Growlanser Generations

A compilation by Working Designs of Growlanser II and III for the PS2.


Growlanser Generations is Working Designs' collection of Growlanser II and III that was released for the PlayStation 2 on December 7, 2004. The collection marked the first time any title in Atlus' Growlanser franchise had ever been localized but was also the last game to be published by Working Designs before the company eventually shut its doors in 2005.

Working Designs Extras

The US versions of Growlanser II and Growlanser II had many alterations that were added by Working Designs. These additions included a newly added Auto-Battle feature, the ability to switch voice acting on or off for specific characters, and Working Designs' trademark extras such as dub outtakes.

The Deluxe Package
The Deluxe Package

A deluxe version of Growlanser Generations was released that was packaged with several pieces of Growlanser merchandise created by Working Designs. This included a Growlanser analog watch, a ring/chain with storage pouch, a set of Growlanser playing cards, and a soundtrack featuring 20 arranged tracks. The deluxe edition with all its extras, and the copy of the game itself, retailed for about $90 when it was initially released.