Roboforge - Brief description

 Roboforge is a mix of simulation game/strategy game/educational game and can be split into the following steps:
- Build your own 3D virtual robot/robots by connecting its parts just like LEGO. The components to be connected together are: engine, controller, sensors, mobile joints, weapons and shields.
- Define movements: This is very easy, You just need to take two snapshot (initial and final position) of the parts to be moved 
- Create your bot's AI: Roboforge do not use any particular language (so You don't need to be a programmer) but simple functional blocks that describes what your bot should do: move towards enemy, attack,etc. .. 
  Plese note that AI is the only way to control your bot, there's no way to control it through joypads or keyboard. So You have to make your bot skilled enough to looks for enemy, attack it, move weapons, hit the enemy or run away. 
- Test your robot/robots vs some demobot/test bot directly included in the game. 
- Enter your robot into a tournament. Tournament are completly free of charge. The tournament run offline, so You can create/test/modify your robots when You have time and then just enter them into next tournaments. 
  Please note that tt's not required your presence ONLine during the tournament. 
- (when the Tournament is completed) View all your battles and results (3d graphic)  
- You can even challenge another forger ONline into the challenge room (useful to test your bot vs best player).  
You can downalod the game and find a detailed description of the game, tutorial, documentation, etc. at:

New web site:
download roboforge for free: