Elona - Eternal League of Nefia

Elona is a roguelike dungeon crawler. After generating your character your start the game in North Tyris and have the world open for you to explore.

North Tyris

World Map 
This is where the game takes place. North Tyris consists of eight towns and several dungeons and other areas to explore. The towns include Derphy, Lumiest, Noyel, Palmia, Port Kapul, Vernis, Yowyn, Larna.


A Town full of scum and villany; Has a reputation for it's slave market and lack of law enforcement.


An island town where they practice magic and the arts.


A small village with a church, located in the snowy regions.


The main city, capital of the region; It's always party time here.

Port Kapul

A port with an arena that attracts many different types of people.  Fighters gather from all over to test their might.


A Town of Miners, they also serve good ale.


A small horse-breeding village, known for growing crops.


Atop a dangerous mountain is Larna, isolated from the rest of the world.