Waluigi keeps. Toad sees this happening and quickly runs off to find Mario (or Luigi, depending on who the player chose).

World 1

Toad finds Mario (or Luigi) and tells him about what happened, Mario then agrees to go get the Music Keys back, so they set off for Truffle Towers. When they make it there it turns out Waluigi has locked himself in, and them throws a Bob-omb at Mario and toad, knocking them into a nearby pipe. after getting out, Mario and Toad go to a Lakitu shop and notice a key. Toad asks about the key, and the Lakitu tells them he will give them the key if they get rid of the Koopa Troopas in the Lakitu's farm. Afterwards, Lakitu gives them the key and they rush back to Truffle towers to confront Waluigi. Mario challenges Waluigi to a dance-off, and the winner gets to keep the Music Key. After Mario wins Toad and Mario hop in the SS Brass to go find the other three Music Keys. Their first stop is Isle Delfino.

World 2

On arrival the SS Brass gets caught in a Tweester, making it spin around Hotel Delfino, turning it into an odd shape. The owner of Hotel Delfino, Toadette, comes out and yells at Mario, telling him to fix it. After Mario fixes the Hotel, he and Toad jump into the SS Brass again and take off, but unfortunatelythey crash yet again onto another island. Luckily they find a shop owned by Pirate Lakitu. The Pirate Lakitu agrees to help repair the ship if Mario can beat him in a dance off. The Pirate Lakitu improves the SS Brass and now it can work as a submarine. Underwater, Mario and Toad come across a large Blooper holding the second Music Key. After Mario Defeats the Blooper, Mario takes the second Music Key and they fly to their next destination, Mushroom Park.

World 3

At the entrance to Mushroom Park, Mario and Toad come across two Hammer Bros. The Hammer Bros agree to open the park gates if Mario can beat them in a dance-off. After Mario defeats them, Mario and toad enter Mushroom Park and see that Wario has the third Music Key. Mario and Toad chase Wario through a Roller Coaster and a Haunted House, before finally catching up with Wario at a Ferris Wheel. Wario then reveals his dream of starring in his own game called Dance Dance Revolution: Wario Mix. Wario then challenges Mario to a dance-off on the Ferris Wheel for the music key. Mario wins the dance-off and he and Toad head to the next destination, Freeze Mountain.

World 4

They arrive at Freeze Mountain and attempt to climb it, but they find that it is too slippery to climb. Instead they find a warp pipe and go in there. They land on a little island made of ice surrounded by Cheep Cheeps. The island moves towards another warp pipe, which Mario and Toad jump in. They jump out of the pipe, which happens to be very near the top of the mountain. They notice a log house and toad complains that he is cold, so they go in the log house to rests. After resting Mario and toad proceed up the mountain. At the very top they find the music key inside of a giant Freezie. Mario melts the Freezie and takes the Music Key. Mario and Toad then find some sleds and sled down the mountain back to the SS Brass to go back to Truffle Towers.

The 'End'?

When Mario and Toad make it back to Truffle Towers, Mario puts the Music Keys back and returns home. Unfortunately, a few minutes later Toad comes back to Mario telling him to go to Truffle Towers, where Bowser is stealing all four Music Keys in his Koopa Kar. Bowser leaves, and Toad calls the SS Brass once again to chase Bowser.

World 5

Toad and Mario chase Bowser into the Dark Land. While flying towards Bowser's Castle, it starts firing Bullet Bills at the SS Brass. Mario survives the Bullet bills and enters Bowser's Castle. Mario then tries to take the Music Keys but Bowser doesn't let him, and instead challenges Mario to a dance-off, and the winner gets to keep the music keys. Mario then defeats Bowser and takes the Music Keys. Mario then takes the Music Keys back to Truffle Towers and finally, goes back home.

Mush Mode

The Mush Mode replaced some arrows with various Mario enemies, this mode is always on in Story Mode and can be turned on or off in free play, the enemies included (order of appearance) are:


The Goomba simply replaces an arrow. Except the Goomba does not show which arrow the player must press. Instead they must notice which column the Goomba appeared in and hit that arrow.

Koopa Troopa

Similar to the Goomba, except on the first hit the Koopa Troopa gets knocked into its shell and moved down the column, then on the second hit the enemy if defeated. If the second hit is a 'perfect' the Koopa shell will knock away all the arrows on the screen in that column.

Bob-omb and Podoboo

Bob-ombs appear above the arrows and Podoboos scroll up the columns. If the player misses a Podoboo then it sets the bob-omb alight, greatly reducing the player's dance meter. If playing in versus mode (or a dance off in story mode) the Podoboo gets passes over to the opponent's column.


Similar to the Goomba, except the Cheep-Cheep enters the screen from the side so the player doesn't have a lot of time to figure out which arrow to hit. These can also be passes to opponents in dance offs.


If a player steps on a Spiny their dance meter decreases significantly. There are two different types of Spinies, red Spinies and green Spinies. The red Spinies move faster than the green Spinies.


Works the same as a Goomba, but if the player misses the Mini-Blooper, ink covers the bottom of the screen so the player cannot see arrows coming up.

Blooper Tentacle

A Blooper tentacle scrolls up the screen, if the player misses the tentacle attacks the dance meter, making it drop significantly.


These are the same as the Bob-omb and Podoboo combo, if the player misses it, it will explode, greatly reducing the player's dance meter.

Coin Switch

Hitting a Coin Switch turns all of the arrows into coins, which can be used to buy  songs in free play. The more perfects the player gets, the longer the arrows remian as coins.


Boos appear when a Big Boo is at the bottom of the screen. Mini-Boos are the same as Goombas, but hitting them causes the Big Boo to move down. The Big Boo moves up whenever an arrow is missed, the more the Big Boo appears over the arrow columns, so the higher up he is the harder it is to see the arrows.


Cheep-Cheeps appear again, but this time they hit arrows already the screen, causing them to move into a new column.

Fire Flower and Big Freezie

Identical to the Mini-Boo and Big Boo combo.

Ice Spinies

Identical to Spinies, but they only come in one colour and move at the same speed as normal arrows.

Bullet Bills

Similar to the Hammer and the Bob-omb and Podoboo combo, if the player misses the Bullet Bill is hits the player's dance meter. If the player hits the Bullet Bill, however, the Bullet Bill ricochets back and hits the Bullet Bill Blaster at the bottom of the screen. If hit three times the Blaster is destroyed.


The player has to collect the three parts of the Rocket, when all three parts are collected the Rocket is formed and fired at Bowser. If the player fails to do this so many times before the song ends, the player fails the song.

Song List

Starting Song

Up, Down, Left, Right!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

World 1 Songs

Here We Go!
Super Mario Bros. 1 - Overworld

Underground Mozart
Mario Bros. - Tutorial/Game Start

Pipe Pop
Public Domain - Turkish March

Garden Boogie
Public Domain - Carmen

Destruction Dance
Wrecking Crew - Bonus Stage

World 2 Songs

Jump! Jump! Jump!
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Overworld 2

Fishing Frenzy
Yoshi's Cookie - Action Music B

Pirate Dance

Super Mario World - Overworld

In The Whirlpool
Public Domain - Pomp and Circumstance

Step By Step
Super Mario World - Bonus Stage

Blooper Bop
Super Mario Bros. - Underwater

World 3 Songs

Hammer Dance
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Overworld 1

Roller Coasting
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Luigi Curcuit

Boo Boogie
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Overworld

Moustache, Barrel, and Gorilla
Donkey Kong - Various songs

Starring Wario!
Wario World - Greenhorn Forest

World 4 Songs

Frozen Pipes
Public Domain - Old Folks at home

Cabin Fever
Mario Party 5 - Lots of Toys

Ms. Mowz Song
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Theme of Ms. Mowz; X-Naut Fortress

Deep Freeze
Dr. Mario - Fever

Rendezvous On Ice
Public Domain - Les Pâtineurs

Midnight Drive
Mario Kart 64 - Introduction

World 5 Songs

Always Smiling
Public Domain - Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka

Bowser's Castle
Mario Kart: Double dash!! - Bowser's Castle

Extra Songs

Choir On The Green
Public Domain - Ah, Lovely Meadow

Hop, Mario!
Super Mario World - Opening

Where's the Exit?
Super Mario Bros. - Underground

Famicom Disk System - Bios

Mini Games

Mini Games are unlocked when played in Story Mode, in Story Mode the Mini Games give the player coins to buy items.


There are four pipes surrounding the player, and the player has to hit the Goombas coming out of them by hitting the directional buttons.

Flagpole Leap

The player has to run by rapidly tapping left and right, and then jump by hitting up before the second white line.

Banana Storm

Three Ukikis throw bunches of bananas and Spinies down at the player, the player has to move left and right and collect the bananas and avoid the Spinies.

Punch Up

Three lines are in front of the player with Koopa Troopas, Green & Red Koopa Shells and toads running across them. The player has to shoot giant robotic fists at the Koopas while avoiding the Toads. The player shoots by hitting left, up or right. After shooting the arm has to reload before the player can shoot again.

Chain-Chomp Chase

A Chain Chomp is Chasing the player, the player has to run away by rapidly pressing left and right. If the player survives 10 seconds, the player wins the mini-game.


The player has to dodge giant snowballs coming down a mountain by pressing left and right.

Hidden Treasure

Two chests are on screen and either one coin, 100 coins or a 1-up mushroom goes in them. The chests then spin around rapidly. When they stop spining the player has to choose a chest with left and right and jump with up to get what is inside the chest.

Block Treasure

Three blocks appear above the player, the player has to move with left and right and jump with up to collect as many coins as they can in the time limit.

Coin Collection

The player is on a cloud and has to jump with up or duck with down to avoid floating Spinies and collect coins. If the player is hit then they fall off the cloud and get Lakitu to get them again, losing time.


The player falls onto a trampoline which propels them upwards. The higher the player goes the more coins they can collect.

Note Pickup

The player is on a moving conveyer belt and has to collect as much notes as they can. They can jump left and right to collect notes on either side of the conveyer belt, and have to jump back before it moves too far away. They also have to jump up to avoid spinning bars and bob-ombs.

Fire Up The SS Brass

The player is on the SS Brass and has to get through a large tunnel. Every so often there is a barrier with one hole in it, either up, down, left or right. The player has tohit thecorrespondingarrow to move the SS Brass through the opening.