Pokémon Ranger

In the first Pokémon Ranger game, you play a Pokémon Ranger in the Fiore region who must stop the Go-Rock Quads from taking control of powerful pokémon and attacking the citizens of Fiore. Using your 'Capture Stylus', you can capture wild pokémon who can assist you in your journey.

Basic Overview and Mechanics

Pokémon Ranger is yet another offshoot of the Pokémon franchise, this time in the form of you being a Ranger who "rounds up" pokémon to assist you in your Ranger duties. Using the capture stylus (your DS stylus), the player must draw circles rapidly around the pokémon they are attempting to tame. As you draw circles around the pokémon a number will appear over their head, that represents how many times you must complete a full circle around the Pokémon. The higher the number, the harder the Pokémon to obtain. Now, the catch being that the Pokémon aren't exactly compliant with being tamed. They will try to walk towards your barrier to shatter it, or attacking your barrier to destroy it. And once your circles have been destroyed or disrupted, you have to start over again from the beginning.  
Your capturing device has a certain number of health bars. Every time your barrier is attacked and ends up destroyed, you lose one health bar. When it depletes to zero, you are forced to exit combat. As you traverse through the world, you will encounter many different pokémon that you will need to enlist to help you perform your duties. Each pokémon has a unique ability that can help you either in battle, or help in the actual world. In the beginning, there is only a limited number of Pokémon that you can have follow you around, but as you complete duties, your health will increase as well as the limit to the number of Pokémon that can follow you around. Pokémon Ranger is the first in its series, and exclusive to the DS.