Dokapon Journey

Dokapon Journey is a game for the Nintendo DS which can support up to 4 players in a Monopoly style board game with RPG turn based battles.

Dokapon Journey begins when the kingdom falls under attack and the player is called upon to defend the land. Multiple monsters appear but their is a boss monster that appears and it is the goal to defeat this monster and gain ownership of the city. Revenue is collected from the city yet it is not directly related to your characters funds, more so it is a score for who is the winner at the end of the game. As seasons change the income of certain cities changes as well. The game is based on a monopoly style game where their are spaces, some contain stores, cities, monsters, chests and other points of interest. The characters make their way around the board by spinning a number wheel. The number decides how many spaces a character moves yet their is numerous paths.
Battle system:
When a player is confronted by a monster or challenged by another player a battle begins. The battle is carried out over any number of turns.  For instance, if a player fails to defeat a monster in one move then the other players get their turn and then the player gets another move once it is their turn. If a character is killed they take a turn penalty based on how many times they have died. Then they are revived at the starting point, which is the castle.
Dokapon Journey features:

  • Character choice and stat customization. The choices are Valkyrie, Fighter, Thief, Mage.
  • Up to 4 player single-card download and play
  • Monopoly style mechanics ie; City ownership, tax for other players.
  • The ability to steal armor, weapons, items, or even rename competitors after defeating them in battle.