City Rain

City Rain is a puzzle game currently available for the PC. Think NES Sim-City mixed with Tetris.

  In City Rain you play the part of a environmental team that has been given the task of re-ordering cities. Before they are punished by the "World Environment Protection" agency.   


 The game plays like a mix of Tetris and the older Sim-City games.  Pieces of a city fall from the sky and you are placed with the task of putting them down on a grid in front of you.  Later in the game you will get premade "Blocks" of buildings that resemble tetris pieces. Each level has a certain amount of times you can destroy buildings by putting a new one on top of it.  However, you can upgrade buildings to new levels by placing a building of the same type on top of it.  Also there are Special Buildings that are unlocked throughout the game campaign mode, these buildings do not come up randomly, your cities earnings must  be used to buy them.

Game Modes

  There are 3 different gameplay modes in City Rain: 
  1. Campaign- A basic campaign mode of 20 levels to teach you the mechanics of the game. This mode also unlocks all the bonus buildings for use in the other modes.
  2. Quick Play -  Take a city and get the highest score possible through 5 difficulty levels or use variables to make your own level to play on.
  3. Blockmania Mode- In this mode you only get premade "blocks" of buildings to drop, making the game a lot more like a traditional game of tetris.


 The game is currently available on PC for 9.95 or Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 MSPoints.