Sonic Eraser

Sonic Eraser was a downloadable title for the Sega Genesis which was exclusive to Japan. One of the more obscure entries in its respective franchise, it was a puzzler at its core.


Sonic Eraser is a puzzler for the Sega Genesis which was distributed via Sega's Meganet, a downloading service in Japan which allowed people there to send games directly to their consoles. Although a similar service existed in North America under the name of Sega Channel, Sonic Eraser was never released outside of its original territory and thusly became one of the more unknown games in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. After the Meganet service was terminated, Sonic Eraser appeared in downloadable form in Japan game through a PC emulation service offered by Sega in that nation.


An example of the gameplay field
An example of the gameplay field

Sonic Eraser employs a number of conventions which are still common to games of its genre today, including a random generation of pieces, gravitational system, and a premise of matching symbols together in order to keep the board as clear as possible. Unlike similar games, however, its pieces don't rotate. Instead, they remain within predefined shapes and the player can manipulate which positions the individual symbols take within those boundaries.