The Horde

A strategy and action game which was a hit on Panasonic's defunct 3DO and SEGA's Saturn.

The Story

The Horde is set in a fantasy medieval world where the player takes the role of a servant boy called Chauncey (voiced and acted by Kirk Cameron). In the opening cinematic to the game Chauncey saves the King of Franzpowanki from choking to death and is rewarded for his heroic action with a plot of land to to sow seed, raise cattle and in turn reap wealth. Unfortunately for Chauncey the land gifted to him by King of Franzpowanki is plagued by a group of goblin like creatures called The Horde, which are intent on destroying the crops, eating the cows, and burning humble abode's to the ground. Thus Chauncey must take up arms and protect his farm from the insatiable appetite of The Horde.

Territories and Enemies

If you manage to defend your farm through four seasons, turn a profit (after taxes), and eliminate the Horde threat in a certain territory the King of Franzpowanki tasks you with a new region to farm and defend. These new territories offer different terrain, a new breed of Hordling, as well as varied mini-quests. The territories are:

  • The Shimto Plains
  • The Tree Realms of Alburga
  • The Fetid Swamp of Buuzal
  • The Kar-Nyar Desert
  • The Frozen Wastes of Vesh

Different types of Hordlings you encounter in the above territories are:

  • Adolescent Hordling
  • Swamp Hordling
  • Desert Hordling
  • Forest Hordling
  • Ice Hordling
  • Juggernaut Hordling
  • Piranha Hordling
  • Shaman Hordling


(This list is from the game's instruction manual.)

- Grimthwacker

  • Your avenging blade, the gift of Good King Winthrop.

- Mystic Morningstar

  • Spin around with this weapon, smashing all enemies in your path. Can be a dizzying experience!

- Flamethrower

  • Grilled Hordlings, anyone? also grills your own stuff, so be careful where you light that fire.

- Ring of Teleportation

  • Zip from here to there through thin air.

- Boots of Boogy

  • Beat feet to round up the Horde before they chomp your herd.

-Haunch of Meat

  • The short-range aroma of this putrid bait can lure Hordlings to a gooey end. Make them cross a moat or spiky pit to get it.

- Bomb

  • Walk to the bomb to kick it at a Hordling

- Healing Rock

  • Not an imitation! This naturally-occurring antidote restores some of Chauncey's "heart."

- Roscoe

  • This magical beast gleefully torches all Hordlings around Chauncey. Caution: Roscoe often gets carried away! He's wild - and dumb - enough to torch everything, including huts, villagers and cows!

- Flute of Schmegu

  • Serenade the Hordling masses and lull them to a watery demise.

- Trident

  • Chauncey's "good news, bad news" doomsday weapon. the good news is that the Trident firestorms an entire section of the map, destroying everything in reach. The bad news is that it leaves behind a barren waste of rocks and rubble.