Mall Tycoon

Mall Tycoon takes the building and management style of RollarCoaster Tycoon and adds it into a shopping mall environment.


Mall Tycoon is a business simulation game released exclusively for the PC platform in 2002. The game puts the player in charge of an empty lot, where the player is instructed to build a shopping mall. The player is urged to seek that the mall stays profitable, and remains clean. If the mall is not clean, it becomes overrun by zombies and aliens, at which point the player is forced to call the men in black. Mall Tycoon is a relatively in-different game from the rest of the games in the tycoon series, it builds upon the same structure. The game has been criticized with its very poor graphics, which even for that time were considered pretty terrible. Although the game sold poorly, it received two sequels: Mall Tycoon 2, and Mall Tycoon 3.