Sno-Cross Championship Racing

Race snowmobiles during different weather and times of the day. Includes single player and multiplayer modes as well as a track editor. Released for the Playstation and Dreamcast.


Sno-Cross Championship Racing is a snowmobile racing game that was released for the Playstation and Dreamcast in 2000 and 2001. The game was developed by UDS and published by Crave in the US and by Ubisoft in Europe. There are very few snowmobile games and this game's closest competition was Polaris SnoCross. The game uses Yamaha snowmobiles exclusively.

Game Modes

  • Championship

    Championship mode is the main single player mode. Here you'll races in locales all over the world and must finish in third or better to continue. Earn money for your rankings and spend it on repairs and upgrades. There are three separate classes: 500cc, 600cc and 700cc.
  • Single Race

    In single race mode you can select any track in the game and race either by yourself with computers or against a second player via split-screen multiplayer.
  • Time Trial

    Race against the clock in time trial mode trying to set the fastest time.
  • Hill Climbing

    Hill climbing is popular among snowmobile riders and it is in included in this game as an unlockable mode; you can only try this after completing the 500cc championship.

Track Editor

The game also comes with a track editor that allows you to create your own tracks. The track editor is divided into two parts: the track piece section and the track edit screen. In the track piece selection you'll pick which piece you'd like to use, be it a straight path, a sharp turn, a jump, etc. Once you have your piece selected you switch over to the track edit screen and place it.