Last Bronx

Nine gang leaders battle it out for control over Tokyo city in this AM3 developed arcade fighting game. It was the first motion captured fighting game released back in May 1996 to Arcades in Japan.


Released in May 1996, the same month as Soul Blade, the competition was steep from the beginning.

Looking at the specifications and the reputation of the previously released games, Last Bronx would seem to be a sure winner. It was launched on Sega's model 2 board, and Sega had an excellent history with previous fighting games (Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 1, 2, and the third installment which would be released in arcades later that year). Soul Blade's developer Namco had only released Tekken 1 and 2 in the 3d fighting genre, and so Last Bronx appeared to be the favorite, but in fact it was Soul Blade that became the more popular of the two games.

Last Bronx was, despite the arcade competition, released for the Sega Saturn in 1997 and later the PC and Playstation 2 (as part of the Sega Ages series of releases for PS2 in japan).

Last Bronx is a fighting game where the characters wield weapons similar to Soul Blade and Battle Arena Toshinden.

The game is very fast paced and included the same three button system as the Virtua Fighter series, GUARD, PUNCH (weapon swing), and KICK.


Characters in the game are all gang leaders of different gangs.

There are 8 playable characters initially, with one additional unlockable character.

  • Joe - Metal Nunchaku
  • Lisa - Doble Baston (two metal sticks)
  • Ken Kono (Redeye) - Steel Tonfas
  • Kudo - Samjiegun (three-section-staff)
  • Kurosawa - Wooden Training Katana
  • Nagi - Dual Sais
  • Saburo - Giant Wooden Hammer
  • Tommy - Bo/Staff
  • Yoko - Wooden Tonfas
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