Lord of Ultima

A browser based city building strategy game by EA. Create your own empire and defend it from others!


Players are tasked to build cities in real time as they collect resources, build armies, raid dungeons and attack and defend cities around them.  The player can build 27 different types of builds from farms and iron mills to stables and mage towers.   Each different building takes a different amount time and resources to build. All buildings are built in real time even when the player is not logged onto the game. The game has a small quest system to give the player a few missions that they can concentrate on that gives rewards when completed.  Players can form alliances with other players and agree to attack and defend each others cities against other players and alliances.
The player can choose to gain their glory through military force by attacking and taking over other cities, or they can build up the best marketplaces and become the worlds best trader of goods and resources.  As the player advances through the game he will gain titles that will allow use artifacts control more cities and main mana faster.  The current titles in order are Sir, Knight, Baron, Earl, Marquess, Prince, Duke, King, & Emperor.  As the game grows more titles and levels will be added.