Bubble Bobble Plus!

A remake of the classic Bubble Bobble with updated graphics and 4 player co-op on Wiiware


  • The bubble blowing mechanic has been changed so that players cannot blow bubbles when right next to a wall. This oversight by Taito renders level 72 almost unplayable.
  • The graphics are all updated to 3D models
  • The music has been rescored, but is still the familiar tune.

Downloadable Content

2 level packs of 50 new levels each are planned to be released as downloadable content costing 200 points each.


  • Japan
February 10th 2009: 800 Wii Points
  • Europe
April 9th 2009: 800 Wii Points
  • USA
May 25th 2009: 600 Wii Points
Download Bubble Bobble Plus! Full Game