Fire Pro Wrestling

Spike puts a new spin on the legendary wrestling franchise by letting players fight with their 3D Xbox Avattars.


Finally! A game where Avatars beat the crap out of each other!
Finally! A game where Avatars beat the crap out of each other!

Fire Pro Wrestling (not to be confused with the 2001 GBA title of the same name) is a downloadable 3D professional wrestling game developed by Spike and published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) on September 21, 2012.

A 3D spin-off of the professional wrestling franchise of the same name, this game switches the traditional 2D customizable sprites with Xbox Avatars, replaces the signature timing-based grapple system with a button-mashing mini-game, and eschews realism for over-the-top moves and mechanics.

It was one of seven games to support the Avatar Famestar system, which featured cross-game costumes for Avatars and timed challenges (for a cross-game leaderboard).


This Fire Pro Wrestling's gameplay is drastically different than past Fire Pro titles. Gone are the timing-based grapple elements (probably at least partially due to online gameplay not meshing well with strict timing), replaced with a more commonly seen "first button to grapple / second button to execute move" system. Once a successful grapple is executed with the first button, both players are prompted to select the button to use for a follow-up. If the wrestler who was grappled correctly guesses the button the grappling wrestler chose for their follow-up move, the grappled wrestler wins the exchange and counters the move. If both wrestlers attempt a grapple at the same time, a button-mashing sequence begins, with the winning wrestler executing a move automatically.

Strikes are mapped to the remaining three face buttons - one for a quick but weaker strike, one for a slower but stronger strike, and one that is held down for a charge-based attack upon release of the button. Defensively, the player can hold down the right trigger to block strikes and grapples. As a more risk/reward defensive attempt, the player can hit the trigger right at the moment a strike lands, which incapacitates the attacking player for a moment, leaving them open to a counter-attack.

Dash attacks can be done with using the left trigger to run. The dashing player can throw a running strike, or, if the dashing player has bounced off the ropes at least once, do a running grapple attack.

The player can climb the ropes using the Y button while holding towards the turnbuckles and then pressing the right bumper to leap onto the opponent. There is also the option to dive over the ropes to an opponent on the floor using the right bumper.

When a player is knocked to the mat, a button mashing prompt appears. Rapidly pushing the buttons decreases an on-screen meter. When the meter is empty, the player will get back up. As the match wears on and the player takes more damage and becomes more fatigued, you have to mash the buttons for longer periods of time to empty the meter.

When pinned, the player must mash the A-button as quickly as possible to try to fill a meter. If the meter fills, the player kicks out of the pin attempt.

Some moves will automatically change from release throws or top-rope attacks to pinning combinations if the opponent is near defeat. For instance, a German Suplex that normally causes the opponent to be thrown to the mat will suddenly become a held German Suplex, where the wrestler executing the move holds the move upon impact, automatically resulting in a pin attempt.