Take control of a robot and attempt to save children and animals from monsters in Drol.


Drol is an action game published by Brøderbund Software for Apple II, Atari 8-Bit, and Commodore 64. The game was published by Soft Pro International on the PC-88 and Sega for the SG-1000.


 Save the girl, avoid the bird
Save the girl, avoid the bird

Control a robot who is tasked with rescuing various people and cute animals from horrible monsters in a four story world. Drol could shoot, had a jet pack, and could transition up and down the levels of the world through trap doors. Enemies include snakes, monsters, axes, and the dreaded robot eating plant. The children the robot had to rescue were chasing balloons, which could make them more difficult to catch. Similar to Defender, Drol featured a mini-map at the top of the screen to see approaching enemies and locate the robot's rescue targets.