Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker

A tournament fishing game for the Super Nintendo developed by Starfish and published by Hot B. Part of Hot B's Black Bass series.


Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker (JP: Super Black Bass 2) is a fishing game with an emphasis on competitive fishing tournaments. The player is given a time limit for each of the game's aquatic locations and told to reel up as many black bass as they can find before returning to the dock and having them weighed. They can catch up to five fish; any more are removed from the player's livepool. The player must use the tips they are given to find the best fishing spots and reel the biggest bass in the tournament. The player can select what their angler looks like, selecting the gender and a choice of various cosmetic additions.

The game was originally released in Japan as Super Black Bass 2, the second of three Super Black Bass games for the Super Famicom. When it was localized to the US, it received an endorsement from pro angler Hank Parker. In the US version, Hank Parker appears in the final tournament and is the game's toughest opponent.